NORWOOD NEWS ISSUE NO 6                                                                      12TH FEBRUARY 2010

Children in the Spotlight
      Star of the
 RP: Abi Skinsley

 RT: George Thierens                          ...
Let’s Get Cooking

 On Saturday, 30th January, 2010, Norwood held its
 first Family Cookery event. Thirteen lucky families...
Up and Coming PTA Events

                                                                Race Night-Friday 16th April
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6 (2010)


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6 (2010)

  1. 1. NORWOOD NEWS ISSUE NO 6 12TH FEBRUARY 2010 News Team: Jamie Russell, Megan Powderly, Gabriel Angay, Charlotte Fitzgerald, Heather Weights, Thomas Lawson, Lucy Cottier & Luke Dempster TERM DATES Tom had a Spring Term marvellous day Parents Evenings when he was team Tuesday 23rd February Mascot for Liverpool 3.30pm-6pm against Thursday 25th February 5pm-8pm Wolverhampton School closes for Easter Wanderers. Here he holiday: at 2pm on Friday is pictured with 26th March. Steven Gerrard. Summer Term Children return to school: Tuesday 13th April. Bank Holiday Monday 3rd May. T.A. Talk Half Term: Monday 31st May-Friday 4th June (inc) School closed: Staff Training day-Monday 5th July School closes for summer holiday: at 2pm on Wednesday 21st July. Autumn Term 2010 Children return to school: Wednesday 1st Q. How long have you worked at Norwood? September 8.55am A. This is my 10th year. Reporters Luke Ashton, Half term: Q. What do you do in your spare time? Bethany Hefferan, Monday 25th -Friday 29th A. Read books, swim and go to church. Georgia Lonsdale and Joe October Rimmer said “Bonjour” to Q. What was your favourite subject at school? A. French. Mrs. King this week when INSET Day: Monday 1st November they interviewed her for T.A. Talk. Mrs. King can Q. If you were a super hero, who would you be? Term Ends: A. Wonder Woman! be found supporting Friday 17th December at teachers in Year 5 (unless 2pm Q. What frightens you? there is a wasp and then A. Wasps. she is nowhere to be found!) Q. What are you doing at half term? A. My daughter is having a sleep-over, I’m having friends round and I plan to go shopping. Norwood Crescent, Southport. PR9 7DU. Tel: 01704211960. Fax 01704 232712. Head Teacher: Mr Lee Dumbell. Email:
  2. 2. Children in the Spotlight Star of the Week RP: Abi Skinsley RT: George Thierens Emily has passed her Bronze Award for Alex has 1B: Jordan Monahan her Rock ‘n’ Roll Dancing. passed her 5m 1D: Joshua Leddy She has received Commended in her and 15m 1D: Brooke McFord Bronze Award for Ballroom Dancing and Rainbow 2M: Casey Morgan her Combined Dancing Tests. Swimming 2M: Joe Stewart Silver Strictly sensational! Awards. Wonderful! 2W: Rosie Morgan Silver 2W: Ben Sumner 3K: Adam Mills 3K: Luke Prendergast Silver 3K: Jamie Russell Silver 3B: Lucy Fraser 3B: George O’Driscoll Silver Jamie has Matthew has Sean Cairns Rachael has 4CP: Luke Jackson passed his received his has passed his passed her 50m 4CP: Liam Townsley 10m Puffin Second Wave Rainbow Rainbow Swimming Swimming Swimming 4JP: Georgia Lonsdale Silver Swimming Award. Well Certificate for Award. 4JP:Jake Pagan Award. done! 5m. Great! Congratulations! 5P: Sally Murray Fantastic! 5M: Molly Glinn 5M: Tom Stewart 6M: Red Roses Darbyshire Silver 6C: Hannah Bushell Silver Shinewaves Competition Music:Buggles 0-1.00 Last weeks competition was to illustrate Lewis Carroll’s poem ‘The Jabberwocky.’ The winner was Heather Weights from 3K-Congratulations Heather! The 21st Winter Olympic Games is due to begin this Friday 12 February 2010 in Vancover, Canada. The Winter Olympics began in 1924, and like the Summer Olympics happen every four years. All sports in the Winter Olympic games take place on ice or snow. This week’s competition is to list as many Winter Olympic events as you can. Pop your entries in the competition post box outside the hall, with your name and class on the back, by Tuesday 23rd February. Good Luck! Concert As you may know, Year 4 have been learning to play instruments such as clarinets, baritones, trombones, trumpets and cornets! They have recently learnt the note B and are learning some new songs like Movin On and Skat Cat Swing, all for their next concert at the Floral Hall on the 12th of March. Y4 will be playing along with the Y5 & Y6 Windband, as well as the famous Wingates Brass Band. Concert tickets, which are available from the Floral Hall, cost £6.00 for adults and £4.00 for children. by Megan Powderly Norwood Crescent, Southport. PR9 7DU. Tel: 01704211960. Fax 01704 232712. Head Teacher: Mr Lee Dumbell. Email:
