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WiG 2007 - Invited Presentation Karen Wilkins-Mickey, Microsoft
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WiG 2007 - Invited Presentation Karen Wilkins-Mickey, Microsoft


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Karen Wilkins-Mickey …

Karen Wilkins-Mickey
Diversity Staffing
Program Manager
The journey to
attracting diverse talent into gaming
Microsoft Corp, USA

Published in: Technology, Sports
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  • Transcript

    • 1. The Journey…Diversity Recruiting Karen Wilkins-Mickey, Diversity Staffing Program Manager, Microsoft Entertainment Devices Division Women in Gaming UK- April 2007
    • 2. The Journey Begins…
      • Karen Wilkins-Mickey born and raised in NYC married to Korey Mickey. Mom to Kyra and Kaden. Recently moved from California to Redmond in November 2006. Joined Microsoft on March 28 , 2005
    • 3. The Face of Gaming
      • Male = 88.5%
      • Female = 11.5%
      • More than 60% of studios claim that obtaining diverse applicants is challenging
      • (U.S data)
    • 4. The Journey is about..
      • Accessibility - Networking
      • Accountability – Recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce
      • Financial Responsibility –A diverse workforce makes business sense
    • 5. Accessibility &The Power of Networking
      • Your network is dynamic and ever-changing
      • Network + You = Formula for Success
        • “ She’ll tell two friends” networking system
    • 6. “ and she’ll tell two friends”
    • 7. “ and they’ll tell two friends…”
    • 8. “ and so on,”
    • 9. “ and so on ,”
    • 10. “ and so on,”
    • 11. Top 10 Networking Tips
      • Don’t be hesitant to talk to strangers. Assume the other person is as hesitant as you are.
      • Take notes and follow up upon return to the office.
      • Don’t network just to network- have a purpose
      • Build it before you need it- think ahead
      • Always ask- don’t shy away from asking for what you what.
      • Don’t have network Bias- the tendency to associate, interact and be comfortable with folks in the same skill set
      • Be respectful- don’t just ask for things you need as the only way to stay in touch
      • Don’t ping too much
      • Don’t keep score- be willing to connect people
      • Don’t take names just to fill up your contact list
    • 12. Accountability- Recruiting
      • The pool is small and we all want the SAME people
      • Leverage game conferences to talk to women gamers
      • Strong corporate image – culture and environment
      • Organization and community involvement
      • Referrals! Referrals! Referrals!
      • Retain and develop diverse talent
    • 13. Financial Responsibility
      • Building a diverse workforce is a strategy that makes good business sense
      • Companies can not view diversity as just another program or initiative-it has to be a way of life
    • 14. The Good News…
      • Fortune Magazine named100 most influential Women in gaming (7 MS women made that list)
      • Women are filling more jobs in the games industry:
        • Female artists, scriptwriters and game designers
        • Marketing and PR are the top jobs of interest
        • A handful of programmers
    • 15. The not so good news…
      • More than 60% of the studios claim that obtaining diverse applicants is challenging
      • Still a low percentage of women entering into computer science coursework
      • We have a long way to go but we are getting there…..
    • 16. A BIG THANK YOU!
      • Q & A