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Music tribes 2


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Music tribes 2

  1. 2. ‘ Yeah!’ is a song by an American artist named Usher, the audience target for this video is mainly starting from 18 and above and for all the people who are interested in RnB & hip hop songs, the reason is that there are a lot of dancing which some people might dislike, the beat shows that its for a teen/adults because it’s a much faster and shows that young children wont listen to that kind of music. The video starts with ‘U’ necklace with is covered in real stones in a black background this is so the necklace stands out in the black background; the ‘U’ in the necklace stands for the main artist which is Usher, this covers on of the things that include in RnB and Hip-hop because of the necklace as most people wear necklaces like that which is known as ‘bling bling’ . The camera gets into the dancing straight away with the main artist appears, there is low key lighting in black background, because the artist is wearing white; he stands out whilst he starts dancing soon as the blue light appear which gives an effect and makes in more entertaining for the audience to watch. After the camera cuts showing lots of other people on the dance floor, with blue light; this contrast with the blue light on the start of the video.
  2. 3. The blue light stay throughout the whole video this is to create an atmosphere of the whole RnB and Hip Hop genre, the mise – en- scene in this video is in a club and the whole video is a performance based video this is so the audience is entertained the whole way through whilst listening to the song, the typical RnB genre you can tell is by the clothing that is worn in the video, bling bling chains, studs in one ear, rings, caps, baggy jeans, shirt with no buttons on, matching jacket and trainers shows the whole typical RnB genre. the audience and the fans of RnB can get influenced by videos like this because of the types of clothing that is worn. The video carry's on with constants cuts to the people dancing; there is a jump cut to a pretty lady wearing a dress and because the lady is pretty; this is influence mainly the male audience to watch the video as well as listening to the song. The colours of the clothes also blend in with the blue light throughout the whole video.
  3. 4. As the dancer walks into the club there is a cut straight back to Usher in a mid shot view, this shows that they will be connected in the video, the camera cuts again to usher sitting down and the lady is going to sit next to him, the camera zooms into ushers face, this is to shows his facial expression and the way he looks at the lady, after there is a shot reverse shot to the lady which also is a close up to show her facial expression and to show the way she looks back at Usher. The low key lighting carries on throughout the video to create the atmosphere of the night.
  4. 5. The camera cuts to usher dancing again ad then shows a shot reverse shot of usher and the dancer, this chemistry between them show very clearly and the camera zoom in and show a close up on the dancers hand on usher leg. This part of the video shows what type of audience this video is for, because of the type of dancing and so on; this may influence young children and mostly is dedicated for 18 and over. As the video carries on the dancer gets up and walks towards he dance floor shows a long shot of her and her dress.
  5. 6. As the performance carries from the lady dancing on the dance floor, this persuades Usher to go onto the dance floor to dance with her. There is a mid shot of Usher’s back going towards the dance floor; you know it’s the dance floor because of the people in the background and dancing with the song. On his back there is a symbol which covers one of the typical RnB & Hip hop codes and conventions. Its blue and tint of white; this contrasts with the blue light on the dance floor and the colour of his shirt. Usher walks onto the dance floor and starts dancing with the lady, as they are dancing there are few repeat cuts to usher dancing on his own and singing, whilst it shows him there is a close up to show him singing and to show his facial expressions.
  6. 7. On this part of the video, they start dancing, and there is a mid-shot to the there body movements and position, as she is on his back; this shows the closeness with the artist and the dancer. When she does jump onto his back, they move there head back and forth, with contrast with the actual song that says ‘yeah’! From the blue light it changes to green, whilst they are dancing; the audience will know at this point that something will change, and it does Usher changes his clothes and whilst his dancing on his own there is the green light in the background to match the clothes his wearing. However, it not much difference to the ones before as they still cover the RnB and Hip hop conventions with the chains and hats etc. Usher is dancing and singing on his own when all of a sudden, another artist Lil Jon comes from the dark background, wearing also green to match the green light. His holding a bottle of Vodka which shows the Hip Hop and RnB thing, because as most people know its all about clubbing, dancing, signing loud and getting drunk; this could be known as a bad thing so it shows that it video is not targeted at a younger audience as this could influence to bad things.
  7. 8. This part of the video, Usher starts doing his performance till the end of the video; there are many cuts every 3 seconds this is so the music video doesn’t get boring and stay effective throughout the whole video, as Usher is dancing other dancers come from the back and dance too, this is to show that this music video is a full performance based to keep the audience going and enjoying the dancing as well as the song. There are lots of cut at this part of the video, as its shows Usher and Lil Jon in another scene with green light flashing on them. This is to show the location they are in which is a club. Some part of the video it shows Lil Jon shaking the Vodka bottle close to the camera, this may show the enjoyment going on at that part of the video.
