Over the edge - notes


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Over the edge - notes

  1. 1. Over The Edge NotesWhat was the atmosphere like? The atmosphere was really memorable. The audience that was watching the dance performance loved it because of the expression on their faces. There was an atmosphere of excitement because every time when a dance was finished people applauded them to show that it was a fantastic dance performance. The atmosphere was that surround the dancers was really crazy and massive.Was it enjoyable to watch? It was really so enjoyable to watch, just cannot explain how inspiring the dance was. The dance was so entertaining that I wished it never ended, the reason it was so entertaining is because the dancers had so much energy in themselves that lasted throughout the performanceWhat was my favourite moment? The part that I enjoy the most was when the four dancers came on stage and did this amazing performance. The reason I really enjoyed it because
  2. 2. the dancers were dancing to the rhythm of the music and it went well together. They were dressed in a very unique way which made them standout. Their costumes were a mixture of two different style of clothing; a military sort of clothing and black hoodies with black stylish jeans. The two different types of clothes were a really good combination. The lighting was so incredible it went really well with the dance, the timing of the lights, different colours of lights they all worked well together.Most exciting parts? The most exciting part was that everything on stage was real; everything that was seen by the audience was real. I thought that it wasn’t possible to come up with such an amazing dance also with a strong message but it was possible because it was witnessed by me and other people that came to watch the performance.Would I recommend it to a friend? I would definitely recommend it to a friend because the experience of watching ‘over the edge’ performance was incredible, it was a live performance that communicated really well with their audience so that’s the main reason why I would really want someone else to have the experience as I did.
  3. 3. How did it feel to watch the performance? Watching the performance made me feel like getting up from my seat dancing with the dancers, but unfortunately that wasn’t possible. The dance lasted for a very long time and I still did felt that it lasted only for a minute because I was so attached to the performance that I never felt it was boring. Such an amazing dance it me feel so speechlessWhat was the customs like? The costumes were different colours and different styles based on the character they were playing but in form of a dance. One of the costumes that I really liked was when they all dressed the same to represent everyone is the equal.Is there any room for improvements? I think that they really needed to improve on the last dance. I think this because the last dance wasn’t really relevant, this is because it had no message, the dancers were all over the place, and it was really hard to understand what was going on. By improving their dance they should have a clear message so her audience understands what the dance is about and why
  4. 4. they are performing it. To make it even better, for their last dance they should have had a really amazing dance that would make their audience come back and watch it again.Overall what did I think of the performance? Overall I think it was a really fantastic performance, they used lights to create a catwalk also the lights created this piano which was so unbelievable. So I think that it was an amazing performance and would love to watch it again.