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Issue 27

  1. 1. Norwood News Issue 27 25th March 2011 Arts Festival Countdown Menu 1 15 weeks to go Week What a Performance! TERM DATES Wednesday 16th March Year 5 went to the Philharmonic, in Liverpool, to watch the Summer Term 2011 world famous Philharmonic Orchestra perform a fantastic concert Beyond the Final School Closed Monday Frontier. 18th April Staff Training This was a great experience for the children. Children return to school Tuesday 19th April at 8.55am School closed: Good Friday 22nd April Easter Monday 25th April Children return to school Tuesday 26th April at 8.55am School closed: Bank Holiday Friday 29th April School closed: Bank Holiday Monday 2nd May Half Term: Mon 30th May-Fri 3rd June School closed: Friday 1st July (Staff training day) Term Ends: Friday 22nd July. School closes at 2pm Autumn Term 2011 Year 5s amazing trip to the Floral Hall. School Closed We began our fantastic journey to the amazing Floral Hall. It was a long and tiring walk Thursday 1st September but we coped, we arrived there 35 minutes later. Friday 2nd September First of all, Norwood and many other schools were seated, in the holding area before (Staff training days) being taken to retrieve our magnificent instruments! We were seated in the main area where we practised playing Tequila, Cuckoo Waltz Children return to school and practised singing Life is a Wonderful Thing. Monday 5th September Half Term We waited for another 10 minutes before the superb world famous Halle Orchestra Mon 24th-Fri 28th October entered and began their first piece. Term Ends: Later on, every school joined in playing Tequila, singing Life is a Wonderful Thing and th Friday 16 December at 2pm the Cuckoo Waltz. Norwood had a wonderful time and feel very priviliged. Spring Term: Year 5 would like to thank Mrs. McCarthy, Mrs. Bentley, Mr. Doupe and from Sefton Music Tuesday 3rd January 2012 Services, Mr. Harrison and Mrs. Fogg. (Staff training day) By Anya Day and Megan Powderly 5MNorwood Crescent, Southport. PR9 7DU. Tel: 01704 211960. Fax 01704 232712. Head Teacher: Mr Lee Dumbell. Email:
  2. 2. Forthcoming Events thFriday 6 -8 May th Y4 Residential to Robinwood Dinner Money for after Spring Break!Monday 9th-13th May Y6 SATS W/b 19/4/11 3 days £4.80Wednesday 18th May Meeting for New Reception ParentsTuesday 14th-17th June Y6 Residential to Llangollen W/b 26/4/11 3 days £4.80Saturday 25th June Summer Fair 12-3 pmWednesday 29th June Sports Day Juniors am Infants pm W/b 3/5/11 4 days £6.40 thMonday 4 -16 July th Arts Festival Shinewaves Competition Time Last week’s competition was for the tidiest classroom. Our team of cleaners decided that the winners– not because they are always the tidiest classroom during the day, but they always clean up thoroughly after themselves - were Year 2. Congratulations Y2! Competition time will be having a rest over the Spring break. Tune in again next term. Next Week’s Clubs (From Tuesday 19/4/11) Tuesday School Council meeting (lunchtime) Star of the Week Eco Committee meeting (lunchtime) Library (lunchtime) Y6 Booster Class till 4.30 pm RJT:Tyler Monahan Silver Windband Y1 till 4.10 pm RJT:McKenzie Knowles Silver Y4/5 Netball till 4.15 pm RT:Cameron Knowles YR Dance Club till 4.10 pm RT:Erin Day Silver Y4 Planet Dance Dress Rehearsal @ Meols Cop 3.30-5pm 1B:Jasmine Kamel Silver 1D:Courtney Kelk Wednesday Library (lunchtime) 1D:Quintin Waller Silver 2W:Isabelle Hopkins-Lane Y1 Filmclub in YR till 4.10 pm 2M:Joshua Leddy Silver Y2-4 Southport Football Club till 4.20 pm 3H:Jacob Kamel Silver Y6 Booster Class till 4.30 pm 3K:Connor Sherran Silver Y6 Cookery Club in Hall till 4.45 pm 4M:Ella Thistlethwaite Silver KS2 Cross Country (lunchtime) 4P:Michael Hignett Silver Y4 History Detectives (Rotten Romans & Vicious Vikings) 5B:Luke Ashton C Netball Team Home to Holy Trinity till 4.30 pm 5B:Ryan Taylor-Reid 5M:Tyler Birch SilverThursday KS2 Singing Club (lunchtime) 6P:Ashleigh Thomas Library (lunchtime) 6P:Jack Wallbank Silver 6C:Joe Edmunds Gold Please collect the children from the playground and do not wait for them by the office. There will be notification if there are any changes to these clubs.News team Mrs A. Gore, Hannah Tear, Jamie Russell, Katy Watkinson, Taylor McKenzie, Megan Powderly & Finn Cromack
