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Smart data comes from smart people. About SvD:s Interest rate map and crowdsourcing journalism. A presentation for the #smartDEN conference in London October 15 2013.

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SvD #smartden-oktober-2013

  1. 1. SMART DATA COMES FROM SMART PEOPLE Ola Henriksson, 2013-10-15
  2. 2. Agenda – #smartDEN Autumn 2013 •  •  •  •  Inside the newsroom Data from outside the newsroom Key findings What’s next? OLA HENRIKSSON editorial project manager Twitter: @oholah
  3. 3. Svenska Dagbladet in brief •  Established 1884 •  News on the net since 1995 •  Part of Schibsted Media Group (since 1998) •  Reach: –  –  –  – 1,5M uv/w 0,6M uv/w newspaper reach: 403 000 daily daily circulation 174 400 (subscribed, home delivery) •  Richly awarded: –  2010: Swedish Newspaper of the Year –  2011: Swedish Digital Media of the Year –  2012: Swedish Grand Prize for Journalism, Innovation of the year (The Interest Rate Map)
  4. 4. Schibsted: From print to digital Online Classifieds Media Houses Online Growth Media We aim to be the global number 1 in Online Classifieds. Seizing the digital growth opportunity in core markets. Quality journalism and digital platforms allow us to reach more readers than ever before in our history.
  5. 5. Smart people inside the newsroom •  Old tools not enough –  but specialists knowledge extremely important •  Get used to big data sets –  don´t be afraid of advanced Excel –  master open source tools (Google Drive, Twitter, Storify, Google Fusion Tables, Tableau, Google Maps API etc) •  Digital Academy –  starts with internal review –  two levels offered
  6. 6. Data from outside the newsroom Showcase: The Interest Rate Map ”Do you pay more for your home loan than your neighbour?”
  7. 7. How to disclose hidden secrets? Start April 1st. A modest appeal to readers to fill out a Google form with their rates. Fantastic response! 10 000 entries in the first week. Hectic race to get the geotagging in place.
  8. 8. Massive coverage in SvD... …both in the paper and online. Traffic record the week before Easter!
  9. 9. Strong reactions from the authorities …and head of central bank Ingves The map was praised by the Minister of finance Anders Borg and his colleagues It was mentioned during the presentation of a big report by Swedish SEC ”Finansinspektionen”.
  10. 10. Some figures •  45 000 entries •  ca 600 new each month •  new functions added •  other newsroom copied the concept •  became a platform for other SvD-projects •  received five Swedish media awards
  11. 11. Findings that makes us smarter •  •  •  •  •  •  Without relation no interaction What´s in it for me? Don´t make isolated islands Engage your readers - always part of the agenda People are people Fail fast – scale fast Torsdag 6 december 2012 Sedan 1884 Pris mån–tor 20 kr fre–sön 30 kr o GÖRAN ERIKSSON Både Reinfeldt och Löfven måste knäcka SD-koden M ANALYS, Nyheter sid 18–19 Många fick vänta länge, ofta förgäves, på bussar och tåg när snön vräkte ner över Stockholm i går. FOTO: KARIN GRIP Pendlarkaos PROBLEMEN FORTSÄTTER Snöovädret slog till med full kraft mot Sverige i går. I östra Götaland och Svealand med upp till tre decimeter snö. Stockholmsområdet drabbades hårt. Bussar och pendeltåg stod still, nästan allt flyg på Arlanda ställdes in. Flera skolor stängdes och eleverna skickades hem. Både SL eller SJ uppger att problemen med inställda och försenade avgångar fortsätter i dag. Nyheter sid 6–13 FÖRSENAD I DAG? Mitt i snökaoset har SvD premiär för ditt nya digitala verktyg: Väntekartan. Tillsammans med er läsare granskar vi kollektivtrafiken. Rapportera in din försening direkt: 5 SPORT Zlatan krisande PSG:s enda hopp SvD i Paris, sid 34–35
  12. 12. What’s next? •  Implicit conversation – contribute without knowing it –  traffic info –  web visitor info •  Enablers –  mobile revolution –  small size devices (gps, camcorder) –  big data
  13. 13. Tack! (Thank You)