3 2013 smb group presentation


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Who we are and what we do!
Includes examples of custom projects.

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3 2013 smb group presentation

  1. 1. SMB  Group  Introduc/on   www.smb-­‐gr.com  
  2. 2. Agenda  •  SMB  Group  Overview  •  Our  SMB  Market  and  Technology  Focus  Areas  •  2013  Syndicated  Research  Agenda  •  Examples  of  Client-­‐specific  Research  Projects  
  3. 3. About  SMB  Group   Who  We  Are   Why  Clients  Work  with  Us  •  Technology  industry  research,   •  Recognized  SMB  thought  leadership,   analysis  and  consulNng  firm     experience  and  experNse  •  Focus  on  technology  adopNon  and   •   Proven  track  working  with     trends  SMB  markets    market  leaders  in  SMB  •  Help  our  clients  to:   •  Ongoing  interacNons  with  the  SMB   o  IdenNfy  market  trends  and   community   opportuniNes   •  SMB  market  influencers   o  Understand  and  segment  the  SMB   •  Focus  acNonable  results  to  achieve   market   strategic  and/or  tacNcal  goals   o  Evaluate  and  act  upon  market   opportuniNes,  compeNNve  threats   •   Personalized  service  from  senior   and  disrupNve  trends   analysts   o  Develop  more  compelling  messaging   •   Flexible  to  meet  budget  and     o  PosiNon  soluNons  for  growth  and    Nming  needs   compeNNve  advantage  
  4. 4. 2013  Top  10  SMB  Technology  Market  Trends   1.  Progressive  SMBs  Sprint  Ahead  of  Peers   2.  SMBs  Prepare  to  OpNmize  for  Mobile  CompuNng   3.  Social  Gets  Serious   4.  IntegraNon  Becomes  a  Top  Priority  for  Medium  Businesses   5.  InformaNon  Overflow  Drives  Demand  for  Infrastructure  and  Data   ProtecNon  SoluNons   6.   The  Channel  Transforms  for  a  New  Technology  Landscape   7.   Cloud  Cover  Expands   8.  The  Big  Gap  in  Big  Data  Grows  for  Small  Businesses   9.   SMB  Interest  and  Involvement  in  Big  Company  Supplier  Networks   Dials  Up   10.   Successful  SMB  Vendors  Sharpen  the  SegmentaNon  Lens   (Use  this  link  for  a  .pdf  version:   Top  10  SMB  Technology  Predic?ons  for  2013)  
  5. 5. SMB  Group  Site   www.smb-­‐ gr.com   Featuring  our   research,   perspecNves,   and   conversaNons   with  SMBs  and   soluNon   providers    
  6. 6. SMB  Group  Services     •  Flexible annual retainer SMB  Retainer   Service   PresentaNons,   •  Routes to Market webinars,   SMB  Market   Tweet  chats,   Studies   •  Mobile Solutions etc.   •  Social Business •  Collaboration Solutions Client   Requirements   TCO  and  ROI   Customer   assessments   Benefit  Studies   (QualitaNve/ QuanNtaNve)   EducaNonal   CompeNNve/ white  papers   Partnering   ebooks,  guest   SWOT  Analysis   blogs,  etc.  
