Bridging	  the	  gap	  from	  technology	  to	  upstream	  business	  ini6a6ves	  –	  solu6ons	  for	  	         	  IT	  &...
Contents	  What	  does	  BBITS	  Consul6ng	  do?	  	  Case	  studies	  of	  value	  added	  to	  companies	  	  Bridging	 ...
What	  does	  BBITS	  Consul6ng	  do?	      BBITS	  offers,	  training	  and	  delivery	  services	...
Insurance	  Package	  selec6on	  –	  building	  a	  consul6ng	  image	  	  	  v  Situa6on:	   A	   leading	   Insurance	 ...
 Ra6onalising	  Insurance	  products	  -­‐	  upstream	  consul6ng	  	  v  Situa6on:	   A	   leading	   financial	   servic...
Speeding	  up	  product	  launch	  	  v  Situa6on:	  A	  leading	  services	  company	  based	  in	  the	  US...
Bridging	  the	  gap	  from	  technology	  to	  business	  ini6a6ves	                                                     ...
What	  lies	  in	  the	  gap?	                                                   	                                       B...
Cri6cal	  elements	  and	  skills	  required	  for	  bridging	  gap	                      80%	                      Contri...
What	  do	  you	  get	  from	  a	  BBITS	  Consul6ng	  engagement	                                                        ...
How	  to	  engage	  BBITS	  Consul6ng	  assessment	  of	  need;	                        ravi@bbitsconsul6ng....
People	  in	  BBITS	  Consul6ng	                        	                              Ravi	   is	   a	   Chartered	   Acc...
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BBITS Consulting Corporate Presentation


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BBITS Consulting Corporate Presentation

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BBITS Consulting Corporate Presentation

  1. 1. Bridging  the  gap  from  technology  to  upstream  business  ini6a6ves  –  solu6ons  for      IT  &  ITES  providers    Professional  service  firms    Global  in-­‐house  centers    Corporates          
  2. 2. Contents  What  does  BBITS  Consul6ng  do?    Case  studies  of  value  added  to  companies    Bridging  the  Technology  to  Business  ini6a6ves  gap    The  cri6cal  capabili6es  for  successful  bridging    What  do  you  get  from  a  BBITS  consul6ng  engagement?    How  to  engage  BBITS  Consul6ng    People  in  BBITS  Consul6ng       ©BBITS  All  rights  reserved   2  
  3. 3. What  does  BBITS  Consul6ng  do?   BBITS  offers,  training  and  delivery  services  to  up-­‐skill  your  team  of  domain  experts  &   SMEs  into  business  advisors  and  consultants.  In  the  process,  your  teams  use  the  BBITS  method  to  build  a   repository  of  reusable  business  models  and  where  required,  domain  intensive  IP.  These  new  skills  and   assets  help  you  move  upstream  from  technology  and  accelerate  business  project  implementa.on   BBITS,   Training,  Review,     Support  for  deliverables   Hands-­‐on   workshops   On  relevant   subdomains   Producing  relevant   models  and  ar.facts   that  are  immediately   usable  and  an  addi.on   to  domain  knowledge  SME,     repository  Business  analyst,  Industry  expert  consultant,   Advisor  to  business   For  the  organisa.on  –  cross  trained  SMEs,  domain   knowledge  repository  with  reusable  business  models,   standardised  method,  tangible  move  up  the  value   chain,  founda.on  for  domain  intensive  IP  to   accelerate  business  projects   ©BBITS  All  rights  reserved   3  
  4. 4. Insurance  Package  selec6on  –  building  a  consul6ng  image      v  Situa6on:   A   leading   Insurance   company   based   in   Europe   was   expanding   to   an   Asian   country.  The  company  wanted  an  analysis  &  recommenda.on  among  3  available  core   products  for  implementa.on  in  the  new  country.    v  The   implemented   solu6on:   Two   business   consultants   and   a   technical   architect   spent   two   months   in   understanding   the   business   plan   for   the   new   country   along   with   projected   growth   in   volumes,   channel   expansion   and   market   reach.   The   consultants   also   worked   with   the   business   stakeholders   to   model   25   business   processes   for   the   business   using   the   BBITS   method.   Each   of   the   products   was   then   evaluated   for   func.onal   fit,   flexibility,   ease   of   implementa.on   and   technical   architecture   scalability.   An   evalua.on   and   recommenda.on   backed   by   references  and  local  implementa.on  experience  was  made  to  the  customer.    v  Value  for  all:  The  customer  was  able  to  make  an  informed  and  high  quality  decision.   The   service   provider   was   also   able   to   work   on   es.mates   for   downstream   implementa.on  and  customiza.on  on  a  stronger  founda.on  since  the  ‘upstream’  work   provided   clear   visibility.   The   image   and   brand   of   the   service   provider   was   also   strengthened   as   a   company   with   ‘deep   domain   knowledge’   and   ‘strong   consul6ng   methods’  on  par  with  the  best  providers  in  the  world.     ©BBITS  All  rights  reserved   4  
