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Networking in a nutshell, why, when and how to network, Actual and Social Networking

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Networking for a Lifetime_2013

  2. 2. A few words about us…ΣΑΚΑ – founded in 1931Career Development Office Launch – September 2012Almost 5 months active nowUpdated CVs are landing, one to one meetings in our daily agenda, 9 placementsalready, over 80 CVs sent to companies, more than 40 interviews arrangedOur mission is to actively connect our alumni to the market for synergies and otherjob opportunities
  3. 3. CONTENTS Why Types ofNetworking How Networking Basics When & more
  5. 5. Defining Networking…In the world of computers,networking is thepractice of linking two ormore computing devicestogether for the purpose ofsharing dataNetworks are built with amix of computer hardwareand computer software
  6. 6. Defining Networking…Building meaningful,lasting, mutually beneficialrelationships, with oneperson at a timeBuilding your social capitalTruly connecting with otherpeople – actively buildingrelationships
  7. 7. Defining Networking…Being purposefulBeing yourself / authenticThinking of ‘what you can dofor the other person’ – notjust asking for a favor or a jobShow you care – ask themabout their business and readabout themFollowing up on your NWcontacts = No1 priority
  8. 8. Becoming a Strong Networker Follow up on Have a positive attitude- referrals become a magnet Be enthusiastic and Be trustworthy – give motivated/driven – valuable and solid a best selling quality info&referrals Possess good listening skills & learn
  9. 9. Becoming a Strong Networker Always network Thank people- (never off duty) express gratitude Be sincere and Enjoy helping others- convey this/give your sharing info&tips undivided attention Work on your net (=network), manage contacts & organize info and e mail accounts
  10. 10. Reverse situationDrained business opportunities(either for hiring or forcooperating with othercompanies)CV sending or giving hand byhand – no talking involved!Individualized businesscommunityEverything through traditionalmailing (internet = a bad ‘net’word)Meetings / associations wouldonly have a social character ifany
  11. 11. Reverse situation Losing connectivity- Unnatural or difficult who is connected to happen… to whom, Connecting & networking for ephemeral or lifelong, = casual or intense, endemic in human nature personal or anonymous to happen and expand/ reasons develop NOT networking would mean… no connection & no contagion(Nicholas Christakis & James Fowler, in ‘Connected’)
  12. 12. Networking naturallyHumans deliberately make and remake theirsocial networks all the time.Hells Angels, Jehovah’s witnesses, drug addicts, coffeedrinkers, Democrats, Republicans, stamp collectors, cyclistsor bungee jumpersThe truth is that we seek out those people who share ourinterests, histories, and dreams (Birds of a feather flocktogether)
  13. 13. Networking naturally Job seekers? Job providers/ hunters? Executive clubs?Family ties, friends, coworkers and neighbors (common networks to analyze)Other social ties and networks (e.g. health networks (cancer patients), professionalties (ex P&G executives), students of the same university or school (ALBA alumni,HAEF alumni) Let’s share other networks which come to mind… to see how natural this is to form
  15. 15. WHY Network Because it is…NATURALFUNUSEFULFOR A LIFETIME
  16. 16. WHY NetworkSearching for a job versussearching for buildingrelationshipsShort term versus long term goalBetter don’t just NETWORK whenyou are searching for a JOBNETWORK non stop and not withonly one target in mind – not onlyto ask for a job but to GIVE outthings
  17. 17. WHY not Network
  18. 18. Networking for job hunting should be our No1 priority Let us see why…
  19. 19. A few words on our marketFor every job ad,more than 500 CVsMany people stillbelieve that jobsearch is only about…sending our CVapplying to a job ad
  20. 20. The opportunities iceberg What counts is what is not clearly visible The visible part = ads, announcements of jobs The invisible part = opportunities unexplored Less competition rests with unexplored opportunities CUSTOMIZE YOUR OPPORTUNITIES
