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Spanning Our Field Libraries: Mindfully Managing LAM Collaborations


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Dr. Katherine Skinner is the Executive Director of the Educopia Institute, a not-for-profit educational organization that builds networks and collaborative communities to help cultural, scientific, and scholarly institutions achieve greater impact.

Multiple efforts are bringing academic museum and gallery leaders together with their peers across archives and libraries, to capture and build upon effective (best) practices across the fields. This session shares information about three such efforts, setting the stage for a discussion on how participation in such cross-sector collaborations can benefit museum and gallery leaders. Participants will leave this session with information on how best to participate in broad collaborations across museums, archives, and libraries to contribute, to compile best practices and common frameworks in support of their own institutional efforts.

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Spanning Our Field Libraries: Mindfully Managing LAM Collaborations

  1. 1. theory   Mission  alignment  posi1ons  libraries,  archives,   and  museums  to  collaborate.   Photo  Credit:  Ilya,  
  2. 2. reality   While  museum,  archives,  and  library   missions  may  be  aligned,  there  is  a  wide   variance  across  them  in  other  aspects,  e.g.:   o organiza1onal  sizes     o governance  structures   o staffing  models   o funding  models   o acronyms  and  vocabularies   o disciplinary  special1es     o user  communi1es  served  
  3. 3. Boundary-­‐Spanning   buffering   reflec1ng   connec1ng   mobilizing   weaving   transforming  
  4. 4. Tensions   •  Field  Diversity   •  Resources   •  Vocabulary  
  5. 5. Field  Diversity  
  6. 6. Resources   Photo:  Annie  SpraK,  Unsplash,  hKps://  
  7. 7. Vocabulary   e.g.,  metadata,  processing,  cataloging,  access,  preserva1on,  collec1on   Photo:  drmakete  lab,  Unsplash,  hKps://  
  8. 8. Alignment  Areas   Addressing  common  issues,  e.g.:   •  Digital  transi1ons   •  Funding  challenges   •  Policy  changes   •  Leadership  challenges   •  Succession  planning  
  9. 9. “Mapping  the  Landscapes”  team   Nancy  Melley,  Academy  of  Cer1fied  Archivists  (ACA)   Elizabeth  Call,  ALA/SAA/AAM  CommiKee  on  Archives,  Libraries,  and     Museums  (CALM)   Eric  Pourchot,  Founda1on  of  the  American  Ins1tute  for  Conserva1on    of  Historic  &  Ar1s1c  Works   Laura  Hortz  Stanton,  American  Ins1tute  for  Conserva1on  of  Historic     and  Ar1s1c  Works  (AIC)   Sandy  Hirsh,  Associa1on  for  Informa1on  Science  and  Technology     (ASIS&T)   Charles  Wilt,  Associa1on  for  Library  Collec1ons  and  Technical  Service   Jill  Hartz,  Associa1on  of  Academic  Museums  and  Galleries   Victoria  Garvin,  Associa1on  of  Children’s  Museums  (ACM)   Mary  Ellen  Davis,  Kathryn  Deiss,  Associa1on  of  College  and  Research     Libraries  (ACRL)   Donna  Sack,  Associa1on  of  Midwest  Museums  (AMM)   Mark  Puente,  Associa1on  of  Research  Libraries  (ARL)   Wendy  Hancock,  Associa1on  of  Science-­‐Technology  Centers  (ASTC)   John  Burger,  Associa1on  of  Southeastern  Research  Libraries   Linda  Crowe,  Califa   Cal  Shepard,  Chief  Officers  of  State  Library  Agencies  (COSLA)   Anne  Ackerson,  MaK  Veatch,  Council  of  State  Archivists  (CoSA)   Nancy  McGovern,  Digital  Preserva1on  Management  Workshop   Tom  Clareson,  Heritage  Preserva1on   Lisa  Barnhart,  Eileen  O’Shea,  InfoPeople   Jefferson  Bailey,  Internet  Archive   Mary  Taylor,  Library  Informa1on  Technology  Associa1on   Laurie  Gemmill  Arp,  LYRASIS   Tanya  Zanish-­‐Belcher,  Ellen  Swain,  Lisa  Sjoberg,  Midwest  Archives     Conference  (MAC)   Brian  Keough,  Laurie  Sather,  Mid-­‐Atlan1c  Regional  Archives     Conference  (MARAC)   Tanya  Marshall,  Na1onal  Associa1on  of  Government  Archives     and  Records  Administrators  (NAGARA)   Dan  Yaeger,  New  England  Museum  Associa1on   Larry  Johnson,  New  Media  Consor1um   Jeannie  Castro,  North  American  Serials  Interest  Group  (NASIG)   Jessica  Bitely,  Northeast  Document  Conserva1on  Center  (NEDCC)   Kendra  Morgan,  OCLC   Barb  Macikas,  Lian  Sze,  ScoK  Allen,  Public  Library  Associa1on  (PLA)   Debra  H.  Norris,  University  of  Delaware   Amanda  Focke,  Regional  Archival  Associa1ons   Consor1um  (RAAC)   Solveig  De  SuKer,  Nancy  Beaumont,  Kathleen  Roe,  Helen  Wong     Smith,  Donna  E.  McCrea,  Society  of  American  Archivists  (SAA)   Mike  Hudson,  Southeastern  Museum  Conference  (SEMC)   Angela  Goodrich,  Urban  Libraries  Council  (ULC)   Jennifer  Thomas,  Virginia  Associa1on  of  Museums   Katherine  Skinner,  Chris1na  Drummond,  Educopia  Ins1tute