  7. 7. 2013  Syndicated  Research  and  Retainer  Service   Topic Research   Timeframe Credits†] Perspec/ve Retainer  Service   Top  SMB  IT   Blended December   Included How  it  works:   Examples  of  ways  to  Use   Predic/ons  for   2012 2013 it:   •  Annual  retainer   •  ½  day  strategy  and   service  provides   consulNng  session   2013  SMB   QuanNtaNve   February/ 18 Mobile   SMB March   consulNng  and   •  MarkeNng  and   Solu/ons     Survey  (1  to   2013 inquiry  access  to   messaging  reviews/ Survey  Study   1,000   employees) analyst   inquiry   2013  SMB   QuanNtaNve   April/May   18 experNse  when  and   •  Sponsorship  of  SMB   Business   SMB  Survey 2013 how  you  need  it   Group  syndicated   Intelligence/   (10  to  1,000   •  Clients  purchase  an   market  survey   Analy/cs   employees) Survey  Study annual  block  of   studies     2013  SMB   QuanNtaNve   July/August   18 service  credits  (each   •  Topical  blog  posts   Social  Business   SMB  Survey 2013 service  credit  is   •  1-­‐1  customers   Survey  Study   (1  to  1,000   employees) $1,000  U.S)  which   interviews  and  case   they  can  apply  to   study  write-­‐up   2013  SMB   QuanNtaNve   October/ 18 services  as  needed.   •  Webinars/podcasts   Routes  to   SMB  Survey November   •  Ebooks   Market  Survey   (1  to  1,000   2013 Study employees) •  Whitepapers  
  8. 8. Example  of  Syndicated  Research:  2012  Routes  to  Market  Study  
  9. 9. Example  of  Syndicated  Research:  2012  Mobile  Solu/ons  Study  
  10. 10. Example  of  Using  Syndicated  Study  Data  for    Client-­‐Specific  Engagements  
  11. 11. Example  of  Using  Syndicated  Study  Data  for  Client-­‐Specific  Engagements   Increasing the Value of Social Media For Your Business
  12. 12. Custom  Project  Example:  Customer  Research  &  Demand  Genera/on  •  Customer:  Dell  •  Requirements:  IdenNfy  qualitaNve   and  quanNtaNve  benefits  of  new   managed  services  offering  and   arNculate  to  the  market  •  Methodology       o  QualitaNve  customer  interviews     o  Web-­‐based  survey  •  Outcomes:   o  2  customer  benefits  papers  for   demand  generaNon   o  Integrated  with  PR  campaign  for   press  coverage   o  Deeper  insight  into  customer   requirements  for  future  product   planning  
  13. 13. Custom  Project  Example:  Customer  Research  &  Demand  Genera/on  •  Customer:  Sage  Payments  •  Requirements:  IdenNfy  qualitaNve   and  quanNtaNve  benefits  of   integrated  payments  •  Methodology       o  QualitaNve  customer  interviews     o  Web-­‐based  survey  •  Outcomes:   o  2  customer  benefits  papers   o  Webinar   o  Integrated  with  PR  campaign   o  Deeper  insight  into  customer   requirements  for  future  product   planning  11/22/12 SMB Group 13
  14. 14. Client  Project  Example:  Lead  Nurturing  •  Requirements   o   Develop  materials  for  late-­‐stage  lead   nurturing  •  Methodology   o  1:1  interviews  with  several  Host   AnalyNcs  customers  to  Gain  a   comprehensive  picture  of:   •  Why  companies  select  Host   AnalyNcs   •  Experience  and  saNsfacNon  with   implemenNng  and  using  soluNon   •   Value  that  Host  AnalyNcs  provides  to   their  businesses  •  Outcomes   o  Whitepaper  and  ebook  to  educate  potenNal   customers  about  the  value  and  benefits   exisNng  Host  AnalyNcs  customers  are   achieving  with  Host  AnalyNcs  
