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Scopia V5.7 Solution Scopia V5.7 Solution Presentation Transcript

  • SCOPIA V5.7 The Core of Video Enabled Unified Communications RADVISION 11/21/08
    • The New Communications Environment
    • SCOPIA at the Core of Video Enabled UC
    • Feature Highlights
    • SCOPIA V5.7 Enhancements
    • Our Competitive Edge
  • The Global Market
    • Outsourcing
    • Tele-working
    • Global customers and suppliers
    • Green initiatives
    • Drives a need for a new way to communicate
    View slide
  • Today’s Changing Work Environment
    • Informal and Spontaneous Communications
      • 92% of interactions are informal
      • 52% of interactions are unintended
    • Collaborative Teams Becoming More Widespread
      • 7 out of 10 people work virtually
      • 1 out of every 3 managers are in a different location than at least some members of their team
      • Close to a hundred million U.S. workers are expected to telework by 2010
    • Workers get 50%-70% of their information from other people, but now work with more people in more locations
    Sources: Gartner, R.E. Kraut, R.S. Fish, R. W. Root and B.L. Chalfonte: Informal Communication in organizations, S. Whittaker, D.Frohlich, and O.Dany-Jones: Informal workplace communication, Frost and Sullivan View slide
  • Productivity Barriers in a Global Economy
    • Time it Takes to Build Trust in the Electronic Communication World
    Electronic Collaboration Will Drive 30 to 50% of Next Decade’s Productivity Time it Takes to Communicate a Message Electronically vs. Face-to-face Sources: Cisco Pearn Kandola-The Psychology of Effective Business Communications in Geographically Dispersed Teams 2006 4 Times Longer 2 Weeks
  • The Importance of Visual Interaction A Person Remembers…
    • Importance of Visual Traffic
      • 30% of brain’s cortex devoted to vision, 3% for hearing
      • More than 60% of communication is non-verbal
    Sources: Cisco, Human Productivity Lab 2006, Pearn Kandola: The Psychology of Effective Business Communications in Geographically Dispersed Teams 2006 30% of What They See 70% of What They See and Hear 20% of What They Hear
  • A New Generation of Empowered Users “ The next generation of information workers will expect a highly visual, connected, contextual information workplace they can take anywhere.” - Forrester
  • From Silos to Unified Communications Device Focused Network Focused Application Focused
    • Traditional
    • Separate Voice Video and Data solutions
    Siloed Integrated Unified
    • Converged Networks
    • IP everywhere allows more integrated A/V/D applications
    • Voice is adding data, web is adding video, video is adding data
    • Unified Communications
    • Collaboration becomes an integral part of enterprise applications.
    • Start collaboration right from Office, Notes or CRM applications
    • Use audio, video or data as needed
  • Market Drivers for Unified Communications
    • IP Telephony Vendors
      • They own the enterprise voice communication system.
      • Want to expand IP Voice into IP video & desktop collaboration
    • Enterprise Software Vendors
      • They own the enterprise desktop applications
      • Collaboration sessions begin with IM that can then include voice & video
  • RADVISION Powers Unified Communications
    • RADVISION’s award winning video infrastructure products and solutions provide advanced video capabilities powering and interconnecting voice, video and data communications across all platforms, devices and networks.
    • The New Communications Environment
    • SCOPIA at the Core of Video Enabled UC
    • Feature Highlights
    • SCOPIA V5.7 Enhancements
    • Our Competitive Edge
  • SCOPIA at the Core of Video Enabled Unified Communications
    • SCOPIA® MCU - Powerful Hardware for Transcoding Mixed Environments
    • SCOPIA Desktop - Client Server Software Architecture for Remote Connectivity and Desktop Scale
    • iVIEW - Architected for Large, Distributed Deployments
    • Integrated & Interoperable Unified Communications Solution
      • IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent, Avistar, Aethra, LifeSize
    • High Quality Including HD at the Desktop
  • Corporate HQ Branch Office Broadband Connection Tele/Mobile Worker Service Providers PSTN 3G Network IP Network / WAN Telepresence iVIEW/NMS/ECS SCOPIA Desktop Server SCOPIA MCU HD Room System IP Phone Firewall PathFinder 3G Gateway ISDN Gateway SCOPIA MCU/IVP Application Server PC Operator Firewall HD/SD Room System SCOPIA Desktop Clients 3G Participants Audio Participants SCOPIA Desktop Clients SCOPIA Desktop Clients SCOPIA MCU Cell Phone Participants
  • RADVISION’s Unified Communications Platform Application Layer Mobile Applications Video Enabled Applications Desktop MSFT, IBM, Cisco, RVSN Room Video Conferencing SW Management Recording Playback Streaming Server SCOPIA Desktop Scheduling Management Control HW Infrastructure Firewall Traversal 3G GW SCOPIA MCUs A complete conferencing platform providing advanced functions to existing and emerging Unified Communications environments Serial GW ISDN GW RADVISION Gatekeeper
    • The New Communications Environment
    • SCOPIA at the Core of Video Enabled UC
    • Feature Highlights
    • SCOPIA V5.7 Enhancements
    • Our Competitive Edge
  • The Video Experience Desktop users viewing HD & sending from standard USB webcam Legacy standard definition room systems Room systems displaying HD images at 720p H.264 30fps
  • Auto Attendant for Conference Entry & Creation
    • Connect to MCU by IP Dialing or E.164 Number
    • Use Leading Number for IVR connection to a conference
  • Auto Attendant for Distributed System
  • Unified Communications Client Integration Integration w/IBM Lotus Sametime Integration w/Microsoft OCS 2007
