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Issue 26

  1. 1. Norwood News Issue 26 25th March 2011 Arts Festival Countdown Menu 1 16 weeks to go Week TERM DATES Year 3 Invaded by SNORRI the Viking! Spring Term 2011 Snorri came along to Year 3 to tell the children all about life as a Viking. The Term Ends: children thoroughly enjoyed the day participating in various activities as Snorri Friday 1st April. School closes at 2pm brought Viking living to life. Summer Term 2011 School Closed Monday 18th April Staff Training Children return to school Tuesday 19th April at 8.55am School closed: Good Friday 22nd April Easter Monday 25th April Children return to school Tuesday 26th April at 8.55am School closed: Bank Holiday Friday 29th April School closed: Bank Holiday Monday 2nd May Half Term: Mon 30th May-Fri 3rd June School closed: Alex & Emily are dressed as Viking children Friday 1st July (Staff training day) Term Ends: Friday 22nd July. School Rebecca & Morgan closes at 2pm help Snorri on the Autumn Term 2011 weaving loom. School Closed Thursday 1st September Friday 2nd September (Staff training days) Children return to school Monday 5th September Half Term Mon 24th-Fri 28th October Term Ends: Friday 16th December at 2pm Spring Term: “I can’t take my eyes off “Is he really going to spear me?” Tuesday 3rd January 2012 this Viking!” Thinks Grace. wonders Nail.Norwood Crescent, Southport. PR9 7DU. Tel: 01704 211960. Fax 01704 232712. Head Teacher: Mr Lee Dumbell. Email:
  2. 2. Forthcoming Events thFriday 6 -8 May th Y4 Residential to Robinwood Dinner Money for after Spring Break!Monday 9th-13th May Y6 SATS W/b 19/4/11 3 days £4.80Wednesday 18th May Meeting for New Reception ParentsTuesday 14th-17th June Y6 Residential to Llangollen W/b 26/4/11 3 days £4.80Saturday 25th June Summer Fair 12-3 pmWednesday 29th June Sports Day Juniors am Infants pm W/b 3/5/11 4 days £6.40 thMonday 4 -16 July th Arts Festival Shinewaves Competition TimeLast week’s competition was to write a funny poem about one of the red noses. The winners were Rachel Hooton from 2W and Eva Bennet from 2M Final Screening for Yr 1 Congratulations Rachel & Eva!We have not had a class competition for a while so this week’s competition is a Wednesday 30th Marchclass competition for the tidiest classroom. Our team of cleaners will be on the look out to help me decide. Where the Wild Things Are and other Maurice Sendak stories. Good luck! If your child will not be attending please let Mrs Bennet know. Next week’s clubs (28/3/11)Monday KS2 Cross Country practice (lunchtime) Y4 Sports Aerobics in the hall till 4.20 pm (Last One!) Star of the WeekTuesday School Council meeting (lunchtime) RJT:Amanda Hallam Silver Eco Committee meeting (lunchtime) RJT:Cody Nickeas Silver Library (lunchtime) RT:Elliot Unsworth Silver Y6 Booster Class till 4.30 pm RT:Daniel Williams Silver Windband Y1 till 4.10 pm 1B:Caitlan Robinson Silver Y1 Science in 4M till 4.15 pm 1B:George Thierens Silver Y4/5 Netball till 4.15 pm 1D:Charlie Clayton Silver 2W:Jade Roberts Wednesday Library (lunchtime) 2W:Jordan Monahan Silver Y1 Filmclub in YR till 4.10 pm 2M:Nathan May Y2-4 Southport Football Club till 4.20 pm 2M:Jamie Roberts Silver Yr3 Art Invaders till 4.15 pm 3H:Bethany Southern Gold Y6 Booster Class till 4.30 pm 3K:Isobel Mills Silver 3K:Nail Cakir SilverThursday KS2 Singing Club (lunchtime) 4M:Cerys Valentine Silver Library (lunchtime) 4J:Ben Newport A Team football match home to Churchtown till 4.45 pm 4J:Poppy Rimmer Silver Y5 History Detectives till 4.15 pm 5B:Jaime Kelly Silver 5B:Zarin Kashem Silver Please collect the children from the playground and do not wait for them 5M:Hannah Diss Silver by the office. 6P:Aaron Rimmer There will be notification if there are any changes to these clubs. 6C:Emily Marshall Silver News team Molly Glinn, Hannah Tear, Jamie Russell, Katy Watkinson, Taylor McKenzie & Finn Cromack
  3. 3. Children in the Spotlight Ellie recently took part in a Jakob was awarded Man of Erin was awarded Man of Sports Aerobics the Match by Southport the Match by David Competition & is proudly Trinitys U8s Football team. Campbells Soccer School. holding her photograph. Terrific! Wow! Wonderful! Rachael has passed Molly received a her 200m Rainbow silver medal in the Swimming award as gymnastics duo well Water Skills event & came 4th Stages 3 & 4 in the National Swimming individual Aerobic Plan Awards. Gymnastic event. Brilliant! Fantastic! PTA Disco’s for Comic Relief A fantastic £466.10 was raised as a result of the PTA Comic Relief Disco’s! Thank you to everyone who helped make this the huge success it was. Would you live in a dark, damp place?Year 4 have been studying habitats. In groups they investigated which habitat a woodlouse would prefer. To make it a fair test they gave the woodlice a choice between, dry/light, dry/dark, damp/light and damp/dark conditions. They used a container to set up the four conditions and released the previously captured woodlice into the centre. After five minutes, they analysed the results. Overall the findings were that the woodlice did prefer dark, damp places. Great fun was had by all and you will be relieved to hear that no woodlice died as a result of this experiment! News team Molly Glinn, Hannah Tear, Jamie Russell, Katy Watkinson, Taylor McKenzie & Finn Cromack
  4. 4. Dress Funny for Money! Norwood really got into the spirit of Red Nose Day! Dressing Funny for Money really produced some fantastic outfits, and raised a fantastic £410.82! Thank you all. I’m just sorry we couldn’t fit every photograph in the newsletter. Check out our website for more great photographs. Advertising Our Local BusinessesAdverts are placed independently and we are grateful for the donations towards the cost. However we are not otherwise linked directly with the businesses. Please see Mrs Gregson for more information about placing an advert. News team Molly Glinn, Hannah Tear, Jamie Russell, Katy Watkinson, Taylor McKenzie & Finn Cromack
  5. 5. Cross Country Competition New! KS2 Fruity Details✦The fruit will be available to buy outside First Aid between 8:30 & 8:45 am✦One piece of fruit per child✦Each piece will cost 20p. (Exact money as no change will be given)✦All purchases made on the day & not paid in advance✦You will not be served if you are not in an orderly queue Well done to the children who represented Norwood in the recent Cross Country competition in Formby, with all children completing theSee Mrs Murray & Mrs Taylor for further information. course. Congratulations to Tom Langford who came 1st for Year 5 boys and Jamie Hough who came 3rd for Year 6 boys. This is new to Norwood and we hope you will encourage your child to try the fruits available. Year 5:Tom Langford, Jordan Brown, Ishbel Cooke and Anya Day. Year 6:Caitlin Healy, Lucy Cottier, Emily Telford, Abbie Wilson, Errin Telford, Tom Stewart, Lewis Hitchcock, Joseph Edmunds, Y5 Wider Opportunities Concert Joseph Telford, Harry ODriscoll, Jamie Hough and Josh Watkins. Well done to the children in Year 5 who went to represent Norwood at the Floral Hall in a music concert, on Monday 14th March.The children were brilliantly behaved and it was clear to see how well they had improved their musical abilities since Year 4. Tom who came first for Jamie who came third Yr5 boys for Yr6 boys Film Club If your child has signed up for Film Club they must turn up every week! The club cant start properly until Mrs Bennet is sure each child is marked in. As this is a popular club Mrs Bennet is having to ask staff in the office each week to try and contact a number of parents whose children just havent turned up. If your child does not want to go at anytime you must write a note to Mrs Bennet to let her know otherwise, we will assume your child is missing and activate our Missing Child Policy, after all it is good manners to let us know. News team Molly Glinn, Hannah Tear, Jamie Russell, Katy Watkinson, Taylor McKenzie & Finn Cromack
  6. 6. B Team Football Norwood B 1 St. Patricks B 1Two goals in the last minute of this thrilling match meant that the Year 6 part of the B team finished their season witha well deserved draw. An exciting game saw chances at each end for the full game and that it stayed goal less until the45th minute was down to superb defending from Joe Telford in particular and excellent goalkeeping from Josh Watkins. Ashleigh Thomass dribbling was eye-catching and excited the crowd, while Harry ODriscoll went close a number of times before finally scoring from the penalty spot after he was pushed in the box in the final minute. St. Patricks deserved their equaliser but that it came with virtually the last kick of the game was disappointing. Nevertheless this was a wonderful end to the season for the Y6 children, who played the match with energy, enthusiasm and a great sporting attitude. Star players: Harry ODriscoll and Ashleigh Thomas Team: Josh Watkins, Sam Peet, Leon Booth, Daniel Monahan, Darcy Iveson-Berkeley (capt.), Joe Davenport, Jake Hawkings, Joe Telford, Gabriel Angay, Harry ODriscoll, Liam Hall, Ashleigh Thomas, Errin Telford and Emily Telford. Churchtown B 2 Norwood B 0 How the Y5 team managed not to score in this game is still a mystery as the frame of the goal and the heroics of the Churchtown goalkeeper kept out all our attempts on goal and left the Norwood supporters in disbelief, especially asChurchtowns goals came from two of their few attacks. Jaime Kelly defended well again, as did Conner Peters with hisexcellent heading. Ryan and Joes long throws kept the Churchtown defence busy, but it was Owen Taylor who stole the show with his wonderful passing and excellent teamwork. Sometimes it is not meant to be. Man of the Match: Owen Taylor Team: Luke Ashton, Jaime Kelly (capt.), Brandon Robson, Conner Peters, Ryan Taylor-Reid, Liam Healey, Kane Baggaley, Joe Rimmer, Owen Taylor, Tom Lawson and Tyler Birch. News team Molly Glinn, Hannah Tear, Jamie Russell, Katy Watkinson, Taylor McKenzie & Finn Cromack