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  1. 1. Ed Sheeran – You Need Me, I Don't Need You <br />
  2. 2. Summary<br />Artist: Ed Sheeran<br />Track: You Need Me, I Don’t Need You<br />Length: 3minutes, 40seconds<br />Released: August 26th, 2011<br />Labels:Asylum/Atlantic Records<br />Producers': Ed Sheeran <br />Writers: Ed Sheeran<br />Genre:Hip Hop Soul<br />Type:Performance<br />
  3. 3. Music video conventions:- Lip syncing- Choreographed dancing (performance) - The video adhere the genre of Hip Hop > The norm in Hip Hop music is to include a dance routine or performance. Ed Sheeran’s videos forms a performance which relates to the lyrics throughout majority of the song. <br />Conventions<br />
  4. 4. Mise-en-scene<br />Dancer:-The performance in this song is very effective as majority of the routine matches the lyrical content. When Ed Sheeran sings ‘I say the words that make you blush’ the performer stokes his hands on his cheeks. This is successful as its different from other videos.- The performer featured is not Ed Sheeran, and therefore, the performer is not mining the song. This allows the performance to stand out.- The performer is centred in the middle, this connoting he is the most important aspect of the video when he is shown. - The video is in black and white(monotone). This is effective as again it makes the performance stand out as there isn't anything else going on in the background. - During the performance: > the performer turns to the side> the lights flash>different shots are shown > a group of three dancers are shown>objects/people appear relating to the lyrics...all these things help make the video different and not repetitive as people may get bored.- The clothing worn by the perform, Ed Sheeran and the others featured in the video is very casual, as the video is in black and white, it can’t be made clear the different colours worn. However, the casual clothing suggest the target audience who are able to relate to who they see in the video.<br />Ed Sheeran: - At first Ed is only seen strumming the guitar, at this point you can’t see his face. This helps to identify the instrument used in the song. - His guitar has a paw print on it and that's how majority of the viewers who are loyal fans are able to identify its him playing the guitar. - During the song Ed is seen in close-ups and as a silhouette again this is so viewers are able to identify him with his music and his video.<br />
  5. 5. Screenshots of Mise-en-scene<br />The routine matches the lyrical content. ‘I say the words that make you blush’ <br />Paw print is visible – fans able to identify him. <br />Strumming the guitar, identifying instrument. <br />Centred in the middle, connoting importance.<br />Examples of the different shots Ed is seen in.<br />Ensure the video is not repetitive:<br />Different performance angles/shotsGroup of dancersObjects.<br />
  6. 6. Camera, Editing and Sound<br />Camera:- Wide shot is used to show the performer in a full frame. - Medium close-ups are used to show the performers features and hand movements to make it clear he’s imitating the lyrics. - Extreme close-ups are used to show the performer in great detail (for example, he's eye). - Cut-ins are used to show other parts of the performer’s body (for example, he’s hands) and Ed Sheeran’s body (for example, he’s hands whilst strumming the guitar) in detail.- Cutaways show something different other than the performer who is seen as the main subject. An example of this is when the three dancers are shown or when Ed Sheeran is shown.<br />Editing: - Cross-cutting allows the viewers to see the performer, images of an object (for example a school), the three dances and Ed Sheeran. <br />Sound:- The performance is clearly explained through the vocals of Ed Sheeran, for example he sings ‘seems to sort of suffocate me’ the actions relate to this as he puts his hands in a ‘V’ shape around his neck. - Sound is diegetic.<br />
  7. 7. Screenshots of Camera and Editing<br />Wide shot shows performer in full frame.<br />Medium close up shows performers features and imitation using hands. <br />Extreme close-ups show features in great detail. <br />Examples of cut-ins. <br />Examples of cutaway. <br />Example shot of cross-cutting.<br />