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Presentation on backchanneling and Hotseat

Presentation on backchanneling and Hotseat



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  • 1. Explain the purpose of Twitter (and Hotseat.)
  • Communication among learners Parallel track Traditionally, instructors are not a part of this dialogue since they aren’t aware that is happening.
  • New channel addressing concerns / harnessing backchannel Other
  • Create conversation between front and back in and out of the classroom Networked discussion that is not bound by Time Location Media
  • 1. Define backchannel, snarky, netiquette, hash tag, tweet, post, follow. 3. Find a backchannel for a specific event using Twitter(and Hotseat.)
  • To text using SMS, add purdue M860 to the beginning of your message. For example:
  • 1. Define backchannel, snarky, netiquette, hash tag, tweet, post, follow. 1. Successfully create a Twitter account, log in, and post / tweet. 2. (Successfully log in and follow discussions in Hotseat.) 3. Find a backchannel for a specific event using Twitter(and Hotseat.)

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  • Social Media & the Backchannel: Bringing Twitter and Hotseat to Class EDCI 575 Fall 2010 Stephanie Krajicek
  • By the end of this presentation, you should be able to:
    • Define and give examples of social media.
    • Define these terms: backchannel, snarky, netiquette, tweet, post, follow, hashtag.
    • Explain the purpose of Twitter and Hotseat.
    • Successfully log in and follow discussions in Hotseat.
    • Find a backchannel for a specific event using Twitter (and Hotseat).
    • Participate in a backchannel discussion.
    • List at least three ways backchannels can be used to engage students, deepen content learning, support students, encourage collaboration and create community.
  • Social media is:
        • Available to everyone
        • Web-based
        • Editable
        • Enables discussion
  • So What?
    • Shift in paradigm
  • Publishing
    • Lulu (https://www.lulu.com)
    • SpoonFlower ( http://www.spoonflower.com/ )
    • Moo (http://us.moo.com/)
    • Ponoko ( http://www.ponoko.com/)
  • #savechuck
    • http://mashable.com/2009/05/04/nbc-save-chuck/
  • Dooce vs. Maytag
    • http://www.dooce.com/2009/08/28/containing-capital-letter-or-two
  • What’s a backchannel?
    • Frontchannel vs. backchannel
    • sanctioned content and dialog
    • vs.
    • whispered conversations, note passing, Twitter comments, blog posts, chat room discussions
  • Instructor Learners Front channel Backchanne l
  • Learners Instructor
  • Learners Instructor
  • Instructor Learners
  • Instructor Learners
  • What Can Backchannels Bring to the Table?
    • Student engagement
    • Community building
    • Collaboration
    • Feedback and interaction
    • Learning Support
    • Deeper learning
  • Common #hashtags for Educators
    • #edchat
    • #edshare
    • #teachertuesday
    • #followfriday
    • #ff
    • #comment4kids
    • #lrnchat
  • Hotseat
    • “ Ho tseat, a social networking-powered mobile Web application, creates a collaborative classroom, allowing students to provide near real-time feedback during class and enabling professors to adjust the course content and improve the learning experience. Students can post messages to Hotseat using their Facebook or Twitter accounts, sending text messages, or logging in to the Hotseat Web site.”
  • Hands on Hotseat
    • Log in using your career account username and password
  • Most discussed Popular posts Recent posts Discussion question
  • Favorite Lock Change view Twitter hash tag Interact via SMS Interact via Facebook
  • Discussion
    • How can backchannels be used to:
    • engage?
    • deepen content learning?
    • support learning?
    • encourage collaboration?
    • create community?
  • Pros & Cons
    • Ability to ask questions / clarify understanding
    • Opportunities to hijack class
    • Dialogue about insights, opinions
    • Uncertainty about audience
    • Extended classroom
    • Split attention
    • Interaction with content, peers, experts
  • Pros & Cons
    • Lack of netiquette
    • Give voice to the wall flowers
    • Domination of discussion by a few
    • Revisit ideas from a new perspective
    • Mob mentality
    • Make connections
    • Dissemination of incorrect information
    • Ability to enhance conversation through comments
  • Other Tools for Creating Backchannels
    • Yammer ( https://www.yammer.com/ )
    • Status.net
    • Poll Everywhere ( www.polleverywhere.com/ )
    • Chatzy ( http://www.chatzy.com/ )
    • Today’s Meet ( http://todaysmeet.com/ )
    • Google docs
    • Zoho docs
  • Tips for Managing the Backchannel
    • Define the role of social media in your classroom
    • Give students specific tasks
    • Allow students to participate in the manner that they choose
    • Set clear expectations and consequences for failure to meet them for behavior, grades, and frequency of posts
    • Use the technology that you have available
    Tips for Managing the Backchannel
  • Can you...
    • Define and give examples of social media?
    • Define: backchannel, snarky, netiquette, tweet, post, follow, hashtag?
    • Explain the purpose of Hotseat?
    • Log in and follow discussions in Hotseat?
    • Find a backchannel for a specific event in Twitter and Hotseat?
    • Participate in a backchannel discussion?
    • List three ways backchannels engage students, deepen content learning, encourage collaboration, support learning, and / or create community.
    • Go to Poll Daddy to take the assessment:
    • http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/HN8ZWLD
  • Sources
    • Atkinson, C. (2010). The backchannel: How audiences are using Twitter and social media and changing presentations forever. Berkley, CA: New Riders.
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