11 Social Media Trends


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Social seems to be everywhere, everywhere besides in the enterprise. These 11 trends will show you what is happening to your enterprise in the upcoming years and how you can apply it to initiate cost reductions, increase innovation, increase customer satisfaction and enable top line growth.

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  • Some interesting observations here. Interesting, in a slightly scary way, to see a couple of comments about users sharing content without needing to think about it. I personally dont like the increasing number of apps on Facebook that can post on my behalf, by default.
    I've had some interesting discussions with colleagues - in a half serious / half joking way - about the increasing need 'to be on the grid'. If you live in a large urban area, bursting at the seems with technology, then your activity can be measured & tracked and have products, services, offers etc targeted directly to you - bringing into the wonderful world of technology where you can reap loads of benefits. But, if you are not in a large urban centre and therefore not 'on the grid' then you lose out. Your point 6 made me think about this again.
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  • Great deck
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  • Would the hotel room be sold for 0 Euros - privacy?
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  • Rick,

    great presentation. I am going to post it on my blog http://www.marketingxlerator.com. Can you elaborate more on the frictionless sharing concept?


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11 Social Media Trends

  1. Social Media TrendsLay-out inspired by Tableau
  2. Market DevelopmentsReturn-On-Intelligence
  3. 11 TrendsSocial seems to be everywhere, everywhere besides inthe enterprise. These 11 trends will show you what ishappening to your enterprise in the upcoming years andhow you can apply it to initiate cost reductions, increaseinnovation, increase customer satisfaction and enabletop line growth.What will the future bring?
  4. Social Data is the New OilConsumers not only share what they might think, but also what they actuallydo. It is the unique opportunity to link intent with actions. With the data onTwitter it is now proven to predict stock markets 3-5 days upfront, so why notuse it to predict your customers wants, needs and how they will behave andimprove your products and services pro-actively.
  5. Social DesignedSocial is not something to be added at the end on top, it is a design principlethat should be taken into account from the beginning of the design. If youstart designing your processes and applications as social by default you’ll seethat solutions are likely to become more flexible and connected. It will createmore value than in the traditional silo approach and it will help to connect thedots between people, processes and systems.
  6. Frictionless SharingHaving other people to share your content is a painful activity, especially sincea user has to make the decision if he wants to share the content. Everydecision moment is an opt-out opportunity. Frictionless sharing lets the usershare content without having to make the decision. The main challenge nowis: what is the meaningful interaction that creates enough value to be worthsharing.
  7. Hyper PersonalizationWith the growth of the social graph there is the opportunity to hyperpersonalize everything. It offers the right content for the right person on theright time on the right device in the right context. It personalizes withoutexplicitly asking input from the user, it is based on the input the user alreadyshared via other (social) channels. There is no single version of truth, it is yourversion of truth, for that specific moment, for that specific context on thatspecific device.
  8. Privacy as a CurrencyIf the product is free, then you are the product. And the more data youprovide, the easier it is to market you. The freemium model is supported nolonger by ads, but by you providing your data. This data can then be sold andused by other parties. This might be the year that the first hotel room is soldfor 0 Euros + privacy.
  9. Social DivideThe rise of social has a negative effect to those who are not participating orare not able to participate. Not participating can lead to being less connected,being less up to date and also less benefiting from any advantages created orgiven out on social media platforms. If you are not on Facebook, do you reallyexist?
  10. Enterprise Social NetworkingEighty percent of knowledge work is about collaboration and knowledgesharing, while the activity that is keep getting optimized is business processes(which is just seven percent of the work). Enterprise social networks enablesorganizations to reap the benefits and improve innovation, decrease costs andalso drive top line growth.
  11. The War for IdentityYour government gives you a passport, however who provides your onlinepassport? Facebook introduced Facebook Connect an easy way to login on sitesand applications via your Facebook ID. Google introduces Google+ and tried toenforce a real name strategy to make identification easier. Twitter is justworking at the sideline, making their @handles one of the default identifiersthat also allow anonymity.
  12. Business & IT in TherapyEmployees are struggling to get access to social media. For this the need is tocreate easy governance models with which can enable the Business. Howeveroften it seems like Business comes from Mars and IT from Venus. Aligning bothparties (for example via social media governance instead of total lockdown) isa first step.
  13. ConsolidationSocial media was a gold rush in the past five years. The next 3 years it will beabout consolidation. Consolidation will come from the ‘old’ and ‘traditional’players in for example the WCM market, though also from the new pure socialplayers that will acquire other pure social players. The market is mature assoon as a traditional player is bought by a pure player.
  14. Friending your vending machineRelations are not just between humans anymore, with the arrival of smartsensors, ubiquitous connectivity and social graphs it is easy to become friendswith your vending machine. Your vending machine will let you know when youare near him (or one of his friends) and ask you to drop by to get your favoritedrinks. Or your car will share his latest information with you online, via hisown portal. The connected world has become more connected.
  15. By Rick Mans Capgemini @rickmans rick.mans@capgemini.com dontmindrick.com