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Fashion 2 POINT OH


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Fashion 2 POINT OH

  1. 1. GEEK CHICFASHION 2.0: DIGITAL TRENDS@rosiesiman //
  2. 2. “Ignoring the Internet [and social media] is madness.” -Diane Von Furstenberg
  4. 4. THE NEW FASHION SHOWFrom Daffy’s to Burberry and Ralph Lauren to Forever 21, fashion shows are getting geeky. While Forever21 used holograms to showcase their latest collection, Daffy’s opted for an interactive mobile experience.
  5. 5. UP CLOSE & PERSONAL From Gap to Jimmy Choo, retail brands are jumping on thelocation-based marketing trend, using Foursquare and Facebook Places to connect with consumers
  6. 6. TECH MEETS FASHION Justin Long. Glee. Ashton Kutcher. Tiny Fey. Now that it’s cool to be a geek, fashion students are starting to explore theboundaries between fashion and technology: heels that can beassembled in zero gravity and a RFID enabled purse that makes sure you don’t leave your keys at home.
  7. 7. WHAT (NOT) TO WEAR
  8. 8. CURATION IS KING Sites like Everlane and Pose use trusted sources like high-profile fashion bloggers to curate the content for their users.
  9. 9. SHOPPING GETS SOCIAL Recommendations & advice have become an increasingly large part of the fashion world online. Diesel let fans post the outfits they were trying on totheir Facebook, while Henry Nichols took the idea to print with their ads above.
  10. 10. A STAMP OF APPROVAL Go Try It On & Fashism give consumers ways to get almostinstantaneous feedback on their outfits before heading out the door.
  11. 11. PERSONAL STYLISTSFor men who are worried that their fashion sensibilities aren’t up to par,they can opt for help from personal stylists. Trunk Club interviews each candidate and then puts together outfits that arrive on your doorstep.
  13. 13. CROWD-SOURCED FUNDINGIt doesn’t take a huge backer for designers to bring their project to life. Kickstarter, a sitewhich allows artists to collect funding for their creative pursuits, has seen a steady influx of fashion-based projects from aspiring and established designers alike. In addition to designers getting their funding, consumers get to be a part of the creation process.
  14. 14. STREET SHOTS With the increasing popularity of The Sartorialist and Bill Cunningham, fashionfans are taking to the streets themselves, collecting snapshots and fans as they go. They don’t have to look good, they just have to find the people who do.
  15. 15. BUYING LOCAL Etsy & Big Cartel give independent designers easy ways to marketthemselves while selling their merchandise online. And consumers get the joy of buying directly from the designers they love.
  16. 16. TRANSMEDIA STORYTELLING It’s no longer just about the latest steal, instead consumers are looking for a story to go with their product. Of A Kind partners with designers, tells their story (& the story of the product being created) before allowing fans to buy the limited editionitems. Using Tumblr to host their site and store, Of A Kind has been able to build a robust community in a short period of time.
  17. 17. ECO-FRIENDLY FASHIONConsumers are looking for brands to lead the way in sustainable & eco-friendly actions.
  18. 18. STEALS & DEALS
  19. 19. TRANSUMERS // RENTALSWith fashion trends always changing, more and more consumersare choosing to be transumers: opting for subscription services where they can swap finds quickly & easily!
  20. 20. DIY/RECESSIONISTASBeyond the world of “How-To”s, fashionistas living through therecession have decided they can do it on their own. Say hello to the recessionistas!
  21. 21. FLASH SALE SITES With the rise of flash sale sites, it’s easier than ever forconsumers to score deals - even with luxe fashion goods!
  23. 23. WHAT TO WATCH