  5. 5.  Ra6onalising  Insurance  products  -­‐  upstream  consul6ng    v  Situa6on:   A   leading   financial   services   company   based   in   North   America   had   grown   rapidly   through   acquisi.ons.   As   a   result,   there   was   significant   overlap   in   some   of   the   products   it   offered   to   customers   in   terms   of   features.   The   company   wanted   to   simplify   and  streamline  the  products  it  offered  to  the  market.      v  The   implemented   solu6on:   A   business   consultant   spent   3   months   in   modeling   the   business  processes  using  the  BBITS  method.  He  also  analyzed  each  of  the  products  in   terms   of   their   features   and   lifecycle.   By   mapping   the   processes   and   the   product   features   and   lifecycle,   the   consultant   made   recommenda.ons   on   products   to   be   retained,  discarded  or  changed.    v  Value  for  all:  The  business  stakeholder  was  able  to  make  an  informed  and  high  quality   decision   and   communicate   the   business   requirements   clearly   to   IT.   The   recommenda.ons   resulted   in   significant   changes   to   a   core   system   implemented   by   a   leading  product  provider.  Since  the  upstream  work  was  done  by  the  service   provider,   the   IT   organiza.on   of   the   company   chose   the   service   provider   to   make   the   changes  instead  of  choosing  the  product  provider  who  implemented  the  product.  The   downstream  service  delivery  was  flawless.    The  upstream  and  downstream   delivery  resulted  in  a  new  customer  and  a  strong  rela6onship.     ©BBITS  All  rights  reserved   5  
  6. 6. Speeding  up  product  launch    v  Situa6on:  A  leading  services  company  based  in  the  USA  decided  to  launch  a   new  product  as  a  ‘wrapped’  service  over  products.  Based  on  the  overall  need   expressed   by   the   business   stakeholders,   senior   IT   execu.ves   felt   that   the   product   launch   would   take   18   months   since   it   involved   ‘significant   changes’   to   a   ‘core   legacy   system’.  Business  expecta.ons  were  accordingly  set  for  a  18  month  project.    v  The   implemented   solu6on:   A   team   of   3   business   consultants   spent   3   months   in   iden.fying  and  modeling  the  business  processes.  In  the  process,  the  consultants  were   able   to   iden.fy   the   most   complex   and   high   impact   processing   requirements,   evaluated   solu.ons,   clarified   and   proposed   simple   and   solu.ons.   The   business  requirements  were  analyzed  and  documented  clearly  using  the  BBITS  method   along  with  associated  business  logic  &  policy  constraints  .        v  Value   for   all:   As   a   result   of   high   quality   upstream   work   and   the   clarity   of   business   requirements,   .me     spent   by   the   business   consultants   in   ‘clarifying   business   requirements’  to  the  technology  team  was  reduced  significantly.  The  business  choices   made   upstream   also   enabled   the   technology   team   to   iden.fy   new   so^ware   components   to   be   built   instead   of   changing   the   legacy   system.   As   a   result   of   clear   thinking  about  the  architecture  of  applica6ons,  product  was  launched  in  11  months.       ©BBITS  All  rights  reserved   6  
  7. 7. Bridging  the  gap  from  technology  to  business  ini6a6ves     IT  service     provider’s     work         1.  IT  Business     architecture     2.  Project   The  big  GAP     Management   Of     3.  Delivery  and   sponsor   Technology   Quality   projects   For       One  or  more   RFP   technology   projects      While  there  are  proven  technology  service  that  are  world-­‐class,  very  few  firms  can  claim  to  work  upstream  as  true  consultants,  advisors  for  major  business  ini.a.ves  –  there  is  a   big  gap  that  needs  to  be  bridged   ©BBITS  All  rights  reserved   7  
