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International Perspectives in School Libraries


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Talk by Dr. Rebecca Jones to SLG Day Conference and AGM reporting on IASL Conference in Tokyo

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International Perspectives in School Libraries

  1. 1. International Perspective SLG AGM 2017 Rebecca Jones @thepanster
  2. 2. My background — Learning Enrichment & Support Co- ordinator & School Librarian — Malvern St James — Independent girls boarding school — Professional groups: ◦ ILG sub-group leader for TeenTech Project
  3. 3. What is IASL: objectives — To advocate the development of school libraries throughout all countries; — To encourage the integration of school library programs into the instruction and curriculum of the school; — To promote the professional preparation and continuing education of school library personnel; — To foster a sense of community among school librarians in all parts of the world; — To foster and extend relationships between school librarians and other professions in connection with children and youth; — To foster research in the field of school librarianship and the integration of its findings with pertinent knowledge from related fields; — To promote the publication and dissemination of information about successful advocacy and program initiatives in school librarianship; — To share information about programs and materials for children and youth throughout the international community; — To initiate and coordinate activities, conferences and other projects in the field of school librarianship and information services
  4. 4. Activities — International School Libraries Month — Giggle It — Conference — Publications ◦ Newsletter ◦ School Libraries World Wide (peer reviewed journal)
  5. 5. Tokyo, August 2016 — Mainly practitioner led — Keynotes by invited academics — Workshops (90min) & Seminars (30min) — Posters — Meiji University, Tokyo
  6. 6. Keynotes — Mr Takashi Atoda, Awarding winning writer and Librarian, Japan ◦ Dare pupils to read books ◦ Education cannot teach everything about life ◦ Hidden use — Dr James Herring, UK Future schools, future school libraries ◦ Is IL related to learning or information resources? Should we refer to IL skills or practices? ◦ Terminology – Information Literacy
  7. 7. Seminar — Dr Dianne Oberg, Professor Emerita of Alberta University, USA — School Library Evaluation: For Accountability AND Understanding ◦ Research and standards ◦ Recording, Mining and Analysing data ◦ Outcomes and Impact. ◦ Context ◦ Evaluation is a task for the profession
  8. 8. Seminar — Per Johansson — The challenges of a school library in the digital age as a resource helping educating refugee children and integrating them into the Swedish society. ◦ Growth in refugee population ◦ Expand range of fiction in other languages ◦ Books on living in Sweden ◦ Library as welcoming space
  9. 9. Seminar — Deborah Brown — School libraries and power-houses of empathy: People on loan in the Human Library ◦ Foster empathy & respect ◦ Genuine dialogue between different people ◦ Cultural literacy ◦ Explore a range of concepts
  10. 10. Seminar — Elsa Conde — School Libraries in Portugal (1996- 2016) looking into the future ◦ Impact of policy over the last 20 years by the ministry of education in Portugal ◦ Dissemination of best practice in libraries ◦ Short films in the library ◦ School library network program: 20 years with RBE a story with a future
  11. 11. Seminar — Yuriko Matsuda — Café in a school library: to strengthen links with school and society ◦ Some lunchtimes & after school ◦ Free snacks & drinks ◦ Meet with school counsellors ◦ Teachers & Principal ◦ Safe space ◦ IL occurs naturally with purpose
  12. 12. Seminar — Loh Chin Ee — Reading, school libraries and equity: a socio- spatial study of school libraries and reading in Singapore ◦ Pupils pictures of bookshelf ◦ Geosemiotic approach ◦ Indicator of ethos of the school
  13. 13. — Workshop: Bibliobattle, Japan ◦ Pupils promote their book ◦ 5 minutes talk, 2 minutes questions ◦ Audience then votes on it’s favourite ◦ Popular in schools – teacher version — Mr Tatekawa Shinoharu – Rakugo: The art of comic storytelling (in English) ◦ Traditional Japanese storytelling
  14. 14. TeenTech — TeenTech — Stem competition in UK for pupils — ILG Sponsoring an Award — My role: Team Leader — Create resources — Innovation day — Judge award — Integrate IL skills
  15. 15. Thank you – do get in touch! — Rebecca Jones — Learning Enrichment & Support Co- ordinator& School Librarian at Malvern St James — — @thepanster