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Issue 10 2010


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Issue 10 2010

  1. 1. Norwood Crescent, Southport. PR9 7DU. Tel: 01704 211960. Fax 01704 232712. Head Teacher: Mr Lee Dumbell. Email: Issue 10 12th November 2010 Menu Week Norwood News TERM DATES Autumn Term 2010 Term Ends: Friday 17th December. School closes at 2pm Spring Term 2011 Children return to school Wednesday 5th January at 8.55am Half Term: Monday 14th-Friday 18th February Term Ends: Friday 1st April. School closes at 2pm Summer Term 2011 Children return to school Tuesday 19th April at 8.55am School closed: Good Friday 22nd April Easter Monday 25th April Children return to school Tuesday 26th April at 8.55am School closed: Bank Holiday Monday 2nd May Half Term: Mon 30th May-Fri 3rd June School closed: Friday 1st July (Staff training day) Term Ends: Friday 22nd July. School closes at 2pm Autumn Term 2011 School Closed Thursday 1st September Friday 2nd September Children return to school Monday 5th September 3 Arts Festival Countdown 34 weeks to go UP COMING DATES FOR YOUR DIARY Monday 15th-19th November Anti-Bullying week Thursday 18th November SEAL Celebration Assembly KS2 1.30 pm EY/KS1 2.30 pm Friday 3rd December Christmas Fair 6 pm (Hall) Tuesday 7th December KS2 Carol Concert at Leyland Road Methodist Church 7pm Tuesday 7th December 2.30 pm Reception Christmas Performance Wednesday 8th December 2.30 pm Year 1 Christmas Performance Thursday 9th December 2.30 pm Year 2 Christmas Performance Monday 13th December M & M Pantomime for the whole school 9.15 am and 10.30 am Wednesday 15th December Christmas Craft morning 9-11 am Thursday 16th December Christmas Fun Day The Chicks Have Hatched! Last week Year One saw the arrival of our newest members of the year group! After 21 days of eagerly waiting with anticipation our chicks hatched out of their shells and said “Hello”. Our classroom has never been so full of eager visitors wanting to see our chicks. At first they were very weak and wet, and were cuddling together to keep warm. They soon dried out and became the fluffy chicks that we all know. They certainly are characters and have been loudly cheeping ever since. We hope to keep them for a few weeks before they return to Farmer Ted. Let’s hope they don’t learn to jump high enough to escape out of the brooder!
  2. 2. News team Molly Glinn, Hannah Tear, Megan Powderly, Jamie Russell, Katy Watkinson, Taylor McKenzie & Finn Cromack Howard Carter came to our class. He showed us how to be a archaeologist. Luke and Abbie had a go at brushing away the sand and showed us some artefacts. By Jamie Shaw On the 2nd November Year 2 went to the Liverpool Museum, first we got on the green double decker bus. Finally we got to the museum. Next we went to the 3rd floor and saw Egyptian things. Then we went down stairs and learnt about animals from Egypt. There were lots of crocodiles. By Matthew Bishop Year 2 Year 2 had a fantastic time when they held a jam party for their parents. They made their very own ‘Norwood jam’ and used it to bake lots of jammy treats including jam tarts, jammy dodgers, jam sandwiches and jammy meringues, they were very excited to share their food with their parents, as well as having a taste themselves! A big thank you to everyone who has helped to raise funds from our recent Line Dance event. The total raised so far is £1474.48. Could you please remind the children to collect and bring to school any remaining sponsor money. We have extended the date to 25th November as we appreciate that with half term some of the children may have forgotten or mislaid their forms. Please call to the office if you require any sponsor forms. Sponsored Line Dance Jam Party!
