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Enterprise Data Architecture Deliverables


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Describes what Enterprise Data Architecture in a Software Development Organization should cover and does that by listing over 200 data architecture related deliverables an Enterprise Data Architect should remember to evangelize.

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Enterprise Data Architecture Deliverables

  1. 1. An Enterprise Data Architects thoughts on… Data Architecture Deliverables for Software Development Orgs …for proper risk managementLars E and opinions in this material are those of the author. Opinions may not represent those of any prior, current or future employer
  2. 2. Content• Presentation Goal• Data Architecture Influencers (Roles)• Data Architecture at 100 000 feet (Disciplines)• Data Architecture at 10 000 feet (Domains)• Data Architecture at Ground Level (Deliverables)• More information (Why, How, Templates)
  3. 3. Presentation Goal• This presentation lists over 200 data architecture related deliverables – Based on decades of work building large scale software – Consider to complete stated deliverables if you are in business of developing enterprise class-or-size software – If a deliverable is skipped the tentative risk and cost should be discussed with relevant stakeholders• The goal is to remind Enterprise Data Architects – What deliverables should be created, and for each state – What role the architect plays (delivers, approves, consumes)
  4. 4. Data Architecture Influencers (Roles) Message: Managing The Data Architecture is a collaborative effort “Mainly Defines and Governs” “Mainly Requests and Implements” General Manager Customer Council Bleeding Edge Customer Chief Technology Officer Product Portfolio Manager Architecture Review Board Product Steering Committee Product Manager Enterprise Applications Architect Product Architect Product Analyst Enterprise Data Architect Product Data Modeler Warehouse Architect Data Privacy Officer Product Data Librarian Science Data Architect Enterprise Software Architect IT Architect Database AdministratorAuditor Enterprise Security Architect IT Security ArchitectVendor Enterprise Business Architect Development Manager
  5. 5. Data Architecture at 100 000 Feet (Disciplines)1. Data Asset Discovery2. Data Strategy3. Data Governance4. Data Modeling5. Data Access6. Data Content Management7. Data Analysis8. Data Life Cycle Management9. Data Management Practice
  6. 6. Data Architecture at 10 000 feet (Domains)1. Data Asset Discovery 6. Data Content Management – Enterprise Modeling – Reference Data – Functional Modeling – Master Data – Data Store Inventory – Documents2. Data Strategy 7. Data Analysis – Roadmap – Technology – Meta Data3. Data Governance – Data Warehouse – Policies, Processes, QA – Business Intelligence – Standards – Analytics Modeling – Reviews 8. Data Life Cycle Management4. Data Modeling – Packaging – Enterprise Data Modeling – Deployment – Information Architecture Modeling – Operation – Information Analysis Modeling – Physical Data Modeling 9. Data Management Practice5. Data Access – Project Sponsorship – Data Security Standard – Professional Development – Product Security – Collaboration and Evangelism
  7. 7. Discipline 1: Data Asset Discovery• This discipline provides info that is crucial to define and ongoing refine the Data Architecture• Priority from a Data Architecture perspective. Full Role Names can be found on the role slide
  8. 8. Discipline 2: Data Strategy• The Enterprise Data Architect is heavily involved in defining roadmap, setting scope and follow-up on implementations as well as compile lists of data technologies used• Coordinating data related tool use cross the Enterprise may yield significant synergies• Consider these items even if you want to be “lightweight” on governance (next slide)
  9. 9. Discipline 3: Data Governance• Many other important Design Patterns exist – those mentioned only representative
  10. 10. Discipline 4: Data Model Management
  11. 11. Discipline 5: Data Access
  12. 12. Discipline 6: Data Content Management
  13. 13. Discipline 7: Data Analysis
  14. 14. Discipline 8: Data Life Cycle Management
  15. 15. Discipline 9: Data Management Practice
  16. 16. Proposed Next Step This presentation listed over 200 deliverables an Enterprise Data Architect should evangelize and is a light introduction to “frame the scope” to anyone thinking about Enterprise Data Architecture To successfully execute on each deliverable more information must be created (e.g. deliverable descriptions, why/benefits, contributing roles, exit/measure criteria, ready-to-use templates etc.)Feedback? Contact me through LinkedIn