Influence is Influence: Social Media and the Role of Public Relations


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Influence is Influence: Social Media and the Role of Public Relations

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  • Tac: IntroSession titleRelevant Twitter link to Thinkers & Doers where the deck will be posted
  • Nathan
  • Nathan
  • Nathan
  • TA: Companies need to be an equal player in the conversation. Internal and external need to be aligned
  • TA: The steps in developing SISGathers insight and about your current position in the social sphereShows where constituents ‘live’ online and what conversations they care aboutInstructs how to develop processes for effective and efficient use of social mediaDiscovers content and messaging gaps onlineInforms solutions to solve comms problems via social media
  • TA: Different types of listening for different types of objectives. PR’s best step is to focus on influence.What are you listening for?CASE STUDY: @Microsoft – focus on influencersBroadMarketing drivenAutomated catch allUnanalyzed dataEvolution of media monitoring InfluentialPR DrivenFollows Top InfluencersTargeted ApproachEvolution of rapid response CRMCustomer Care DrivenFollows Breaks in the brand1 to 1 interactionEvolution of the call center
  • NM How are you going to engage? What are the resources you can commit. What do you have to sayCASE STUDY: @Microsoft – focus on influencersBroadContent distribution engineStarts conversation with targeted audiencesMkting tool to link contentInternal or external InfluentialInfluence engineJoins conversations with influentialsComms tool to link to influentials contentBuilds influencer relationships CRMRep management engineCreates conversations with individualsCustomer care tool to solve product probsBuilds brand and create evangelists
  • TA: Redefine who the Influencers are. Harness the power of your internal influencersCASE STUDY: @Bing - Deep Love
  • Nathan
  • TA: The tools and processes to create and manage the needed contentCASE STUDY: Microsoft Retail
  • TA: The tools and processes to create and manage the needed contentCASE STUDY: Microsoft Retail
  • Nathan
  • Nathan: The tools and processes to create and manage the needed contentCASE STUDY: Microsoft Retail
  • Influence is Influence: Social Media and the Role of Public Relations

    1. 1. Influence is Influence<br />Social Media and the role of public relations<br />@nathanmisner<br />@tacanderson<br /><br />
    2. 2. WE Studio D : Who WE Are<br />105 digital strategists, developers, designers, writers, analysts, search & social media specialists and video producers in the U.S., Asia and Europe.<br />
    3. 3. WE Studio D Capabilities<br /><ul><li>Digital Storytelling/Video Production
    4. 4. Creative/Interactive Packaging & Design
    5. 5. Interactive Graphics/ Animation
    6. 6. Content Management & Distribution
    7. 7. Interactive Press Releases
    8. 8. Virtual Press Rooms
    9. 9. “Go Direct” Audience Engagement
    10. 10. Online Mainstream Media Podcasts
    11. 11. Multimedia Experiences
    12. 12. Virtual Events & Micro-sites
    13. 13. Online Media Programs
    14. 14. Brand Building & Consulting
    15. 15. Social Networking Strategies & Placement
    16. 16. Online Community Building
    17. 17. Blogging – Corporate, Employee, Episodic
    18. 18. Gadgets/Widgets Development (Blog & Twitter Aggregators)
    19. 19. Search Campaigns
    20. 20. Online Reputation/Digital Footprint Analysis
    21. 21. Event/Engagement Monitoring, Measurement and Reporting
    22. 22. Digital Influencer/Conversation Measurement
    23. 23. Digital Footprint Report
    24. 24. Hosted Content Traffic Reporting
    25. 25. Social Media Traffic Reporting/Social Media Analytics</li></li></ul><li>DIGITAL STORYTELLING<br />SEARCH<br />SOCIAL<br />EXPERIENCE<br />News<br />Search<br />Information <br />Need or Desire<br />Stakeholder<br />Action<br />Perception Shift<br />……but it all really comes down to<br />MEASUREMENT<br />
    26. 26. [The Storytelling Spectrum]<br />5<br />THE MESSAGE<br />STORYTELLING VIA THIRD PARTIES: Our message relies on someone else to tell the story.<br />DIRECT STORYTELLING: Our message is the story. We own the dialogue.<br />CONVERSATION<br />Social Networks<br />Own Web Sites<br />INFLUENCE<br />Personal Blogs<br />Broadcast<br />YOUR BRAND<br />YOUR BRAND<br />TARGET AUDIENCE<br />Video Sharing<br />Print<br />THESTORY<br />Top-Tier Blog<br />Top-Tier Web Site<br />INDIRECT<br />DIRECT<br />
    27. 27. Companies and Conversation<br />Are you on an equal playing field? <br />Media<br />InternalComms<br />ExternalComms<br />Customers<br />
    28. 28. Social Math<br />Developing a Social Influence System<br />Usage Plug Ins<br />NewProcesses<br />Channels<br />Foundation Analysis<br />Business Goals<br />_______<br />+<br />=<br />+<br />Content<br />Existing Processes<br />Execution/Management<br />
    29. 29. [Active] Listening<br />One size does not fit all<br />
    30. 30. The Rules of Engagement<br />What are you prepared to commit to?<br />
    31. 31. Employees<br />Influencers<br />Who Are Your Rockstars?<br />
    32. 32. Moments of Influence<br />An Audience Based Model for Optimizing Communications<br />Explores and identifies the most important communications channels that influence the purchase decision-making process in the gaming community<br />Purchase<br />Awareness <br />Evaluation<br />Word of Mouth<br />37%<br />Word of Mouth<br />33%<br />Word of Mouth<br />26%<br />Retail<br />23%<br />Retail<br />32%<br />Ads/Promos<br />17%<br />Demos<br />16%<br />Reviews<br />28%<br />Retail<br />15%<br />Reviews<br />15%<br />Ads/Promos<br />25%<br />News Outlets<br />9%<br />Ads/Promos<br />11%<br />Online/Mobile<br />23%<br />Demos<br />8%<br />
    33. 33. Content Strategy<br />The Nuts & Bolts<br />Real Time<br />Work Flow<br />Internal Tools<br />CMS<br />Social Content<br />Yammer<br />Blogs<br />Twitter<br />Listen<br />Publish<br />Facebook<br />Blogs<br />Facebook<br />Respond<br />Aggregate<br />Customers & Influentials<br />Employees <br />Wiki<br />YouTube<br />Lifestreams<br />Process<br />Measure<br />SharePoint<br />Tools<br />NewsRoom<br />SocialNetworks<br />
    34. 34. Return on Influence<br />Measurement is critical for learning and accountability<br /><ul><li>What are your KPI’s?
    35. 35. Its OK (REALLY!) to experiment
    36. 36. Establish a baseline. Measure the change.
    37. 37. What worked? What didn’t? Why?
    38. 38. Ambient Influence is gonna get ya! Are you ready to be flexible?</li></li></ul><li>Twendz Pro<br />Also: <br /><ul><li>Top Hash Tags
    39. 39. Most ReTweeted
    40. 40. Top Links</li></li></ul><li>The Checklist<br /><ul><li>Where are you today?
    41. 41. What are your goals/needs?
    42. 42. Why are you listening?
    43. 43. How will you engage?
    44. 44. Who are your new influencers?
    45. 45. What does success mean?</li></li></ul><li>Questions<br />The End<br />