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Information and support for foreign EU migrants

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  1. 1. PROJECT EU CITIZEN<br />
  2. 2. Presentation Agenda<br />Background<br />Mission and project ownership<br />crossroads output<br />Project organisation and network<br />Financing<br />crossroads activities<br />Client statistics and trends<br />Experience so far<br />Q&A, Welcome to visit us<br />
  3. 3. BACKGROUND<br />All non-profit organisations that run daycentres in the city of Stockholm have seen an ever-increasing number of people from other EU countries during the last couple of years. <br />In 2004, social daycentres had hardly any non-Swedish guests. Today, the largest daycentres in Stockholm gets approx. 100-150 guests from other EU countries every day (approx. 80% of all guests).<br />Swedish citizens that live in homelessness often have psychiatric disabilities and/or issues with addiction. Foreign EU citizens often live in homelessness due to poverty and lack of employment. <br />Foreign EU citizens also does not have rights to benefits from the Swedish state or cities, as does Swedish citizens. They have a greater need for information about Swedish society and the special regulations that surrounds foreign EU citizens in Sweden. And this in their own language.<br />Both non-profit organizations and the Social Services of Stockholm have therefore seen a need to separate centres for foreign EU citizens that could provide the advice and support that this group requires.<br />
  4. 4. Project milestones<br />Conference in Tampere 2009<br />Preparations for ESF application May 2010<br />ESF application filed June 14, 2010<br />Nordic visits – building experience – August to October 2010<br />Planning phase November 2010 – February 2011<br />crossroads start march 2011<br />crossroads relocation June 17<br />
  5. 5. PROJECT EU CITIZEN<br />Project EU Citizen addresses the needs of foreign EU citizensand third-country nationals with permanent residence permits from another EU countrythat live in poverty, homelessness and/or unemployment in Stockholm for the purpose of counteracting economic and social exclusion.<br />The project will run an advice and support centre in Stockholm from 1 March 2011 until 28 February 2013:<br />The project will also work creating networks, co-ordinating resources and building public opinionwhile working for the inclusion of EU citizens.<br />The project is run by the Stockholm City Mission, the Salvation Army, the City of Stockholm and the Public Employment Agency of Sweden. <br />Doctors in the world, the Red Cross, S:ta Clara kyrka, Citykyrkan and Ny Gemenskap are also collaborating with the project. The project is financed through the European Social Fund (ESF).<br />
  6. 6. Competence-enhancing initiatives, i.e.:<br /><ul><li>translations of grades and recommendation letters,
  7. 7. volunteer-led courses in Swedish
  8. 8. Computer use
  9. 9. Employment preparation</li></ul>1 March 2011 – 28 February 2013<br />crossroads<br />Unit manager<br />EU-advisors<br />Voluntary co-workers<br />General advice and individual guidance<br />Facilitation of contacts to Swedish organizations, public authorities and private businesses<br />Contacts with foreignorganizations, public authorities and private businesses to facilitatea possiblereturn<br />Basic needs support, i.e.:<br /><ul><li>food
  10. 10. shower
  11. 11. opportunitiesfor laundry</li></li></ul><li>Steering Committee<br />Stockholm City Mission<br />City of Stockholm<br />Public Employment Agency<br />Salvation Army<br />Stockholm City Mission<br />Financing<br />European Social Fund<br />Voluntaryco-workers<br />Psychologists<br />Unit Manager<br />Embassies<br />Voluntaryco-workers<br />Translators<br />Voluntaryco-workers<br />Lawyers<br />EU Advisors<br />Swedish Authorities<br />Employers<br />Landlords<br />Swedish organizations<br />Cultural or ethnicorganizations<br />Labour union representatives<br />Medical caregivers<br />Social rehabilitation<br />
  12. 12.
  14. 14. Background<br /><ul><li>Why Crossroads?