  15. 15. Client  Project  Example:    Thought  Leadership  and  Demand  Genera/on  •  Client:  IBM  Smarter  Commerce  for  Mid-­‐ Market  •  Requirements   o  Build  understanding  of  what  Smarter  Commerce   is  whay  it’s  important  for  midsize  businesses   o  Generate  awareness  of  IBM’s  Smarter   Commerce  soluNons  for  midsize  businesses  •  Project     o  6  blog  series  featuring  a  360-­‐degree  view  of   Smarter  Commerce   o  Interview  podcast   o  Whitepaper  based  on  customer  interviews  that   illustrates  the  benefits  of  Smarter  Commerce   from  the  customer  perspecNve     o  Event  panel   o  Webinar  •  Outcomes   o  Thousands  of  page  views  per  post  on  IBM  sites   o  Whitepaper  as  demand  gen  sales  tool  
  16. 16. Client  Project  Example:    Thought  Leadership  and  Demand  Genera/on   •  Client:  InfusionsoX   •  Requirement:  Build  brand   awareness  and  thought  leadership   posiNon  in  small  business  market   automaNon  space   •  Project:  QualitaNve  customer   interviews  to  idenNfy  soluNon   benefits   •  Outcomes:   o  Ebook  and  whitepaper   o  Integrated  PR  and  social  media   campaign  
  17. 17. Appendix  11/22/12 SMB Group 17
  18. 18. The  SMB  Market   U.S.A. World Wide 16.5M Firms (72%) 137 M Firms (68%) 21 M Employees (16%) SoHo Businesses 250 M Employees (18%) 8% of Total IT Spend 10% of Total IT Spend (1-4 Empl.) IT spend gr. 6%-7% IT spend gr. 7%-9% No Commercial Location 6.3M Firms (27.6%) 65M Firms (32%) Small Businesses 55 M Employees (41%) 700 M Employees (52%) (1-99 Empl.) 27% of Total IT Spend 31% of Total IT Spend Commercial Location IT spend gr. 7%-8% IT spend gr. 8%-10% Medium Businesses 99,900 Firms (0.4%) (100-999 705,000 Firms (0.3%) 25 M Employees (20%) Empl.) 225 M Employees (17%) 19% of Total IT Spend 21% of Total IT Spend IT spend gr. 6%-7% Mid-Market IT spend gr. 7%-9% (1,000-2,500) Empl.) 9,000 Firms (0.04%) 52,000 Firms (0.03%) 33 M Employees (23%) Large 200 M Employees (13%) 46% of Total IT Spend Enterprises 38% of Total IT Spend IT spend gr. 3%-4% (2,500+ IT spend gr. 3%-4% Empl.)
  19. 19. SMB  Defini/ons:  SMB  Group  Syndicated  Studies   Very  Small  Business   Small  Business   Medium  Business   •  1-­‐19  employees  (full  Nme)   •  Fewer  than  100  employees   •  100  –  1,000  employees    (full-­‐ across  enNre  corporaNon   (full-­‐Nme)  across  enNre   Nme)  across  enNre   o  EducaNon,  government,   corporaNon   corporaNon   non-­‐profit  organizaNons   o  EducaNon,  government,   o  EducaNon,  government,   are  included   non-­‐profit  organizaNons   non-­‐profit  organizaNons   •  Loca/on:   are  included   are  included   o  Home-­‐based  businesses   •  Loca/on:   •  Loca/on:   (Soho)  are  included   o  Home-­‐based  businesses   o  Commercial  locaNon   o  Non-­‐profits  are  included   (Soho)  are  included   o  Non-­‐profits  are  included   o  Located  in  North  America   o  Non-­‐profits  are  included   o  Located  in  North   •  Franchises  are  not  included   o  Located  in  North  America   America   o  Purchase  decisions  driven   by  business/locaNon   •  Franchises  are  not  included   •  Franchises  are  not  included   being  surveyed   o  Purchase  decisions   o  Purchase  decisions   driven  by  business/ driven  by  business/ locaNon  being  surveyed   locaNon  being  surveyed  3/22/13 19
  20. 20. Thank  You!   For  more  informa+on,  please    contact:   Lisa  Lincoln,  Client  Services  &  Business  Development:     •  lisa.lincoln70@smb-­‐gr.com,  508-­‐734-­‐5658   SMB  Group,  Inc.   •  informaNon@smb-­‐gr.com,  508-­‐410-­‐3562   Follow  us:   Website:    www.smb-­‐gr.com   Blogs:    hlp://lauriemccabe.wordpress.com      hlp://sanjeevaggarwal.wordpress.com   Twiler:    #smbgroup      #lauriemccabe      #sanjeevaggarwal