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This presentation outlines some free tools you can use to better understand your brand, your audience, how your audience perceives your brand in the social space. These are also great tools for researching bigger conversations, themes or trends in the social space.

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Social Listening Tools

  1. 1. SOCIAL LISTENING TOOLS @rosiesiman // @cristina_simone
  2. 2. Social Listening Social listening doesn t have a standard output - instead, it differs from client to client and project to project. The type of listening you conduct will depend on the output you re looking for, the depth of scope, and the platform or project focus amongst other things.
  3. 3. Service vs. Software Consulting Services DIY Software At least 1 week lead time, likely 2-3 weeks Access to discuss & settle on a scope of work Immediate Variable. [Most services are trustworthy, but Good. [You re paying a premium for Quality trustworthy information.] make sure it s clear where the data comes from] Several hours, several days depending on Timing Several weeks scope Insights, key graphs. Lots of data to mine Output Client-ready report through before reaching client-ready report Paid tools average around $2k/month, but Cost Projects could run anywhere from $5k-$50k many free tools exist as well When you re deciding on how to go about social listening, time and budget will have a big impact on what you decide to do. Be realistic when discussing costs and output with your client or team. If you aren t familiar with the DIY software, make sure you allocate extra time to research the tool that is best for the project as well as team training time.
  4. 4. Consulting Services Company On the Web Alterian Synthesio Converseon Visible Technologies Collective Intellect These vendors are people you may want to contact if you don t have the time or resources to complete social listening on your own.These are also great companies to reach out to if you need to conduct social listening in non-English speaking countries and don t have someone fluent in that language available.
  5. 5. HOW YOU MIGHT USE THESE TOOLS… Share a deeper perspective Find new insights Galvanize participation Create stimuli for brainstorms Justify work you’re selling Show a partner agency they’re wrong Inspire creative teams Better understand a trend/theme
  6. 6. SPEZIFY HTTP://WWW.SPEZIFY.COM Spezify  is  a  freeform  search  tool  that  incorporates  websites,  videos,  images,  microblog  posts  (think  Twier)  and  more  into  a  grid  of   results.  Its  not  going  to  beat  Google  at  finding  some  specific  thing  youre  looking  for,  but  its  impressive  if  youre  looking  to  get  an  overview  of  a  topic,  especially  if  youre  a  visual  person.  Spezify  also  provides  a  list  of  related  words  at  the  top  of  the  results  screen,   which  can  help  you  explore  a  topic  further.    
  7. 7. TWEET FEEL HTTP://WWW.TWEETFEEL.COM Using  a  proprietary  algorithm,  the  TweetFeel  API  computes  senIment  for  any  given  keyword  using  tweets.  A  good  tool  for  a  quick   read  on  what  people  think  about  your  brand,  a  specific  product  or  even  a  cultural  event.  The  tool  allows  you  to  see  posiIve  and  negaIve  tweets  in  a  stream  (which  you  can  also  pause),  but  doesn t  let  you  filter  data.  For  best  results,  sIck  to  broad  topics  -­‐  You ll   likely  have  a  hard  Ime  geMng  a  good  read  on  very  niche  subjects.    
  8. 8. ICE ROCKET HTTP://WWW.ICEROCKET.COM IceRocket  is  a  real-­‐Ime  social  search  engine  from  Meltwater  Buzz.  You  can  isolate  by  several  plaRorms  (blogs,  Twier,  Facebook,   images,  video)  or  you  can  look  at  the   Big  Buzz  which  takes  into  account  all  plaRorms.  Other  filters  include  language  and  date   range.IceRocket  also  offers  a  trend  tool  where  you  can  compare  volume  of  posts  of  up  to  five  queries  (or  find  examples  of  hot   trends  at  the  moment.)  The  output  isn t  exactly  prey,  but  it  does  look  official.  
  9. 9. ADDICT-O-MATIC HTTP://WWW.ADDICTOMATIC.COM Addict-­‐o-­‐maIc  builds  a  one-­‐page  summary  of  results  from  18  sites  including  Digg,  Flickr,  Twier,  Delicious,  TechnoraI,  YouTube,  Google  Blog  Search,  Yahoo,  MSN  Live,  Bing  and  Ask  amongst  others.  Unfortunately,  the  search  feels  very  basic.  You  aren t  able  to   use  boolean  logic  or  understand  aggregate  results.  You  can,  however,  bookmark  your  search  page  and  come  back  to  see  a  dashboard  on  the  subject  you ve  chosen.  A  great  tool  to  search  mulIple  places  at  once,  or  keep  track  of  Imely  topics,  but  results   are  very  top-­‐line.  
  10. 10. TWAZZUP HTTP://WWW.TWAZZUP.COM Twazzup  is  an  aggregaIon  of  real-­‐Ime  results  for  a  specific  topic.  You  can  see  #  of  tweets/hour,  a  real-­‐Ime  stream  of  tweets,   influencers,  most  acIve  people  on  a  certain  topic,  keyword  tags  and  news.  There  aren t  many  filters  and  the  results  are  very   topline,  but  for  a  quick  grab  of  influencers  or  tweets,  this  would  work  well.    