  15. 15. due to an increasing number of EU migrants
  16. 16. our target group does not have access to the social welfare system
  17. 17. due to the lack of correct information about the Swedish society among the group
  18. 18. as the social services are not adjusted to our target group’s needs </li></li></ul><li>Background<br /><ul><li>Target group
  19. 19. foreign EU citizens and non-European citizens that have a permanent residence permit in another EU country
  20. 20. What is our goal?
  21. 21. to counteract social exclusion and poverty among the target group</li></li></ul><li>Introduction<br /><ul><li> What do we offer:
  22. 22. Individual action plans
  23. 23. Various courses
  24. 24. Swedish civic information
  25. 25. Food, warmth and rest</li></li></ul><li>Crossroads team<br />Five EU advisors and one unit manager<br /><ul><li> Our areas of responsibility:
  26. 26. Labor market and employers networking
  27. 27. Culture and repatriation
  28. 28. Volunteers and participants coordination
  29. 29. Healthcare
  30. 30. Gender equality
  31. 31. Course development and coordination
  32. 32. Communication and website administration
  33. 33. Statistics and documentation
  34. 34. We speak 11 foreign languages:
  35. 35. Arabic
  36. 36. Armenian
  37. 37. English
  38. 38. Finnish
  39. 39. French
  40. 40. Lithuanian
  41. 41. Polish
  42. 42. Romanes
  43. 43. Romanian
  44. 44. Russian
  45. 45. Spanish </li></li></ul><li>Information and support<br /><ul><li>Individual counseling/action plan meetings
  46. 46. Individual psychotherapy sessions
  47. 47. Juridical support
  48. 48. Informational meetings
  49. 49. Translation of documents</li></ul>Activities in participants’ language<br />
  50. 50.
  51. 51. Activities<br /><ul><li> Courses:
  52. 52. Foreign languages: English and Swedish
  53. 53. Computer user
  54. 54. Job searching
  55. 55. Cooking
  56. 56. Discussion groups
  57. 57. Discussion group for women
  58. 58. Discussion group lead by psychologists </li></li></ul><li>Basic needs and services<br /><ul><li>Medical assistance
  59. 59. Pedicure
  60. 60. Hairdressing
  61. 61. Two meals per day for free
  62. 62. Possibility for laundry
  63. 63. Showers and rest</li></li></ul><li>Our volunteers<br /><ul><li> Over 100 volunteers:
  64. 64. Interpreters
  65. 65. Translators
  66. 66. Teachers
  67. 67. Lawyers
  68. 68. Psychologists
  69. 69. Chiropodists
  70. 70. Hairdressers </li></li></ul><li>Our participants<br /><ul><li> Nationalities:
  71. 71. Guests from 70 countries</li></li></ul><li>
  72. 72.
  73. 73. Our participants<br /><ul><li>Gender:
  74. 74. 92.6% men and 7.4% women
  75. 75. Age:
  76. 76. Majority between 21 and 45</li></li></ul><li>Our participants<br /><ul><li> Education
  77. 77. The majority are educated within a trade
  78. 78. Professions
  79. 79. Top three: builder, carpenter, mechanic</li></li></ul><li>Feedback <br /><ul><li>According to our polls, surveys and verbal contacts:</li></ul> Participants’ experiences:<br /><ul><li> jobs and housing expectations
  80. 80. civic information in their own language
  81. 81. personal contacts with personnel and volunteer co-workers</li></li></ul><li>Our experience <br /><ul><li>The great importance of language and cultural knowledge – volunteer co-workers and personnel
  82. 82. What could work better:
  83. 83. Participants’ expectations
  84. 84. Cooperation with some embassies
  85. 85. What works best:
  86. 86. Civic information
  87. 87. Action plans/counselling
  88. 88. All our courses</li></li></ul><li>Next steps<br /><ul><li> Documentation, information distribution
  89. 89. Networking within Scandinavia and Europe
  90. 90. Project and material analysis
  91. 91. Method and concept completed</li></li></ul><li>Thank you!<br />You are very welcome to visit us in Stockholm!<br /><br />