  3. 3. CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE FOR MORE EXCITING PHOTOGRAPHS @ Star of the Week 6C:Ashanai Hignett 6P:Joshua Watkins 5M:Liam Townsley 5M:Lucas Thaw 5M:Dannon Lavelle 5B:Kane Baggaley 4M:Hannah Brookfield 4P:Mia Fuery 3K:Connor Sherran 3K:Sean Gowers 3H:Nick Moore 3H:Joe Stewart 2W:Isabelle Hopkins-Lane 2M:Nicole Helsby 2M:Brooke McFord 1B:Aimee-Rose Hunt 1B:Erin Waggett 1D:Naomi Hall RJT:Sam Langford RJT:Jessica Pagan RT:Luke Thistlewaite RT:Ellie Merryfield Children in the Spotlight Shinewaves Competition Time Georgia a member of the winning team from 61st Cubs, has received the Foster Challenge Shield for success in dominoes & jenga activities. Marvellous! Heather came 1st in the Southport Music Festival's Speech & Drama Competition & received the Lyndhurst Trophy for U9's Verse Speaking. Fantastic! Katie has passed her Grade 5 Water Skills Award. Wonderful! Nathan received the Top Banana Award from Jungle Jim's. Congratulations! Jamie has passed his 25m Rainbow Swimming Award. Terrific! Last week’s competition was to design a bonfire safety poster. Miss Wainwright helped judge the eye catching entries. The winners were Naomi McKee (2M) for KS1 and Sam Morgan (6P) for KS2. Congratulations! As next week is National Anti-bullying Week this week’s competition is in association with BullyBusters. BullyBusters would like children in the Merseyside area to design a new poster displaying current issues such as cyberbullying, how the bystander can help or celebrating diversity. The poster can be drawn, use photographs or technology. It must be bright and colourful and include the website address and the free phone helpline number 0800 169 6928. The competition will be judged in Infant and Junior categories. All entries will be forwarded to the area competition which closes on 30th November.
  4. 4. Year 3News team Molly Glinn, Hannah Tear, Megan Powderly, Jamie Russell, Katy Watkinson, Taylor McKenzie & Finn Cromack Norwood 2 Farnborough 14 Team: Aaron Rimmer, Matthew Vansprang-Rimmer, Ashley Gavan, Daniel Lawrence, Tom Mitchell, Tom Stewart, Jaydon Lavelle, Jamie Hough, Lewis Hitchcock, Jack Wallbank, Tom Langford, Joseph Edmunds. Well done to Norwood 'A' Team who despite the terrible weather conditions, managed to put up a brave fight against Premier League Champions, Farnborough Juniors. At no point did Norwood give up, either in the first third when they were losing 5-0, or in the second third when the score was 9-0. In fact, in the third third, Norwood managed two goals from Daniel Lawrence and Tom Mitchell to make the final score 14-2 to Farnborough. A valiant effort boys and a never say die attitude to be proud of! Well done. Man of the match: Aaron Rimmer for his tremendous saves throughout the match and for having the dirtiest kit at the end of the match! Reported by Mrs Rigby. Norwood 'A' Team Football Match Mrs Murray ‘loosing’ her head! Year 3 have designed & made these wonderful windmills as part of their topic work on Weather. The windmills were put to the test on a windy day. Some windmills had to be modified, but it was an exciting time when success was achieved by all! Wonderful Windmills Year 3 ******No B team football week commencing 15.11.10*****
  5. 5. Year 3 News team Molly Glinn, Hannah Tear, Megan Powderly, Jamie Russell, Katy Watkinson, Taylor McKenzie & Finn Cromack Children In Need 2010 This year Norwood would like to support this appeal in conjunction with Asda, by collecting unwanted clothes (bags provided) and by taking part in Bake the Bear (Pudsey Bear cutters provided). We are hoping you will bake some biscuits over the Children in Need weekend and bring them in to school, to sell in our Pudsey Cake Sale on Monday 22nd November. Pudsey Bear will be coming into school to say thank you for our efforts, collect clothing donations & to present a certificate