  3. 3. Let’s Get Cooking On Saturday, 30th January, 2010, Norwood held its first Family Cookery event. Thirteen lucky families returned their slips quickly to be allocated a place. Sadly, the day was over subscribed and at least ten families were disappointed. Everyone turned up promptly for a 9.30 start and were amazed to find the hall transformed. Our ingredients table actually looked more like a Harvest festival display! Tables had been prepared with all manner of equipment including mixing bowls, scales, wooden spoons, baking tins and lots of other items. The big question on everyone’s lips was” What are we making?” This was soon answered with a demonstration of muffin making. Our families produced dozens of batches of different flavoured muffins-parmesan and chive, blueberry, raspberry and lemon. We all enjoyed tasting them at break time. Next, came the soups! Half of our families prepared vegetables for a hearty Winter Vegetable Soup whilst the others made a quick Minestrone. Our main courses were Cottage pie, Chicken and Leek Bake and for our vegetarians, Vegetable Bake. The children prepared lots of different fruit to make Fruit Kebabs for dessert. The adults prepared a delicious Chocolate Bread Pudding which was quite naughty but very nice! At the end of a tiring but very rewarding day, everyone gave the event a big thumbs up. Our evaluation sheets were also full of positive comments. The day took a lot of organisation and time and it would not have been possible without the help of Mr. Postlethwaite, Mrs. Chadwick, Mrs. Murray, Mrs. Coleman, Miss McCarthy, Miss Wainwright, Mrs. Bennet and Mr. Dumbell who gave up part or all of their Saturday to wash up and assist in the kitchen. Both myself and Mrs. Taylor were very pleased with the success of the event. It has inspired us to do it again in the near future! Pat McCarthy Norwood Crescent, Southport. PR9 7DU. Tel: 01704211960. Fax 01704 232712. Head Teacher: Mr Lee Dumbell. Email:
  4. 4. Up and Coming PTA Events Race Night-Friday 16th April Fashion Show-Thursday 20th May Summer Fair-Saturday 26th June Barn Dance and BBQ-Friday 9th July Year 6 Visitor On the 20th January Yr 6 received a very special visit from Father John Seddon from the Catholic Church. He came to talk to us about Catholic religion and the church’s origins. He shared his knowledge with us and told us many facts. For example, Jesus shared his last supper with his 12 disciples, two of these disciples were known as St Simon and St Peter. Also, Jerusalem was the first Catholic church and the word Jerusalem means “St James”. We thoroughly enjoyed Father John’s spectacular visit and we hope that he will continue to share his wisdom with others. by Charlotte Fitzgerald and Luke Dempster. Year 3 Forest School In Forest School 3k enjoyed playing 1,2,3 where are you? Which is another type of hide and seek. They also enjoyed toasting food, building dens out of logs and sticks, and playing in the schools enviroment. 3k have loved Treasure hunting because they got to share out the treasure that everyone had found (chocolate mini eggs!) by Jamie Russell Linaker B 0 - 5 Norwood B Squad-Aaron Rimmer- Alex Nevins- David Berry- Ben Mills- Jordan Scutt(captain)- Aaron Richards- Daniel Sherriff- Joseph Edmunds- Liam Campbell- Callum Roughley- Conor Baggaley. An all out excellent performance by Norwood, in their first game in over 4 months. However, it soon became clear that the break hadn't effected the team, when the captain Jordan Scutt fired home in the early stages of the match. You had to wait for the second period for more goals, but believe me, it was worth waiting. David Berry scored a fantastic goal in the early stages of the period, running past 2 players and placing the ball home. Callum Roughley then scored 2 goals in quick succession, putting real daylight between the two teams. There was still more to come though, when hard man Joseph Edmunds fired the fifth and final goal of the game sealing it for Norwood. There was still more work to do though as Linaker pushed for a miracle. It was all too late, as Norwood held on for their first clean sheet of the season. Hopefully, there are still big things to come for Norwood this season. Man of the Match: Conor Baggaley for his solid defending and Callum Roughley for his 2 goals. Report by Conor Baggaley Norwood Crescent, Southport. PR9 7DU. Tel: 01704211960. Fax 01704 232712. Head Teacher: Mr Lee Dumbell. Email: