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Partner Update February 2012


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Slides from the NewcastleGateshead Initiative Partner Update February 2012

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Partner Update February 2012

  1. 1. Welcome and IntroductionSarah Stewart, Chief Executive09 February 2012
  2. 2. Improving intelligence for allIan Thomas, Research Manager
  3. 3. NewcastleGateshead in numbers• 1.6 million• 16.2 million • 1.5 million• £1.2 billion • 2.45 million• 17,981 • £277 million• 86%• £53.37 • 6332 people• 2.1 million visitors • 600,000 passengers• 149,000
  5. 5. T-STATS - better data!• As of 1 February moved to new data collection tool: T-Stats.• Holistic approach to measuring performance of the destination.• Immediate benchmarking for participating businesses.• Ability to understand true impact of events.• Co-designed by businesses.• Available free to partners.
  6. 6. Benefits to you• Ability to benchmark your business.• Understand what is influencing performance.• Historic data repository.• Instant access to data.• 100% secure.• Exportable for use in business reports.See you at the bar!
  7. 7. London 2012 Games in the North EastEmily Till, Marketing for the London 2012 Games
  8. 8. It’s not all about London... or even sport• Torch Relay. Football:• Football at St. James’ Park. Newcastle is one of only nine places outside London that• Business opportunities. you can see Olympic sport.• Get Set. Torch:• Cultural Olympiad. The Torch is visiting every• Inspire Mark. local authority in the region.
  9. 9. Business• Over £100m worth of contracts.• Aquatics Centre = Geordie-est.• They think it’s all over…• CompeteFor.• Team Tomorrow.
  10. 10. Torch Relay• Visiting 62 cities, towns, villages.• Street route not published yet.• Go and cheer it on.• Be prepared for it passing by.•
  11. 11. Newcastle ambassadors• Newcastle City Council and Newcastle Volunteer Centre.• Looking for people who are enthusiastic about the Games and the city.• During the football and probably other Games time activities (Torch etc).• volunteer/olympics.php
  12. 12. Local leaders• A way of celebrating the Games.• For individuals or companies.• Get ideas and tools.• Line the streets, social activities.• Doesn’t allow access to the brand.•
  13. 13. Other opportunities• Get Set - for 3 to 19 year olds.•• Cultural Olympiad.• Football tickets back on sale in April.•• Healthier lifestyle schemes.
  14. 14. On your marks...• Follow us on Twitter: @NE2012Games.• Like us on Facebook: North East for 2012 Games.• - coming soon.• Sign up for e-bulletins - One North East or via the website.• Send us your events.
  15. 15. Festivals & eventsCarol Bell, Head of Culture and Major Events
  16. 16. EAT! NewcastleGateshead (13 - 29 July)Cake Britain 2012:• Opening weekend of Eat! (13 - 14 July).• 2012 cakes that represent the best of Britain.• Saltwell Park.• Local engagement / National profile.
  17. 17. Eat! Big weekend• 27 - 29 July.• One of the biggest outdoor markets.• Increased footfall in Town Centre.• Links with retail - Fenwick, Eldon Square.• Encourage visitors who come for football to say longer.
  18. 18. Bridges Festival (4 - 5 August)• Celebration of Newcastle as an Olympic Host City.• Encourage visitors who come for football to say longer.• Creating a festival feel & sense of pride across NewcastleGateshead.• Great opportunities for businesses to benefit by getting involved.
  19. 19. Juice Festival (24 Oct - 4 Nov)• Celebration of NewcastleGateshead.• Opportunities to attract VFR Market.• Creating a real festival feel in the city.• Celebration of the creativity of young people.• Making the most of our cultural assets.
  20. 20. Winter Festival (24 Nov - 31 Dec)• Promotion of NewcastleGateshead’s seasonal offer.• Creation of unique events: – Enchanted Parks (Saltwell Park). – New Year’s Eve Carnival Parade.• Both attracted record numbers.
  21. 21. Opportunities• Join-in to ensure your business benefits from increased visitors.• Promote these activities through your own marketing networks.• Sponsor events.• Encourage staff to volunteering.• Tell your colleagues friends and family.• Access to and use of the NewcastleGateshead Cultural Planning Calendar.
  22. 22. Business TourismAdrian Evans, Senior Business Tourism Manager
  23. 23. Current position: 2011-2012• Enquiry value circa £4m. Profile increased:• Accommodation bookings Record participation in new up by over 15% vs. 2010. Conference Guide.• CB of the Year nomination. Record partners:• Identified gaps for 2012/13. Confex 2012 sees best ever participation.• Confident of short lead time business.
  24. 24. Opportunities• IMEX 2012, Frankfurt.• EIBTM 2012, Barcelona.• Trade magazine supplement.• Discover NewcastleGateshead.• 2 x Creative Conferencing mailing.• Ambassador events.
  25. 25. Moving forward in partnership• Currently we have 169 Future concerns: active partners. 2012 -2013 will be a• Estimated nearly 250 sales challenging year. and events staff. Opportunities:• Innovation rather than With shorter lead times there budget. is still time to attract the right• Increasingly competitive business. market place nationally.
  26. 26. “Partners in success”• Presuming we know best.• Additional expertise.• Rejuvenate the events we do.• Think about our target market.• Nurture existing contacts.• Entrepreneurial approach.• Raise destination profile.
  27. 27. NewcastleGateshead 2.0Steven Gibson, Senior Marketing & Communications Manager
  28. 28. Progress so far…Website: Social networks:• Unique visitors per month up 144%. • Facebook: 2,100 likes. (Jan 2010: 32k / Jan 2012: 78k). • Twitter: 2,300 followers. • LinkedIn: 800+ members.• Total site visits per month up 100%. (Jan 2010: 47k / Jan 2012: 94k). Data management: • New CRM in place to deliver dynamic &SEO / PPC: tailored e-comms.• Ranked 1st for host of key terms.• Google trusted site. E-comms:• PPC campaign integrated with SEO. • Total email subscriptions up 108%. (Jan 2010: 48k / Jan 2012: 100k).
  29. 29. Opportunities for you:1. Help us promote you effectively: • Product records. • Imagery and video. • Events.2. Engage with our digital platforms: • Our Blog. • Monthly emails. • Social networks.3. Be proactive & think of us: • Banner advertising. • Hotel bookings. • Restaurant bookings.
  30. 30. Help us promote you effectivelyProduct records:• Check and update your information regularly.• Business tourism records are separate.Imagery and video:• Provide us with good quality images.• We can embed video onto our site.• You can access FREE images in our Media section.Event promotion:• Send us your event details and imagery.• Our listings feed directly on to other sites.
  31. 31. Engage with our digital platformsBlog:• Develop ideas for content .• Give previews & behind the scenes tours.E-comms:• Offer competition prizes.• Put forward special offers & deals.Social networks:• We are active on: – Facebook (NewcastleGateshead). – Twitter (@altweet_pet).• Join our LinkedIn group: Connected: NewcastleGateshead.
  32. 32. Be proactive & think of usBanner advertising:• Now get 500k impressions across our site: – Gold partners: £428 – Silver partners: £465 – Bronze partners: £500Hotel bookings:• Any commission is reinvested in the destination.• Widgets available for integration with large events & relevant websites.Restaurant bookings:• Online table bookings using ‘Toptable’ & ‘GoingOutUK’.
  33. 33. Discover deals & special offers
  34. 34. Changes to Discover PassBack to basics:• Add value to the visitor experience.• Generate additional income for partner organisations.• Educate as many people as possible to do new things in the area.• Collect consumer data.Our aim: To create the online hub for special offers in NewcastleGateshead.
  35. 35. What are the benefits?• Offers are FREE to download.• Meets a change in consumer habits.• Increases exposure of your offer.• Online vouchers are measurable.• More flexible around offer dates.• Integrates with VisitEngland’s 2012 campaign.
  36. 36. We need your offersSuggestions:• Buy one get one free / Children go free.• Free entry.• 20.12% or better discount.• Deals (e.g. two for one or three for two).What to do next:1. Complete our sign up form.2. Send it back to us before close of play tomorrow (FAO Roisin Cook).3. Email us a relevant image and company logo (to
  37. 37. National marketing & Pocket GuideTina Snowball, Director of Marketing & Communications
  38. 38. National campaign:
  39. 39. Campaign proposals - Pocket Guide• Showcase the very best of our destination.• Inform visitors of the range of things to see and do.• An informative and practical guide.• Encourage visitors and local residents to make the most of destination.• Generate business for the advertisers and businesses listed in the guide.
  40. 40. Activity in hand -international:• Holland.• Ireland.• Norway.
  41. 41. Media activity and visitsKathie Wilcox, Senior Marketing & Communications ManagerImagery area:23.6cm wide x 9cm high
  42. 42. Making headlines• Media relations. “Hipster capital of the• Pitching the story. North East” Toon breaks into Expedia• Bringing the destination to life. Top Ten destinations• Making it easy: media Turner Prize pulls in packs, images, footage, events record crowds listings, itineraries, etc. Sizzling summer of celebrations• Working with partners; cross- 20.12 is GREAT promoting stories and news.
  43. 43. Media visitsWhat works:• Fast and flexible response. “We’ve built a strong and mutually beneficial• Exclusive access, tours and relationship which can only experiences. come from actually seeing a place and meeting the• Meeting real people - not just personalities behind the ‘suits’. press releases.”• Seamless service - from Janet Watson, enquiry, to visit, to coverage. freelance travel writer.
  44. 44. Get involved• Ask for help with your media visit ideas and opportunities.• Put forward hosts and ambassadors.• Highlight foreign language speakers or ‘experts’.• Update on your news and stories.• Give us ‘stuff’! Free rooms, free meals, free tickets...• Make the most of a visiting journalist and make sure they remember your business.
  45. 45. Visitor information & partnershipCath Hindle, Head of Development
  46. 46. Visitor informationInformation partners:• Based in areas of high visitor footfall.• Additional profile and customers.• Flexible offer.• Digital information as well as face to face.
  47. 47. Partner updates• Thursday, 21 June (8.30am - 10.00am). Imagery area:• Thursday, 18 October 1 image at 7.86cm wide x (8.30am - 10.00am). 10cm highVenues TBC.Open to all partners.
  48. 48. Business leaders’ briefing• Wednesday, 18 April (9am - 10.30am) @ Marriott Metrocentre. Imagery area: 1 image at 7.86cm wide x• Wednesday, 12 September 10cm high (9am - 10.30am) @ Copthorne Newcastle.Open to Gold and Silver level partners.
  49. 49. Welcome to NewcastleGatesheadInduction evenings:• Tuesday, 13 March (6.00pm – 8.00pm).• Tuesday, 9 October (6.00pm – 8.00pm).A warm welcome to NewcastleGatesheadand the work of our partnership.Open to all partners.
  50. 50. Distribution 2012• The biggest B2B tourism showcase in the North East.• Your last chance to find out what’s happening in 2012 and to shout about what you are doing.• Friday, 16 March (11.00am - 1.00pm) @ Newcastle Centre for Sport.Celebrating
  51. 51. Leap into local produce for 2012• Tuesday, 29 February (11am - 5pm) @ Marriott Metrocentre. Imagery area: 1 image at 7.86cm wide xDiscover quality local producers and 10cm highcreate a showcase for regional foodin your business in 2012.
  52. 52. Partnership 2012• Partnership pack.• 5% prompt payment discount.• Key contacts.• Get involved!
  53. 53. Thank you