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Norwood News
                                          Issue 18                                            28th May 2010
Children in the Spotlight
Yr 3 Hesketh Park Plant Hunt

On Friday morning under the blistering sun, Year 3 set off for Hesketh Park as part of thei...
Dog Fouling

                                                           Meols Cop Quad
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18 (2010)


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18 (2010)

  1. 1. Norwood News Issue 18 28th May 2010 News Team:Katy Watkinson, Milly Rigby, Ishbel Cooke, Megan Powderly, 2 Ruby Fellowes & Luke Dempster TERM DATES Yr 1 Coastguard Visit Summer Term Half Term: Monday 31st May-Friday 4th June (inc) Thursday 24th June Sports Day KS2 am KS1 pm Saturday 26th June 12-3pm Summer Fair Tuesday 29th June-Friday 2nd July Yr6 Llangollen residential School closed: Staff Training day-Monday 5th July Thursday 8th July Dance club, Singing club and Windband performance Afternoon Last Week the Coastguard came to Norwood. They showed us some flags that tell us 2pm Evening 7pm if we can go in the water or not. We sat on a mat and watched Olivia and Jade do an Friday 16th July PTA BBQ act of playing on the beach and the Coastguard came to see if Olivia and Jade were +Barn Dance alright. We also saw the Coastguard van and quad bike. We all got to sit in them. Then we Wednesday 21st July. Y6 Leavers Assembly 9.30am went back into school and watched a film and went home with a goody bag! Thank Leyland Rd Methodist Church you Mr Topping, Mr Harrison and James. We all thought it was excellent. School closes for summer By Nicole Helsby. holiday at 2pm Time to Talk Autumn Term 2010 Our reporters, Joe, Charlotte, Zarin and Kane, finally tracked down Mrs Howard, who Children return to school: Wednesday 1st September had been busy preparing our delicious lunches. 8.55am Q. What is the first job you New to Reception Children do in the morning? Start part time from A. Chop up fruit Monday 6th September and full time from Monday Q. How many people work in 20th September. the kitchen? A. 5 Half term: Q. What is the most popular Monday 25th -Friday 29th meal that you serve? October A. Chips with anything Contact Numbers Q. How long have you worked Breakfast Club 211959 at Norwood? After School Club A. 1 year 07724708015 Norwood Crescent, Southport. PR9 7DU. Tel: 01704 211960. Fax 01704 232712. Head Teacher: Mr Lee Dumbell. Email:
  2. 2. Children in the Spotlight Star of the Week RP:Leia McConnell RP:Emily Watson Silver RT:Joshua Marshall Silver RT:Shannalei Turner Ben has passed his 200m Rainbow Swimming Award. Wonderful! 1B:Rachael Hooton Gold Fraser has received this training certificate from Southport Rugby Club U6's team manager. 1B:Isabelle Hopkins Lane Gold Terrific! 1D:Harry Hopkins Silver Jessica has achieved her 10m award for swimming with a float using backstroke leg kick. 1D:Jamie Roberts Silver Well done! 2M:Emily Berry Silver 2M:Emily Murray Gold 2W:Ben Sumner Silver 3B:Hannah Brookfield Silver 3B:Lucy Fraser Gold 3K:Ben Drummond Gold Tom, a member of Southport FC U9's, has won the Jim Rourke Cup 2009/10. Fantastic! 3K:Joanna Meyler Silver 4CP:Aimee Crawford Silver Jessica has received the goal scorer award, in a 5 a side football tournament for her 4JP:Natasha Leadbetter Silver Church Kidz Klub. Wow! 4JP:George Southern silver Rebecca has a certificate in recognition of her good behaviour at Kidz Klub. 5P:Joseph Edmunds Silver 5M:Gabriel Angay Silver Showcase Extravaganza Thursday 8th July 5M:Ashleigh Thomas Silver Dance club, Singing club and Windband are Well done to all the staff who took part in the 6M:Jordan Scutt Gold having two performances Afternoon 2pm sponsored Ladies Night Walk. Most of the 6C:Georgia Crawford Silver Evening 7pm sponsor money has been collected and More information about tickets will follow at a later stage. counted and the total will be in excess of Breakfast Club £856.00! Shinewaves Competition Last week’s competition was to design a healthy, tasty sandwich which didn’t contain any meat. Unfortunately, no one was inspired to enter! I’ll blame it on the technical difficulties we experienced last week. After half-term, children and Now to this week’s competition. parents going to Breakfast Be nice to nettles week runs 19 - 30 May 2010 Club in the morning will Almost everyone is familiar with the nettle having experienced its formidable sting. To many it is a troublesome weed that should be eradicated wherever it is found. This point need to ring the Breakfast/ of view has only recently developed. Indeed the humble nettle has played, and continues After School Club doorbell to play, an important role in the natural world... Visit to find out more! on the right of the porch Not only are nettles good for butterflies like Red Admiral, Comma and Peacock, they also door to gain access. Thank have so much to offer to other wildlife. There is more information at www.butterfly- you for your support with So this week’s competition is to create a butterfly. It can be based on a real species or this as it will ensure the could be completely made up. It can be any size. You can draw, paint, collage or whatever security and safety of you want. children and staff is strengthened. Pop your entry in the Shinewaves postbox or the office with your name and class on the back by the morning of Monday 7th June. Norwood Crescent, Southport. PR9 7DU. Tel: 01704 211960. Fax 01704 232712. Head Teacher: Mr Lee Dumbell. Email: ‘Norwood Tigers’
  3. 3. Yr 3 Hesketh Park Plant Hunt On Friday morning under the blistering sun, Year 3 set off for Hesketh Park as part of their science work on plants. We were given a guided tour around the Park by Dave Ritchie. We learnt about how they prepared the ground before planting and that many of the plants had been donated by the public. Inside the poly tunnel, we were shown how quickly hanging baskets could be beautifully arranged. We were shown a wren's tiny nest under the archway into the rose garden and were tested on our knowledge of herbs. Later we completed a tree and plant survey and now have some budding gardeners in the Year Group! We were lucky to see a few squirrels scurrying up the trees. A fantastic time was had by all! Handwriting Competition PTA Fashion Show As the improvement of handwriting across the school has been a big focus of our school improvement this year and we have been extremely delighted at the progress the majority of children have made, we are going to hold a special handwriting competition. On Friday 11th June all children will be given an opportunity to produce a piece of handwriting for the competition. Each class will have 4 prizes: Best boy's handwriting; Best girl's handwriting; Most Thank you to all models, parents and staff. A Improved boy's handwriting and Most Improved fantastic time was had by all and we raised £402 for girl's handwriting. So get practising over the PTA funds. Photographs can be viewed on the school holiday! website. School Photographs The class and team photographs will be taking place during the week beginning Monday 14th June. We are offering parents the opportunity of having a different style of photograph instead of the formal class photograph. For a number of years our photographs have been taken solely by Tempest but this year we have also invited in Ward Hendry to take some so that parents can decide which they prefer. We have arranged it during the same week so both samples should arrive back at a similar time so parents will be able to make their choice. Ward Hendry photographs - Monday 14th June Tempest photographs - Friday 18th June Norwood Crescent, Southport. PR9 7DU. Tel: 01704 211960. Fax 01704 232712. Head Teacher: Mr Lee Dumbell. ‘Norwood Tigers’ Email:
  4. 4. Dog Fouling Meols Cop Quad Kids Athletics Kaitlin, Abigail, It has been brought to our attention that Stephanie, Heather, a parent, who brings a dog to school has Jamie, Joseph, Adam been letting their dog foul the pavement & Lewis were the around school. We have been trying very winning team from hard with one of our Governors, Norwood. Councillor David Sumner and the local Congratulations! ‘Norwood Tigers’ Community Support Police to ensure the area has been kept free of any such dog mess. Naturally we are very disappointed and annoyed that one of our parents has Keeping Norwood Safe chosen to let their dog contribute to this Coming to School mess. We would ask all parents to It has come to our attention that a number of children are coming to support us in ensuring the area around school well before 8.30 am before there is a member of staff on duty school is as clean and safe as possible. to supervise them. This is also before the school crossing patrol has After School Clubs begun and so we are concerned about their safety. Although Mr. Dumbell may be on the playground from 8.30 am, we need to remind Please can parents make sure children parents that children will not be supervised until 8.40 as stated in the inform staff directly if they are unable to prospectus. attend any of the after school activities that are on offer at school. A register is Assemblies always taken and if any child is not This term's assembly themes are for the weeks beginning: accounted for then we will treat that child Monday 12th April-Spring as missing and our Missing Child policy will Monday 19th April-Keeping Healthy and Eating Well be started. Please support us with this as Monday 26th April-Buddhist New Year not only can this cause worry to parents, Monday 3rd May-Beginning again children and staff, but it is also a reminder Monday 10th May-A History of Britain about good manners and responsibility to Monday 17th May Who Are We? - Community Cohesion the children. Monday 24th May Sun Safety and Children/Schools in South Film Club Africa Monday 7th June-The World Cup Next Screening: 10.6.10 The Secret of Nimh Monday 14th June-Keeping Safe (U). Remember you can find out more about Monday 21st June SEAL assembly-Changes upcoming screenings by logging on to Monday 28th June The Importance of Sleep Monday 5th July Children/Schools in USA Walk to School Winners Monday 12th July-Being Happy Monday 19th July-Moving On The next SEAL Celebration assembly on the theme of Changes will take place in the afternoon of Thursday 15th July. What a fantastic response to our walk to school competition. The winning classes and their prizes are, RP, who chose to watch a film. 2W, who chose an extra lunch break on the field and 3K, who chose Extra Golden Time. Check out our website with easier access to these newsletters. Well done to everyone who made the effort to walk to school Norwood Crescent, Southport. PR9 7DU. Tel: 01704 211960. Fax 01704 232712. Head Teacher: Mr Lee Dumbell. Email: ‘Norwood Tigers’