  8. 8. What  lies  in  the  gap?     BUSINESS  PROJECT   ACTIVITIES   Business  need  analysis     Scoping  business     problem,  need   Analysing  impact  on     IT  service   opera.ons     provider’s  alternate     work   business  solu.ons       Jus.fying  business  case   1.  IT   Business     architecture     2.  Project   Of   The  big  GAP     Management   sponsor     3.  Delivery  and   Technology   projects   Quality   For     Domain  Knowledge   One  or  more   &   RFP   technology   techniques  to   projects   analyse  domain         ©BBITS  All  rights  reserved   8  
  9. 9. Cri6cal  elements  and  skills  required  for  bridging  gap   80%   Contribu.on  to   20%   Contribu.on  to     effec.veness   effec.veness   Systema.c   Business  Opera.onal/   Method  of     Project   Domain   analysing   Knowledge   domain  consultant,   Advisor  to  business   Domain  knowledge  &  Systema.c  method  feed  off  each  other.  Domain  knowledge  requires  a  systema.c  method  to  communicate  with  business  stakeholders  and  a  systema.c  method   is  required  to  acquire  domain  knowledge  -­‐  BBITS  is  focused  exclusively  on  this  synergy  !!   ©BBITS  All  rights  reserved   9  
  10. 10. What  do  you  get  from  a  BBITS  Consul6ng  engagement   Typical  dura.on  –  4  to  8/10  weeks  skills  in  your  team  methods,  techniques   •  &  Assessment  by   Steps  to  bridge  the  gap   BBITS   During  hands-­‐on  workshops  your  teams   work    on  relevant  industry  subdomains   •  Training       producing  deliverables   by  BBITS   Deliverables  include  reusable  business  models,  reference   business  requirements,  rules  and  where  required  domain   intensive  IP  –  All  of  these  are  produced  by  your  team  under   the  guidance,  review  of  BBITS   •  Review,  quality  control  and  support   for  delivery  by  BBITS   All  services  use  the  BBITS  method;  this  method  was  developed  based  on  hands-­‐on   experience  across  the  world  and  used  successfully  in  mul.ple  high-­‐end   assignments  by  teams  trained  in  the  BBITS  method.  The  BBITS  method  analyses  complex   domain  areas  and  captures  the  knowledge  in  simple,  easy  to  use  models  and  ar.facts.  Can   be  used  for  both  learning  about  a  domain  as  well  as  for  easy  communica.on.   ©BBITS  All  rights  reserved   10  
  11. 11. How  to  engage  BBITS  Consul6ng  assessment  of  need;;  +91  98490  04531   Iden.fica.on  of  set  of  SMEs,   domain  experts   Introductory  2-­‐hour  session  to  showcase   one  technique  on  a  business  domain;   showcase  method  and  it’s   components  and  discuss/evaluate   applicability  to  your  projects,  teams,  and  situa.on   Finalizing  scope  of  deliverables  to  be   produced;  iden.fying  team  for   training  in  workshops;  iden.fying   relevant  subdomains  to  be  used  in   workshops  and  post-­‐workshop  work     ©BBITS  All  rights  reserved   11  
  12. 12. People  in  BBITS  Consul6ng     Ravi   is   a   Chartered   Accountant   who   switched   to   IT   25   years   ago.   Over   the   years,   he   has   made   an   impact   in   various   roles   ranging   from  Program  management  to  Business  consultant  (in  corporates)   as  well  as  a  business  unit  head  (in  service  providers).  He  managed  industry  units,  horizontal  competency  and  prac.ce  units.  In   these  roles,  he  has  grown  and  managed  businesses  up  to  $600mn   in   revenue   and   large   units   up   to   15000   people   for   leading  and  technology  service  providers  across  the  globe.     He  is  passionate  about  business  methods  and  has  hands-­‐   on   experience   in   leading   and   training   domain   experts.   His   global  Ravi  Bommakan.   exposure  (including  s.nts  for  large  Financial  services  organiza.ons   Founder     in   the   US   and   Australia)   enabled   him   to   ‘see   both   sides   of   the   and     world’  as     Chief  Consultant   v  an  end  user  of  and  technology  services   v  a  provider  of  such  services.       His   last   corporate   role   was   in   Capgemini.   He   developed   the   BBITS   method  based  on  the  varied  blend  of  his  experiences  and  insights.     ©BBITS  All  rights  reserved   12