'Every Child' - Campaign


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'Every Child' - Campaign

  1. 1. Every Child Campaign
  2. 2. Main Message OF The CampaignThis campaign is an international charitable organisation in helping tostop child abuse in many countries. The main message of this campaignis to protect children who have been a victim of physical or mental childabuse. 24 million children grow up without parental care, their survivaloften threatened by greater risk of malnutrition violence andexploitation. This campaign reduces all these things from happening asthey work with local partners and they keep children save when theyare alone and at risk. ‘Every Child’ protect children in gander of endingup on their own by keeping families together, this campaign helps manychildren from all over the world as they are strongly against child abuseas it is cruel.
  3. 3. Target Audience Of The CampaignThe target audience of this campaign are anyone who are 18 and overas they are able to help donate money to ‘Every Child’ campaign.However they mainly aim at people who are quiet wealthy andwouldn’t mind helping to donate for a good cause, also they aim atparents with children as they know that other parent are also againstchild abuse and would want to help out by donating money. They alsoclaim “every £1 you give us, we get an extra 28p from HM Revenue &Customs”, this suggests that while people help this campaign, they alsoget paid by the HM Revenue & Customs.
  4. 4. Strategy Of This Campaign And Methods Used to Reach Their Target audienceOne of the strategy’s this campaign has been planning to do is to run aLondon Marathon in 2012 and the method for this is to advertise onbroadcast, T.V, posters and their won official website and also to raisemoney for this charity campaign which helps many children fromgetting abused. They ran this Marathon under 5 hours and they had 12runner who were representing this charity.
  5. 5. Success Of Campaign In Achieving It’s Aim• ‘Every Child’ welcomes the news that the Child Care, Protection and Justice Bill has been passed into law by the Malawian Government. 7 million children who make up to half of the population in Malawi. This case taken the campaign number of years to be made law and during this ‘Every Child’ has been contributed to ensure that the Law act would be protect and uphold the best interest of the children.• On 30th aguest ‘Every Child’ in India and Arunthathiyar Huamn Rights Forum (AHRF) organised a state level consultation on the status of Arunthathiyar children in Tamil Nadu. The consultation highlighted the abuse and discrimination suffered by children of the Arunthathiyar community and in turn attracted widespread media coverage. The consultation followed ‘Every Child’ research that showed that 40% of Arunthathiyar children aged 11-14 are reported that they were abused and discriminated at school because of their caste. Children were questioned and 91% of Arunthathiyar children had been made to clean school bathrooms and toilets. More than 22% have been made to do housework for their teachers whilst 34% disclosed they had been sexually harassed whilst at school. Most telling, nearly 80% of the children questioned had dropped out of school
  6. 6. Techniques of this campaign - Website Showing their other People can sites donate online. News on the Facts campaign Image of a childAbove is a print-screen of the campaign’s website, this is one of themain techniques this campaign has used to reach it’s target audienceand make many people aware of this cause. From making a website it isvery easy to make many people aware of this campaign