Public relations organisation


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Public relations organisation

  2. 2. THE PUBLIC RELATIONS DEPARTMENT ROLE,FUNCTION AND RESPONSIBILITES Four key activity areas : • Counseling and the formation of strategy. • Liaison within and outside the organization. • Media relations and media management. • Event management . PREPARED BY :MS GOMALA SUKUMARAN
  3. 3. ROLE The role can be summed up as : • To provide management with communication expertise in the form of counseling and active communications skills in order to further the interests of an organization or individual within the constraint of the IPR Code of Conduct. PREPARED BY :MS GOMALA SUKUMARAN
  4. 4. FUNCTION • Public relations operates alongside the other functions of the organization. • Its function is advisory and supportive : – To advise management of the most cost-effective and efficient of achieving identified communications strategies and tactics. – To implement strategic and tactical plans in order to achieve those objectives. PREPARED BY :MS GOMALA SUKUMARAN
  5. 5. RESPONBILITIES • To ensure that strategic and tactical public relations objectives are achieved. PREPARED BY :MS GOMALA SUKUMARAN
  6. 6. STRUCTURE • Departments should be organized as simply as possible. PREPARED BY :MS GOMALA SUKUMARAN
  7. 7. PUBLIC RELATIONS DEPARTMENT’S ACTIVITIES • A public relations manger’s job is one of great variety and covers many disciplines. • The same goes for the work carried out by the department. • It can vary from the distribution of media news, to the setting up of an exhibition, to planning a news conference or a site visit by notable persons. PREPARED BY :MS GOMALA SUKUMARAN
  8. 8. CONTINUED… • Liaison with the public relations consultancy If one is employed. – Public relations consultancies can provide a useful service to supplement an in-house team. • Writing news releases, commissioning photographs and feature articles. – So that they are suitable for publications in the targeted media and make the necessary Public Relations points. – Briefing photographers and maintaining a quality photographic library. PREPARED BY :MS GOMALA SUKUMARAN
  9. 9. CONTINUED… • Distributing information to identified publics – So that they reach the intended publics in time to be of value and are in a form where they will be valued. • Maintaining an accurate media information service – Maintaining and updating contact lists – Creating and maintaining personal profiles of key contacts PREPARED BY :MS GOMALA SUKUMARAN
  10. 10. CONTINUED… • Training and rehearsal of organization staff who will meet the media – To ensure they communicate effectively – To practice putting a contingency plan into operation (eg : to be ready to handle a crisis) • Organizing events such as media visits, receptions and conferences – Ensuring the correct people are invited – Monitoring who attends PREPARED BY :MS GOMALA SUKUMARAN
  11. 11. CONTINUED… • Arranging media interviews with top management – Ensuring the media has the facilities it needs – pre-briefing, training and rehearsal of the managers • Editing and production of house journals, annual reports, external journals and other printed publications – To project the corporate image – To provide useful and valued service to publics PREPARED BY :MS GOMALA SUKUMARAN
  12. 12. CONTINUED… • To provide a full service from concept, through planning, creation, management, evaluation for such as – Commissioning corporate identity programs – Presentations and presentation material for video and slide presentations – Exhibition material and presentation – Sponsorship programs – Sales and dealer conference PREPARED BY :MS GOMALA SUKUMARAN
  14. 14. PR MANAGER • Responsible for the Public Relations functions. • Report to a member of line management- often through the office of the chief executive or managing director. • In large organization Public Relation manager may be full directors. PREPARED BY :MS GOMALA SUKUMARAN
  15. 15. PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER • Working Public Relations people. • Have on-going external contacts and provide liaison between pr function and its range of contacts and publics. PREPARED BY :MS GOMALA SUKUMARAN
  16. 16. JOB DESCRIPTION PR MANAGER PRO • Provide sound and timely advice on all aspects of Public Relations to the board. • Ensure that the organization operates within a Public Relations policy appropriate to their business needs. • With the co-operation of the board, monitor and co-ordinate the Public Relations activity throughout the organization to ensure consistency of management statements and actions. PREPARED BY :MS GOMALA SUKUMARAN
  17. 17. TO ACHIEVE THIS HE/SHE WILL.. • Work with the directors of the organization to : – Identify cultural and political developments which do (or may) impact upon the business. – Take these into account when planning business strategy. • Develop short, medium and long-term plans to create and maintain good relationships with identifies publics. • Ensure that all activities are carried out on time and to the overall plan. PREPARED BY :MS GOMALA SUKUMARAN
  18. 18. CONTINUED… • Maintain close and effective day-to-day working relationships with directors and managers of functions. • Communicate the board’s Public Relations policy throughout the organization. • Select, train, guide and motivate staff to ensure that the public relations department can carry out its responsibilities effectively and efficiently. PREPARED BY :MS GOMALA SUKUMARAN
  19. 19. CONTINUED… • Maintain personal contact with key correspondents in appropriate media. • Maintain the highest professional standards in all public relations matters. PREPARED BY :MS GOMALA SUKUMARAN
  20. 20. PERSONALITY AND QUALIFICATIONS • To make a career in public relations takes dedication. • There is no short cut, because the basics have to be learned. • There is a lot of hard work, unsocial hours and background study. PREPARED BY :MS GOMALA SUKUMARAN
  21. 21. KEY QUALITIES IN PUBLIC RELATIONS • • • • • • • • Integrity Truthfulness Sense if fair play Sound judgment Orderly thinking Creativity Energy versatility PREPARED BY :MS GOMALA SUKUMARAN
  22. 22. OTHER QUALITIES • • • • • • • • • Public relations knowledge Public relations ability Management ability Ability to work under pressure Sensitivity to situations Communication skills A wide range of general knowledge Patience The ability to bounce back, cheerfully, when under pressure. PREPARED BY :MS GOMALA SUKUMARAN