  3. 3. Safe and Happy In Norwood Everyday The Guide Dogs For The Blind Association COMING SOON! SHINE Day 28th April Details to follow We are currently collecting postage stamps but please leave a small amount of paper around the SHINE edge. There is a yellow box, located outside the office, to put them in. Thank You. Collection of Vouchers for Schools Keep Newsletters safe. We are still collecting vouchers from two of the supermarkets. If you have any please ask your It is always good practice to check your child’s child to give them to the class teacher. book bags for newsletters and letters. Thank you. This is an opportunity for you to find out what is available for your child here at Norwood, to find out what is happening throughout the school and in the local community. We don’t want your child to miss out on any opportunities. Remember to make this information available to childminders, grandparents and friends. A copy of the latest newsletter can be found on the website. Please ask at the school office for another copy if you need one. Advertising Our Local BusinessesAdverts are placed independently and we are grateful for the donations towards the cost. However we are not otherwise linked directly with the businesses. Please see Mrs Gregson for more information about placing an advert. Southport RUFC u10’s Jake Pagan recently took part in the Vale of Lune RUFC Tournament. The team he was in emerged as overallwinners! This is the first time a team from Southport, of any age, have won at this festival. Southport RUFC is over a hundred years old and for Jake to be part of this enormous achievement is fantastic. We join his parents and his club in saying how proud we are of him. Well done Jake! News team Mrs A. Gore, Hannah Tear, Jamie Russell, Katy Watkinson, Taylor McKenzie, Megan Powderly & Finn Cromack
  4. 4. Girls Football Norwood 1 St. Philips 7 The first match for the girls team since September was a very difficult one against a team from St. Philips, who play regularly in their school team. despite that our team battled really hard with some excellent defending by Ruby Fellowes, Bethany Hefferan and Lauren Morgan, but it will be Ashleigh Thomass goal in the last minute that will be remembered for her determination, tough tackling and celebration. All the girls enjoyed themselves and performed very well. Star Player: Ashleigh Thomas Team: Ashleigh Thomas (capt.), Emily Telford, Errin Telford, Abbie Wilson, Ruby Fellowes, Caitlin Healy, Elise Bond, Amie Blundell, Abi Wright, Ria Milford, Anya Day, Lauren Morgan, Aimee Crawford, Bethany Hefferan, Libby Spencer and Natasha Leadbetter. The girls also played a friendly match Year 5 v Year 6 with the Year 6 girls winning by the only goal from the ubiquitous Ashleigh Thomas. Ruby Fellowes was the star player for Year 6 with her tough tackling and Lauren Morgan for Year 5. Swimming GalaOn Wednesday 23rd March 14 children represented Norwood in the Southport Schools Swimming Gala, at Dunes LeisureCentre. Representing the boys were Jamie Russell, Tom Lawson, Jack Wallbank, Josh Watkins, Tom Stewart, Sam Morganand Jaydon Lavelle. The girls team comprised of Amie Blundell, Annie McCoid, Ishbel Cooke, Caris Dixon, Emily Marshall, Abbie Wilson and Caitlin Healy.As usual the standard was very high. Nevertheless all of Norwoods swimmers swam their very best. As a result, Norwood was represented in all but two finals, with Ishbel Cooke winning her breaststroke final, Jamie Russell finishing a closesecond, for the boys, in the freestyle final and Tom Stewart coming a respectable third place, in the boys backstroke final! The final results saw Norwoods girls finish fourth, the boys finished in third and overall Norwood came fourth.Norwood Crescent, Southport. PR9 7DU. Tel: 01704 211960. Fax 01704 232712. Head Teacher: Mr Lee Dumbell. Email:
  5. 5. Children in the Spotlight Brooke was awarded a Merit for Olivia has passed her 400m Emily has passed her 400m Rainbow Swimming Award her Tap Dancing & Distinction for Rainbow Swimming Award & her her Grade 1 in Modern Dance. & her Bronze Swimming Fabulous! Bronze Swimming Challenge Award. Challenge Award. Brilliant! Wonderful! Lucy has passed her Jordan was awarded the cup for Jessica has passed her Water Skills Grade 1 good Arts & Crafts by his Anchor 10m Rainbow swimming Award. Terrific! Boys Group. Excellent! Award. Great! Rebecca received an Excellent Behaviour Jamie has passed his Bronze Award from Kidz Klub. Challenge Swimming Award & Super! received the J4K Keeper of the Week Award. Daniel was awarded Man of Awesome! the Match by Southport Sam has passed his Duckling Trinity U10s Swimming Award Grade 5. Football Team. Wow! Congratulations!Norwood Crescent, Southport. PR9 7DU. Tel: 01704 211960. Fax 01704 232712. Head Teacher: Mr Lee Dumbell. Email:
  6. 6. Primary School Norwood Holiday Dates 2011 - 2012 Autumn Term 2011 Directed Days: Thursday 1st September Friday 2nd September Start of Term: Monday 5th September at 8.55 a.m. Half Term: Monday 24th-Friday 28th October Term ends for Christmas Break: Friday 16th December at 2pm Spring Term 2012 Directed Day: Tuesday 3rd January Term begins: Wednesday 4th January at 8.55am Half Term: Monday 13th-Friday 17th February Term ends for Spring Break: Friday 30th March at 2pm Good Friday & Easter Monday fall during Spring Break Summer Term 2012 Term begins: Monday 16th April at 8.55am School closed: Bank Holiday Monday 7th May Half Term: Monday 4th June-Friday 8th June Term ends for Summer Break: Wednesday 18th July at 2pm Directed Day: Thursday 19th July * One more day to be allocated Directed days (5): for teachers only.Norwood Crescent, Southport. PR9 7DU. Tel: 01704 211960. Fax 01704 232712. Head Teacher: Mr Lee Dumbell. Email: