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Helping Midmarket Businesses Build a Successful Mobile Solutions Strategy


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Helping Midmarket Businesses Build a Successful Mobile Solutions Strategy

  1. 1. Helping Midmarket Businesses Build a Successful Mobile Solutions Strategy Midmarket Mobile Opportunities For the Partner Channel Thank you for joining us!The webinar will begin at 10 am PT/1 pm ET Copyright SMB Group 1
  2. 2. Helping Midmarket Businesses Build a Successful Mobile Solutions Strategy Midmarket Mobile Opportunities For the Partner Channel Laurie McCabe – Partner, SMB GroupDuane Williams – Senior Director, Mobility, SAP Ecosystem & Channels Copyright SMB Group 2
  3. 3. Agenda• Midmarket mobile trends o Drivers and Obstacles o Mobile Apps for Employees o Mobile Apps for Customers, Partners and Suppliers o Mobile Management• Role of the Partner• Partner opportunity Copyright SMB Group 3
  4. 4. The Midmarket Mobility Journey Employee Apps Mobile Trends * Productivity Apps * Drivers and * Business Apps Obstacles Enabling * Mobile Devices Businesses * Mobile External Apps Applications * Customers * Partners * Suppliers Mobile Decision Making and Management Midmarket defined as businesses with 100-1,000 employees Mobile devices include purpose built mobile devices Copyright SMB Group 4
  5. 5. The Mobile Explosion is Everywhere—and Evolving Everyday Tablets 80M Smartphone 1B Of the world’s population has PC 4.8B a mobile phone Mobile internet will surpass desktop internet usage • Highly penetrated • Driven by consumer experience • Presents new and innovative ways to interact • Rising anytime, anywhere and any device requirements and expectations July 2012: 2012: 489374 $3Billion Android apps in the market U.S. mobile advertising market June 2011: 2011: 2012: 14 Million $240B Over $1T Americans scanned QR codes Mobile payments Mobile payments on mobile phones Copyright SMB Group 5
  6. 6. Its No Longer a Question of If or When Your Business Will Go Mobile—Only How Rapidly and How Effectively • Higher-performing devices Current use of mobile • Employees with multiple services to support business functions mobile devices (smartphones, iPads) • Faster 3G and 4G networks 81% • Explosion of mobile apps • Growing requirement to 19% enable employees and external audiences (customers, suppliers,Planned use of mobile partners) with mobile accessservices to support and interactionbusiness functions inthe next 12 months Which of the following best describes your companys current use/planned use of mobile devices and services to support business operations? Copyright SMB Group 6
  7. 7. Mobile Businesses are Growing Faster • Midmarket businesses with a mobile strategy are more bullish about their growth predictions. Business that use these mobile business apps show: o 1.4x greater propensity to show revenue increases for employee business apps o 1.25x greater propensity to show revenue increases for external apps. Employee Business Apps. External Apps. Revenue Increase Revenue Flat Revenue Decrease Currently use 82% 15%3% 80% 17%3%Plan to use in next 12 months 66% 26% 8% 67% 26% 6% No plans to use 60% 35% 5% 67% 27% 7% What specific line of business applications (to support financial, marketing, sales, services, inventory management, operations, etc.) do you currently provide/plan to provide for employees to use for business purposes? Copyright SMB Group 7
  8. 8. Overall Drivers and Inhibitors for Mobile Solutions(Internal and External) • Mobile solutions directly address business challenges • But financial, resource and management concerns make it difficult to do more  Partners need to demonstrate mobile solutions ROI and have answers to the challenges Drivers Inhibitors Security concerns Boost productivity Improve Costs collaboration and communication Management Provide better complexity customer service Scarce IT resources/ Grow sales Lack of expertise Copyright SMB Group 8
  9. 9. Employee AppsTop Drivers and Inhibitors for Empowering External AppsEmployees with Mobile Solutions Mobile Management Top Drivers Top Obstacles Improve employee 59% Concerns about data, network productivity 49% or transaction security Better access to people and information to make better 59% Voice and data service costs 44% decisions Work more easily from any 57% Concerns about storing locations 42% sensitive data on devices Improve customer service 28% Uncertainty about return on 33% investment (ROI) Perform specific business functions without being in 25% Concerns that employees will 31% the office use them for personal use Increase sales Difficult to manage mobile 23% 29% devices and appsWhat do you view as the top 3 benefits (and obstacles) for your companys employees to use mobile devices,service plans and mobile applications for business purposes? Copyright SMB Group 9
  10. 10. Employee AppsMany Mobile Collaboration and Productivity External AppsApps are Mainstream Mobile Management• Driven by adoption Currently use Plan to use in next 12 months of smartphones/ tablets Company E-mail 88% 7% Calendar 86% 4% Help companies get more out of them Contact Information 84% 8% SMS texting 78% 6% Mobile device management Instant messaging (IM) 59% 12% GPS/navigation and mapping 58% 9% Integrate mobile apps with existing Document management/sharing 46% 25% business and Location-based services 45% 10% collaboration applications Conferencing apps (audio, web/video) 42% 26% Document creation 40% 28% Personal assistant 28% 25%What specific mobile collaboration and productivity applications do you currently provide/plan to provide foremployees in your company to use for business purposes? Copyright SMB Group 10
  11. 11. Employee Apps Adoption of Mobile Business Apps Will External Apps Roughly Double in the Next 12 Months Mobile Management• Employees use apps Currently use Plan to use in next 12 months across a wide spectrum of business Customer relationship/sales management 39% 25% functions Social media marketing 35% 20%• Adoption is expected Time management & time capture 29% 25% to double for most Field service applications 29% 22% types of employee apps Delivery & shipment apps 28% 16% Expense management 27% 24% Guidance for app strategy and selection Mobile marketing and advertising 25% 21% Business analytics 23% 29% Mobile app development Financial management 21% 22% Payment processing 18% 20% Integration with back-end business Supply chain integration/inventory management 17% 19% applications What specific line of business applications (financial, marketing, sales, services, inventory management, operations, etc.) do you currently provide/plan to provide for employees to use for business purposes? Copyright SMB Group 11
  12. 12. Employee AppsTop Drivers and Inhibitors for Providing Mobile External AppsAccess to Customers, Partners, Suppliers Mobile Management Top Drivers Top ObstaclesRespond faster to customers, 51% partners, suppliers, etc. Security concerns 46% Helps us grow revenue 41% App and/or app 45% development costsEnables customer self-service 41% Mobile app management/mainten 42% Provide a more personalized ance costs 39% customer experience Integration with Helps us keep up with the 34% existing business apps 37% competition Helps us attract new Insufficient staff to 34% 32% customers plan/deployWhat are the top 3 benefits/ obstacles for your company to invest in a mobile website and mobile businessapplications for external users (customers, partners, suppliers, etc.)? Copyright SMB Group 12
  13. 13. Employee AppsWhat Mobile Apps are Medium Businesses External AppsExtending to Customers, Partners and Suppliers? Mobile Management• Businesses are increasingly enabling mobile apps to access line-of-business functions to conduct business with customers, prospects, partners and suppliers Currently use Planned in next 12 months Social media sharing 37% 13% Schedule appointments/reservations 36% 18% Buy products and/or services 33% 17% Marketing offers 32% 23% Customer and partner service 30% 21% Edit personal information 28% 24% Pay bills, check invoices, balances 25% 18% Scan QR codes 23% 16% Delivery/shipment status 21% 19% View inventory 21% 15%Which line-of-business functions can external users (customers, suppliers, partners, etc.) access through yourcompanys mobile-device friendly web site and/or mobile applications? Copyright SMB Group 13
  14. 14. Employee Apps Understand Who the Decision-Makers Are External Apps Mobile Management  Target multiple people involved in various stages of the decision process  Pitch appropriate messages relevant to different decisions makers Sole decision-maker Joint decision-maker Influence / recommend but not a decision-maker CIO/IT manager 45% 28% 6% Owner/ President / CEO 23% 9% 3% Office manager 10% 10% 14% Partner 6% 10% 1%Line of business manager 5% 15% 38%Communications manager 2% 7% 5% What is your role in mobile decision making? Copyright SMB Group 14
  15. 15. Growing Demand for Mobile Solutions Means Employee Apps External AppsMounting Pressure for Better Security Mobile Management How can Partners help with ongoing monitoring and management to address these security challenges Mobile devices lost or stolen 59% User disregard for security 50% Data encryption/protection issues 44% Threat of hacking mobile applications 44% Each mobile device has a different security specification 26% Lack of asset tracking capability 21% Lack of authentication capabilities 16% Security is not a concern 9%What do you see as the top 3 security related challenges in using mobile business applications in yourcompany? Copyright SMB Group 15
  16. 16. Plans for Mobile Device Management Solutions Employee Apps External Appsand Platforms are Rising Mobile Management Currently implemented Plan to implement in next 12 months No plans• Mobile device management: Mobile device management 41% 27% 33% o 41% currently use Mobile applications management 29% 32% 38% o 27% plan to use• In-house mobile Mobile security management 36% 35% 29% platform: In-house mobile platform to develop mobile o 27% use apps and/or manage mobile devices, apps and 27% 25% 48% security o 25% plan to use Hosted/outsourced mobile platform to develop/and or manage mobile devices, apps 14% 31% 55% and security Has your company implemented or does it plan to implement mobile management solutions in the following areas? Copyright SMB Group 16
  17. 17. Where Midmarket Businesses are Employee Apps External Apps Sourcing Mobile Apps Mobile Management Sources for Mobile Applications Use "off the shelf" mobile apps/extensions• Almost an even split and add-ons from our existing business 34% between the use of “off application vendor(s) the shelf” and the “custom” mobile apps Build our own mobile apps/extensions and 30% Partners need to add-ons with internal staff understand the types of mobile apps that are Use mobile apps/extensions and add-ons beneficial by industry from an application store (Android market, 29% Apple AppStore, etc.) Businesses will seek out Partners that can help Use customized mobile apps/extensions and them develop and/or add-ons from our existing business 23% customize existing apps application vendor(s) Use customized mobile apps/extensions and add-ons developed by third-party 18% consultants, developers, etc. Copyright SMB Group 17
  18. 18. Outlook for Medium Business Mobile Spending • Large opportunity in mobile apps and mobile management: $2.8B • Healthy growth: o 36% growth in mobile application spending o 33% growth in mobile management spending 28% Average 2012 spending/firm Annual Mobile Device Spending, $64,428 $1.25 B 36% 33% Annual Mobile Application 21.5% 13% Annual MobileSpending, $2.03B Management Spending, $0.71 B 7.5% 2012 Mobile Spending $9.5 B 18% Y/Y growth $14,366 26% Annual Voice and 58% Data Spending, Annual Mobile Annual Mobile Application $5.48 , 58% Management Spending Spending Copyright SMB Group 18
  19. 19. Mobile Solutions Channel Model• Invest, train an develop mobile expertise• Align with existing skills sets and market orientation o Consulting, planning, evaluation o Application development o Implementation o Management and monitoring o Integration• Leverage partnerships to add value • Device vendors • Broadband service providers • Business End-user /Collaboration Customer Software vendors • Mobile apps vendors Partner Channel Copyright SMB Group 19
  20. 20. What’s Available from SAP SAP Store for Mobile Apps (80% from Partners) Scalable Channel Services LoB/Industry Apps Customer/Partner Apps Analytic Apps Mobile Apps SAP Mobile Platform MEAP - Sybase Unwired Platform NetWeaver Gateway Full Service MDM - Afaria PlatformManaged Mobility MCAP - Mobilizer Backend AgnosticRapid Deployment SAP Business Databases Third Party Apps Solutions Suite/Business All-in-One SAP Partners Copyright SMB Group 20
  21. 21. Sample Priority of SAP Mobile Apps Mobile Field Service & Asset Healthcare Mobile Suite Management Mobile Retail Execution & Direct Store Delivery Procurement Mobile Suite Mobile Consumer Solutions: Banking / Telco / Utilities / Mobile Travel and Expense CP / Retail Management Productivity Mobile Suite: CRM Mobile Suite Configurable / Extensible Workflow HCM / FIN / SCM Content Mobile Suite Mobile BI/Analytics Copyright SMB Group 21
  22. 22. Available Resources1. >> Mobility for tools and resources o How to get authorized for SAP mobile solutions o SAP Rapid-Deployment mobile solutions o SAP Mobile Apps Partner Program2. >> Education for Mobility and Sybase training3. SAP mobility partner interviews on YouTube4. Path to mobile solutions infographics o Small business version o Midsize business version5. 5 partner-led demand gen campaigns on Mobility in Copyright SMB Group 22
  23. 23. Seize the Opportunity To Be A Mobile BusinessCatalyst Prepare for and develop a mobile business strategy Evaluate, select, deploy, develop mobile apps to meet business objectives Identify opportunities and Integrate mobile apps with back-end business applications to streamline workflow, boost productivity, etc. Plan and implement mobile management solutions Help your customers Monitor and manage mobile solutions and to… infrastructure Copyright SMB Group 23
  24. 24. Questions and Answers To ask the speakers … Copyright SMB Group 24
  25. 25. Thank You! SMB Group, Inc. SAP Ecosystem and Channels Laurie McCabe Duane Williams Partner Senior Director, Mobility 508-410-3562 650-461-2913 Duane.Williams@SAP.comWebsite: www.smb-gr.comBlogs: Copyright SMB Group 25