  • Microsoft Outlook / IBM Lotus Notes Scheduling
  • Microsoft & IBM Directory Support
    • Microsoft AD integration
    • IBM Lotus Domino integration
    • Support multiple domains and LDAP servers
    • LDAP search base tree
  • SCOPIA Desktop
    • Extends conferencing and collaboration beyond conference room
    • Freely distributable web client provides conference capabilities to anyone, anywhere
      • No licensing or registration
    • Firewall traversal with zero configuration
    • Simple conference scheduling and entry
    • Interoperability
      • Room Systems - Audio, Video & H.239 Data
      • Telephony, 3G, Telepresence, UC
    • High Definition (HD)
    • Interactive & streaming, recording & archiving
  • SCOPIA Desktop with High Definition 720p 16:9 Aspect Ratio
  • Simple to Use Video and Data Modes
  • Collaboration with Annotation (Now H.264 HD)
  • Collaboration with Annotation (H.264 HD) Room System Interoperable
  • Moderated Meetings
    • When muted by moderator users may ‘ raise hand ’ to request to speak
    • Moderator sees request on participant roster
    • … and grants permission. Hand goes down automatically
  • Waiting Room “ Please wait until the conference organizer joins the conference ”
  • Recording and Content Management 666204
  • Recording and Content Management 666204
  • Simple & Fast Installation
    • Fast installer – 2 to 10 seconds after download
    • No Admin privileges required
      • Collaboration Driver - exception
    • Modular w/optional components installed separately
      • Outlook Scheduling
      • Collaboration Driver
      • Notes Scheduling - installed by directory push
  • Integrated Streaming (Webcasting)
    • Extends reach
    • Unicast & Multicast
    • Unlimited scale
    • PC or Mac
    • Dual video streams of participants & data
    Active Participants Presentation/ Data
  • Customization Capabilities
    • Custom Panel
    • Appears in all layouts in most appropriate position (movable by user)
    • Adds web-based content to UI
    • “ Mini” audio & video only client available
  • iVIEW for Large Scale Distributed Deployments
    • Manages distributed deployment
    • One conference ID for a meeting regardless of:
      • Device
      • Location
      • Network topology
    • Automatically routes & connects all devices & participants together
    ECS GK iVIEW Management SD in UK SCOPIA in UK SD in US SCOPIA in US SD in China SCOPIA in China 686272 686272 686272 686272 686272 686272 Network
    • The New Communications Environment
    • SCOPIA at the Core of Video Enabled UC
    • Feature Highlights
    • SCOPIA V5.7 Enhancements
    • Our Competitive Edge
  • SCOPIA V5.7 Enhancements Focused on SCOPIA Desktop
    • Improved Performance
      • Higher quality audio
      • HD video encode (720p send)
      • H.264 HD H.239 content
    • Ease of Use Enhancements
      • Faster connection time
      • Automatic layouts
      • Built-in directory & more
    • IBM Lotus Sametime Web Conferencing Integration
  • SCOPIA V5.7 Enhancements Enhanced Audio and Video
    • New video subsystem
      • Desktop optimized H.263, H.263+, H.264 codec
      • HD 720p (15 fps) send with standard USB webcam
      • HD 720p (30 fps) receive
      • Lower noise reduces filtering = better quality
      • Lower latency on capture
      • Color/clarity improvements
      • Highly optimized for Intel
      • Multi-core/multi-processor
    • New audio subsystem
      • Improved echo cancellation
      • Improved resiliency for network errors (up to 30% packet loss)
      • Improved background noise cancellation
      • Latency dramatically improved (reduced ≈ 250ms)
      • Better detection of active audio devices
  • SCOPIA V5.7 Enhancements Enhanced Presentations (Now H.264 HD)
    • H.264 for H.239 content
      • Better bandwidth utilization – improved image quality, lower delay
      • Capture / share 720p - higher quality compared to H.263+ XGA
    • Benefits all SCOPIA Desktop clients and selected room systems supporting H.264 content
  • SCOPIA V5.7 Enhancements Room System Directory
    • Directory available in client invite dialog for easy dialing to room systems
  • SCOPIA V5.7 Enhancements IBM Sametime Web Conferencing Integration
  • SCOPIA V5.7 Enhancements Additional New Features
    • Multicast Streaming
      • Unicast & multicast simultaneously
    • Video Mute for moderator
    • Recording playback shows date & time meeting was recorded
    • Check audio/video from home page
    • Automatic video layouts – Size and layout of videos auto adjusts
    • The New Communications Environment
    • SCOPIA at the Core of Video Enabled UC
    • Feature Highlights
    • SCOPIA V5.7 Enhancements
    • Our Competitive Edge
  • RADVISION UC Competitive Edge It’s Not Just About the MCU! Tandberg/Codian Polycom RADVISION Feature    Integrated Web-based Desktop    Freely Distributable Client    Integrated Firewall Traversal    Integrated Streaming    Integrated Recording    Distributed Architecture    Alcatel-Lucent UC Solution    IBM UC Solution    Cisco UC Solution    Microsoft UC Solution    Video Conferencing MCU
  • Recording & Content Management Competition Tandberg/Codian Polycom SCOPIA Feature Hardware appliance Hardware appliance Software Form Factor Up to 10 2 Up to 10 Concurrent Recordings  Can use external disk  Can only archive externally  Uses standard storage Unlimited Disk space  Limited by model  Limited by model  Only limited by server capacity Unlimited Playback  /   /   /  AD/Domino Enterprise Directory Integration  /   /   /  Playback to Computer/Room System   Recording integrated into desktop client Playback integrated into web portal Integrated Recording & Playback
  • Thank You!