  21. 21. HOW to Network Socialize with measure – excess is overwhelming the overwhelmed (danger of becoming ‘μαϊντανός’) Use social and actual networking in combination – danger of developing an anti-social behavior if you just socially network Make sure you belong in some associations (professional or social), and even strive to create one
  22. 22. HOW to Network Professional contactsOrganization Professional s ME Experts Personal contacts
  23. 23. HOW to Network Make a list of your contacts Start from your CLOSE move gradually to your FAR contacts Professional contacts (ex colleagues, employers, supervisors, clients, providers), Personal contacts (friends, relatives, neighbors, acquaintances) Organizations (Associations, unions, chamber of commerce,sports teams, clubs, schools), Professional experts (Accountant, Lawyer, Insurance agent, Banker, Doctor, Shop owner, Local politician)
  24. 24. WHEN to NetworkNetworking should not have timeor space limits•Network at work – and for yourwork•Network at home and for yourpersonal goals•Network while doing daily –routine things (shopping,sporting, eating out, etc.)•Network at parties,associations, social gatherings NETWORKING IS ABOUT MEETING NEW PEOPLE AND ESTABLISHING NEW AND MEANINGFUL RELATIONSHIPS
  25. 25. Hiring? Long termBusiness relationships?Deals? Other?
  27. 27. Actual Networking! A few tips…Arrive early at a venueVolunteer work - you have amore defined roleBehave with respect to allpeople (you NEVER know whohappens to be in front of you)Follow up - if you don’t … youare not networking [Devora Zack on effective networking]
  28. 28. Social Networking - A Useful Tool How to find a job by building a social identity: Connect with Employers of choice, Recruiting Agencies, Universities, and highly networked people/individuals with huge networks and the willingness to share opportunities! Have you seen how many recruitment agencies now appear and share job opportunities with their followers? For Greece & Abroad? You can create a professional page @ FB – and build your PB Create a compelling account, join & create groups, mingle, endorse meaningfully, message/connect with recruiters with a purposeful message
  29. 29. LinkedIn Constantly reaching out to its members with meaningfulpoints 200 million members as we speak
  30. 30. LinkedIn being THANKFUL
  31. 31. They are engaging They are following up They are selling They constantly appear with messages to become top of mindThey change/improve their interface They strive!
  32. 32. LinkedIn web globally
  33. 33. Studies and Findings Microsoft conducted a study on privacy: HROf U.S. recruiters andprofessionals surveyed,70% say they have rejectedcandidates based on informationthey found onlineThough not as frequently,respondents from the U.K. andGermany report the same trend
  34. 34. Studies and Findings Microsoft conducted a study on privacy:Positive online reputationsmatter. Among U.S. recruitersand HR professionals surveyed,85% say that positive onlinereputation influences theirhiring decisions at least to someextent Try not to create an online reputation that will give an argument to your future employers NOT to hire you
  35. 35. Studies and Findings Tip of advise: Use alerts to notify you about comments/data on your name Use a dual identity
  36. 36. Use Social media wisely!
  37. 37. Is that the way you wish to network throughSocial Media?Keep some things out of the netManage your personal imageNetwork responsibly
  38. 38. Studies and FindingsUniversity studies in the US find FB,YouTube and Twitter (up to96%FB) to be most popular in use,and LinkedIn less popular (10% andless)Among Liberal Arts majors,MySpace had the highestpercentage of usersStudents from the business schoolhad the highest percentage ofusers of blogs, Twitter, andLinkedIn
  39. 39. Bottom line•Connect•Mingle•Ask•Help•Follow up•Build relationships•Come back with more•Engage NETWORK
  40. 40. Remember to feel good and reach out
  41. 41. Twitter account: CDOnews Linkedin Group: Athens College Alumni Facebook Group: Cdo SAKA(Primary Group: ΣΑΚΑ ΣΥΛΛΟΓΟΣ ΑΠΟΦΟΙΤΩΝ ΚΟΛΛΕΓΙΟΥ ΑΘΗΝΩΝ)