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Radvision SCOPIA Desktop sales presentation by Face to Face Live


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An overview of SCOPIA Desktop by Radvision. Contact Face to Face Live for more infomation about Radvision Video Conferencing.

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Radvision SCOPIA Desktop sales presentation by Face to Face Live

  1. 1. SCOPIA DesktopSales PresentationFace to Face
  2. 2. AgendaThe Video Communications ChallengeIntroducing SCOPIA DesktopUser Experience GalleryFeature Highlights 11/27/2012 2
  3. 3. The Video Communications ChallengeSCOPIA Desktop 11/27/2012 3
  4. 4. The Video Communications ChallengeEasily extend your users’ room video conferencingapplications to desktop and remote usersfor voice, video, and data communications
  5. 5. Go Beyond Video Conferencing Boundaries Video conferencing has been mainly confined to conference rooms Managers and executives want ways to make communications from thesesolutions more efficient, easier to use, and broader in reach Extending conferencing and collaboration beyond the boardroom is important for many enterprise deployments
  6. 6. Extending Video Beyond the Boardroom Include teleworkers in meetings Participate in video conferences from the road Collaborate with partners and suppliers Share presentations between PCs and room systems Seamlessly connect through firewalls Without complex licensing fees or installation issues
  7. 7. Existing Solutions for Enterprise Conferencing Use the phone No video Data collaboration optional but not integrated to H.239 Use existing software endpoints No solution for random partner connection Complex install and maintenance Firewall issues Limited collaboration tools
  8. 8. Introducing SCOPIA DesktopSCOPIA Desktop 11/27/2012 8
  9. 9. SCOPIA Desktop - Top Messages Create Conference Rooms Without Walls Connect from anywhere, create a virtual conference room and invite users or room systems. The network is not in your way with Transparent Firewall Traversal and Extreme Network Tolerance with H.264 SVC (Scalable Video Coding). HD Everywhere Bring your room system experience with you, wherever you go, to whatever desktop you use. High Definition video and presentations on a standard PC with a webcam. Never Miss a Meeting Any participant can record a meeting and view recorded meetings on a desktop or device when not connected. Now you can even bring your meetings with you on the plane! Works the Way You Work Integrated with Microsoft ® Office ® or IBM ® Lotus ® Sametime ® on your desktop. Utilize your existing Microsoft Active Directory ® or Lotus Domino ® infrastructure. One on One or as a Group Optimized for one on one meetings with its presence based calling and invitations. Bring more people to the meeting with seamless escalation to multi-party conferences.
  10. 10. Introducing SCOPIA Desktop Any PC or Mac Any web browser Any webcam High Definition video and presentation Built in FW traversal No admin rights Flexible Licensing
  11. 11. So much more than an “endpoint” Participant list Raise Hand Lecture Mode Moderation controls Change layouts Drag and Drop Chat Webcast Recording and Playback
  12. 12. Don‟t you sometimes wish you could….Catch up and see the Go back a few slides slides you missed? without interrupting the presenter? - H.239 Interoperable - Review Previous Materials - No Interruptions - Individual Control
  13. 13. Client with state-of-the-art audio and HD video Video Subsystem Audio Subsystem Desktop optimized H.263, State of the art echo cancellation H.263+, H.264 codec Improved resiliency for network HD 720p send and receive with errors (up to 30% packet loss) standard USB webcam Background noise cancellation Highly optimized for Intel Multi-core/multi-processor
  14. 14. Highest Quality Experience Today‟s Codecs RADVISION SVC v 5%Network Packet LossRADVISION Scalable Video Coding (SVC) Maintains Quality even over Lossy Networks Fully Interoperable with Existing Deployments Now You Can Have High Quality Video over the Internet 14
  15. 15. NetSenseIntelligent Bandwidth ManagementNetSense adapts the bandwidth before packet losses occur on the network 768 640 Bandwidth (Kbps) 512 384 Available bandwidth NetSense estimation 256 128 0 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 Time (seconds) RADVISION Confidential – NDA Required 11/27/2012
  16. 16. Desk to desk presence based conferencing XMPP Contact ListBasic presence Online, Offline, Busy or AwaySIP point-to-point up to 720p (video and data)Transparent firewall traversal (STUN & TURN)Seamless escalation to multi-party callsInvite users or rooms from favorites, directoryor by number
  17. 17. Flexible Layouts
  18. 18. User ExperienceSCOPIA Desktop 11/27/2012 18
  19. 19. Call another SCOPIA Desktop User
  20. 20. Schedule the Meeting from Outlook or Notes Link for PC usersDial-in for H.323 room system Dial-in for PSTN phones
  21. 21. Interoperability
  22. 22. Extend Reach with Webcasting Up to 6000 unicast viewers Unlimited viewers with multicast streaming
  23. 23. SCOPIA Desktop Main Benefits Simple and familiar extension to room conferencing Increased ROI of existing conferencing solutions More use of existing room systems Evolution rather than revolution No need to change the PBX or enterprise servers Allows conferencing beyond traditional enterprise boundaries
  24. 24. Feature HighlightSCOPIA Desktop 11/27/2012 24
  25. 25. High Quality – With HD on the Desktop
  26. 26. The Power of Connectivity SD 3G Room System VoIPVoIP SIP PBX Telepresence VoIP
  27. 27. Collaboration with Annotation (H.264 HD)Room System Interoperable
  28. 28. Moderated Meetings & Waiting Room When muted by moderator users may „raise hand‟ to request to speak Moderator sees request on participant roster … and grants permission. Hand goes down automatically “Please wait until the conference organizer joins the conference”
  29. 29. Microsoft & IBM Directory Support Microsoft AD integration IBM Lotus Domino integration Support multiple domains and LDAP servers LDAP search base tree
  30. 30. Recording and Content Management 666204
  31. 31. Recording and Content Management 666204
  32. 32. Recording Administration Control Allow recording Any meeting Only moderated meetings iVIEW Policies further limit recording privileges Specify specific users who can record Specify Virtual Rooms to automatically record Specify scheduled meetings to automatically record Enables meetings without SCOPIA Desktop to be recorded
  33. 33. Simple & Fast Installation Fast installer – 2 to 10 seconds after download No Admin privileges required Modular w/optional components installed separately Outlook Scheduling Collaboration Driver Notes Scheduling - installed by directory push
  34. 34. Customization Capabilities Custom Panel Appears in all layouts in most appropriate position (movable by user) Adds web-based content to UI “Mini” audio & video only client available
  35. 35. High Scalability for Single Server Deployments Interactive Clients 250 on Quad system Streaming Clients 600 on separate streaming server Recording 10 simultaneous recordings on separate server
  36. 36. iVIEW for Large Scale Distributed Deployments Manages distributed deployment One conference ID for a meeting regardless of: Device Location Network topology Automatically routes & connects iVIEW Management all devices & participants together Network ECS GK SCOPIA in China SCOPIA in US SCOPIA in UK SD in UK SD in China SD in US 686272 686272 686272 686272 686272 686272
  37. 37. Thank YouFace to Face Live480.348.3400 11/27/2012 37