to the school. With your help, we hope to make this a successful event! On Friday the 5th November, Year 6 had a rocket and firework themed day to commemorate Guy Fawkes failed attempt to blow up King James I in 1605. The children came dressed as either Guy Fawkes, King James or as a firework. The children watched demonstrations of fireworks and rockets made using household ingredients such as cola, baking soda, vinegar, mints, washing up liquid, lemonade bottles and empty film canisters. They even saw a water powered rocket fly high over the playground! Later on the children made their own rockets, which Mr Postlethwaite and Mr Hesketh launched with varying degrees of success! Before lunch the whole school appeared on the playground to watch a repeat of the earlier experiments. Year 6 Rockets! Before we set off on our trip of Victorian Southport, we put our sketch books and bin bags (to sit down on) in our rucksacks. We walked all the way from school to The Promenade and learnt that The Promenade Hospital was redeveloped in the late 1990's into expensive and exclusive apartments renamed Marine Gate Mansions, Steven Gerrard used to live there! Further on the journey, we reached Lord Street and sketched Wellington Terrace. After a while we stopped to have a biscuit (yum yum) and then we sketched another building, it was the Ribble Building a former railway station fronting one of the supermarkets in town. Eventually, we reached Christ Church and enjoyed our lunch and a sit down. Refreshed and rearing to go we sketched the Church and the nearby Band Stand. Next we studied the names on the War Memorial. Just as it started to rain we arrived at Southport Pier, the 2nd longest and oldest iron Pier in UK. We walked ALL of it's 1112m! Unfortunately the rain got heavier and we were drenched by the time we got back to school. By Hannah Tear 5.B Year 5 Please take the time to check out our website as this newsletter, these photographs (and many more) look so much better in colour.
  6. 6. Year 3News team Molly Glinn, Hannah Tear, Megan Powderly, Jamie Russell, Katy Watkinson, Taylor McKenzie & Finn Cromack Up to half term these children’s behaviour really stood out and they reached the pot of gold: Ruby Fellowes 6C Alex Day 3K Jakob Young 3K Emily James 3K Grace Gibbs 3K Rosie Morgan 3K Star Wilkinson 3K Sophie Wright 6C Thea Moore 6P Freya Hanson-Lewis 5B Abbi Boardman 5B Bethany Hefferan 5B Liam Healey 5B Zarin Kashem 5B Hannah Tear 5B Annie McCoid 5B Maddie Jones 5B Tom Lawson 5B Bethany Southern 3H Naomi McKee 2M Emily Marshall 6C Keira Rimmer 6C Lucy James 6C Georgia Lonsdale 5B Katie Watkinson 4M Olivia Logan 2M Charlie Kearns 2W Joshua Leddy 2M Nicole Helsby 2M Olivia Sproat RTT Daniel Williams RTT Ethan Owen RJT Libby Simpson RJT Finn Cromack 3K Natasha Watkins 3K Sian Drummond 3K Joe Langford 3H Olivia Sprout RT Daniel Mercer-Jones 4P Fahim Alom 4M Kate Bishop 4M Macy Mordey 4M Natasha Polansky 4M Morgan Fyles 1B Isabelle Starr RRT Max Teale RRT Robbie Morgan RJT Charlie Kempster RJT McKenzie Knowles RJT Taylor McNulty RJT Jamie Roberts 2M Isabelle Hopkins-Lane 2M Tyler Scutt 2W Jamie Shaw 2W Rachel Hooton 2W Elliot Potts 2W Ruby Hardman 1D Abi Wright 5M Tyler Birch 5M Hannah Diss 5M Caris Dixon 5M Bethany Heyes 5M Charlie Marshall 5M Tom Mitchell 5M Megan Powderly 5M Katie Halsall 3H Brandon Chadwick-Boardman 3H Joe Stewart 3H Eva Bennet 2M Ellie Blundell 4M Hannah Brookfield 4M Lucy Fraser 4M Maddie Hayes 4M Astrid Travis 4M Jessica Pagan RJT WOW! If your child reached the pot of gold last term but their name doesn’t appear on the list above please mention this to the class teacher. The Behaviour Team are currently evaluating the impact of the new behaviour system. If you have any comments about the system please pass them to the office and we will include them in our evaluation. Norwood’s Pot of Gold ‘POGS’