  11. 11. TWEETBEEP HTTP://TWEETBEEP.COM TweetBeep  is  a  Twier  alerts  service.  You  can  keep  track  of  conversaIons  that  menIon  your  brand,  a  potenIal  PR  problem  or   even  a  website.  A  great  tool  for  reputaIon  monitoring  and  new  business  pitches.  
  12. 12. FAME COUNT HTTP://WWW.FAMECOUNT.COM Fame  Count  showcases  the  most  popular   stars  on  each  social  network  and  provides  a  special  page  for  brands.  The  research  tools   are  limited,  but  it s  a  great  way  to  find  brands  and  people  who  are  following  best  pracIces  and  taking  the  social  media  world  by   storm.  
  13. 13. TWITTER COUNTER HTTP://WWW.TWITTERCOUNTER.COM TwierCounter  shows  topline  Twier  stats  including  your  followers,  retweets,  original  tweets  and  even  a  comparison  secIon.  This   primarily  shows  popularity  over  Ime,  but  can  also  be  used  to  idenIfy  top  users  and  lists  or  even  influencers.  
  14. 14. HOOTSUITE / TWEETDECK HTTP://WWW.HOOTSUITE.COM / HTTP://WWW.TWEETDECK.COM HootSuite  and  TweetDeck  are  Twier  clients  which  allow  you  to  manage  mulIple  Twier  accounts,  pre-­‐schedule  and  filter  tweets   as  well  as  measure  your  success.  Both  are  great  tools  for  real-­‐Ime  monitoring  of  tweets  -­‐  Set  up  your  keywords  and  watch  the   stream  come  in.  Unfortunately,  there  isn t  a  way  to  look  at  previous  tweets  or  filter  beyond  keywords.  
  15. 15. KLOUT HTTP://WWW.KLOUT.COM Klout  is  an  influencer  idenIficaIon  system.  You  can  work  with  them  to  create  paid  brand  partnerships  to  giveaway  product,  but  you  can  also  research  individuals  or  topics  through  their  search  funcIonality.  Find  a  tweet  about  a  brand  and  want  to  know  how   influenIal  the  person  is?  Head  on  over  to  Klout.    
  16. 16. GOOGLE TRENDS HTTP://GOOGLE.COM/TRENDS Google  Trends  is  an  extension  of  the  Google  Search  engine  useful  for  idenIfying  trends  in  search  behavior  around  keywords.  Outputs  include  volume,  new  reference  volume,  search  frequency  by  region,  city,  language  and  more.  Also  highlighted  on  the   welcome  page  are  current  trending  topics.  
  17. 17. GOOGLE SCHOLAR HTTP://SCHOLAR.GOOGLE.COM Google  Scholar  isn t  the  best  for  idenIfying  trends  or  themes,  but  a  great  resource  if  you  want  to  look  at  those  trends/themes  from  an  academic  perspecIve.  If  you  want  to  monitor  a  topic  on  an  ongoing  basis,  you  can  even  setup  an  email  alert  to  noIfy  you   when  something  new  has  been  published.  
  18. 18. TECHNORATI HTTP://TECHNORATI.COM TechnoraI  is  a  great  tool  to  idenIfy  influenIal  blogs  and  bloggers.  (Perfect  for  building  a  blogger  outreach  list!)  You  can  browse  by   topic  or  search  for  a  specific  blog  and  find  their  authority,  recent  influenIal  reacIons,  user  reviews  and  other  site  details.  
  19. 19. SEMRUSH HTTP://SEMRUSH.COM While  SEM  Rush  is  free,  it  does  require  that  you  register  your  email  address.  Find  out  what  people  are  searching  for  in  relaIon  to  your  topic  by  entering  a  search  topic/keyword.  You  can  filter  by  country,  find  out  the  average  volume  of  results  and  even  the  CPC  associated  with  the  keyword  you ve  entered.  You  can  also  look  at  a  specific  website  to  understand  their  rank,  traffic,  compeItors,   etc.  
  20. 20. BIT.LY HTTP://BIT.LY  is  a  URL  shortener,  but  can  be  used  (sneakily)  to  find  out  how  influenIal  a  brand  or  person  actually  is.  By  adding  a   +  to  the   end  of  a  link,  you ll  be  taken  to  a  stats  page  where  you  can  see  how  many  people  have  clicked  on  that  specific  link,  where   they  were  when  they  clicked  on  the  link  (physical  locaIon  and  site  locaIon)  and  when  these  clicks  happened  (dates)  amongst   other  things.  If  you  have  a  client  with  a  Facebook  page,  you  could  have  them  share  a  link,  shortened  by  about  themselves   and  one  about  something  else  to  see  what  their  fans  are  most  interested  in.  Or  if  you re  looking  at  a  brand  or  a  compeItors   Twier  feed,  you  can  see  how  many  people  click  on  the  links  that  they re  sharing  (if  they  share  links  using  
  21. 21.   Love,     @rosiesiman  /  @crisIna_simone         Shout-­‐outs  to  some  peeps  from  Twier  who  contributed  their  favorite  resources:     Melissa  Albers  /  hp://   Stephanie  King  /  hp://   Michael  Litman  /  hp://     Mark  Pollard  /  hp://     Jinal  Shah  /  hp://   Carolyn  Trawinski  /  hp://     Faris  Yakob  /  hp://