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Plan Ireland- Child Participation projects


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See Plans projects in Action

Published in: Education
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Plan Ireland- Child Participation projects

  1. 1. Identifying challenges: Children in Ecuador visit a bridge they identified as a safety concern during a community discussion and mapping session. Child participation See Plan’s projects in action
  2. 2. Survey says: A girl in India surveys a woman as part of a social equity audit, learning the importance of fair distribution of relief assistance, transparency and accountability.
  3. 3. Youth politics: A Honduran Youth Representative signs the Municipal Policy Statement on Youth presented to the Mayor and incorporated into the municipality's strategic plan.
  4. 4. Community mapping: In Guinea Bissau, West Africa, children map and identify the strengths of their community, and its most pressing issues.
  5. 5. Know your rights: In Guatemala, children attend a meeting to learn about their rights.
  6. 6. Rebuilding: After the immediate crisis of Haiti’s earthquake had passed, Plan invited 1,000 children to participate in a post-disaster needs analysis to help shape the future of their country.
  7. 7. Building self-esteem: Children at a camp in Honduras play games to learn about self-esteem and self-protection.
  8. 8. Making it count: A Guatemalan boy votes for Youth Committee members who participate in government at the municipal level.
  9. 9. Youth journalism: 16-year-old Marius, a Plan-supported youth journalist, is interviewed by a television news program at the UN Conference on Climate Change .
  10. 10. Representing youth: This youth group from a rural area in Colombia participated in a political campaign and won a seat on the Youth City Council.
  11. 11. Picturing awareness: Children in India use cartoons in the local market to raise awareness on issues affecting them.
  12. 12. Rights out loud: A Peruvian girl records a children's radio program where children talk openly about their rights, express their views, and conduct interviews.
  13. 13. Filming for change: Members of a children's media club make use of their production skills to make a documentary about water issues in their community.
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