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State of the library 2010
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State of the library 2010


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Published in: Education

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  • S1: collaboration with teachers and promotion of reading programs S2: Management of staff and volunteers, promotion of funding and wise use of budget S3: Integration of new and emerging technology and open access to information S4: Creation of library environment that meets informational and recreational needs of patrons S5: Creation of collection and activities that are culturally diverse and meet needs of community members S6: Create a professional network of relationships through professional associations, workshops and conferences to bring the best to the library
  • Transcript

    • 1. State of the Librariesin TMISD
      Presented by
      Debbie Van Zandt, High School Librarian
      Angela Steagall, Middle School Librarian
      Libby McGee, Intermediate School Librarian
      Sarah Moore, Primary School Librarian
      Compiled by
      Robert Steagall, MLS Candidate, SHSU
    • 2. TAKS, TEA, CSCOPE…..
      We are driven by these extrinsic agencies, systems and accountabilities in the education world….. and so is the library!
    • 3. Did you know that School Library Programs also have state standards that are mandated by the State of Texas?
    • 4. School Library Standards are Learner-Centered:
      S1: Teaching and Learning
      S2: Leadership and Management
      S3: Technology and Information Access
      S4: Library Environment
      S5: Connections to Community
      S6: Information Science and Librarianship
    • 5. Tuloso-Midway Libraries are led by a team of certified librarians who focus on these core values:
      -Academic Achievement-Access for All-Reading-Lifelong Learning
      -Technology-Information Literacy-Innovation-Intellectual Freedom
    • 6. High School Staffing
    • 7. High School Book Collection
    • 8.
    • 9. High School Reference Materials
    • 10. High School Technology/Facilities
    • 11. High School Librarian Support
    • 12. Middle School Staffing
    • 13. Middle School Book Collection
    • 14.
    • 15. Middle School Reference Materials
    • 16. Middle School Technology/Facilities
    • 17. Middle School Librarian Support
    • 18. Intermediate School Staffing
    • 19. Intermediate School Book Collection
    • 20.
    • 21. Intermediate School Reference Materials
    • 22. Intermediate School Technology/Facilities
    • 23. Intermediate School Librarian Support
    • 24. Primary School Staffing
    • 25. Primary School Book Collection
    • 26.
    • 27. Primary School Reference Materials
    • 28. Primary School Technology/Facilities
    • 29. Primary School Librarian Support
    • 30. The library is supposed to be the academic center of the school.
      We have come so far, but we still have a long way to go…and that is just to reach the “Acceptable” mark!
      There are still the goals of “Recognized” and “Exemplary”
      to be met so that our libraries can help our students be “Recognized” and “Exemplary”!