  8. 9. Nearly the end of the music video another artist enters named Ludacris raps his part; in hip hop & RnB rapping is very common and again covers the conventions. When Ludacris is rapping is shows another scene with people dancing beside him and there's a red background, this is so the blue light stands out. There is another cut to the scene with the green light the difference is that this time Ludacris comes and raps, however his clothes are changed again to something green to match the green light hitting on them. There are close ups to show who is singing and to see there facial expressions. This camera cuts to another scene with Usher in a long shot entering a hall way as he gets pulled to a wall by a lady. The low key lighting at this point is very effective as you can just see there outline and blackened their faces out.
  9. 10. To the end the music video, it just shows the dancers dancing and few cuts shots of usher singing, after the last few shots of usher dancing and as the video finishes he turns around and walks away and the camera turns black, this goes back to the start of the video as it also started in black.
  10. 11. Sex on Fire is the first single to be taken from Kings of Leon's fourth studio album Only by the Night and as of September 2009. The song was nominated for Best Rock Song, and won the award for Best Rock Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group. The target audience for this video is 15 and above and for people who love rock songs. As it is called ‘Sex on Fire’ the low key lighting throughout the whole video represents the fire as there is orange lighting hitting on their faces. The beginning of the music video starts with a extreme close up of one of the artist eye, this is so song the facial expression on the artists face, then the camera zooms out slowly and shows a close up of the artists face, after there is a cut to the a bowl of water with a orange light reflecting on it, again this may represent fire.
  11. 12. The camera cuts to the artist again by showing a close up of him, the artist is sweating as this emphasizes what the fire has don’t to them, as it is really hot and it will make them sweat. The whole video is low key lighted this is to create the atmosphere of the rock genre as it is one of the typical conventions of rock. Some scenes are speeded up such as when the guitarist is playing this is to fit the high actioned effects happening at this time. But then the following scene is created in slow motion to fit the slow tempo of the song. To create this music video a lot of camera work has been involved which is why t is so successful for example, hand held shots, fades, jump cuts, shaking of the camera, shot reverse shots etc. The mise en scene of this music video is very simple.
  12. 13. There are repeated close ups of each band member in the opening scenes, this allows the viewer to identify who they are, followed by a zoom out shot of the band all together. This is a typical convention of a music video. The band is dressed casual yet they are given that Rocker look. This video is completely performance based as the band are there again to create entertainment to the viewer and this is done extremely well.
  13. 14. The camera zooms in slowly as the band is going to sing on the microphones and drums etc. the camera zooms into each artists face whilst they are singing. There are few repeats shots this is so the audience kept get reminding what they are watching. However, the camera is slow motion at most parts this is to show that its important and the parts where the camera movement is quite fast it too show the chaotic and make the audience feel the atmosphere.
  14. 15. As they are singing on the microphones, there is a close up of the guitars, drums and the other instruments, this shows the rock genre as it is one of the typical rock conventions. The end scene is of the main singer himself. This leaves the reader remembering the band as well as the song which is a convention always used in music videos. The number off effects and camera work included has made this music video extremely effective and the performance by the band has also made it a very realistic video.
  15. 16. <ul><li>Lady gaga – Judas; starts with a long shot of motorbikes and the whole scene, the start of video is edited as you can see the background of this scene it black and white and the words ‘JUDAS’ show up in red. The cross at the bottom of the title represents ‘Jesus’ which shows that Judas is another word for Jesus. This is so the audience know what the video is and the colour red to attract the audience and get the video started. The video starts with people in the bikes. Lady gaga at the front of the bikes, to show who's going to be singing the song. </li></ul><ul><li>Another long shot of the back of the motor bikes as they are riding, the colours still edited to show the comparison of black and white. The clothes they are wearing are all full black this is so it stands out against the white in the video. </li></ul>
  16. 17. The camera zooms in to a mid shot to show lady gaga face more clearly; the whole scene is still edited, as the whole background is still black. As her hair is yellow this is so it stands out. The clothes she's wearing is the rock genre. This is good shot as she's looking back this is a tracking shot, it’s a long shot as you can see riding the bike. The way the camera has shot this, its shows how fast the bike is speeding and you can feel the atmosphere.
  17. 18. There is a mid/long shot of the artists and the other dancers on the bikes. Lady gaga is in purple and yellow hair, this is so the audience knows who the main artist is and so she catches everyone's eyes instantly than the other dancers as they are in black and white. This is the part of the video where the music starts, as you can see this is a high long shot of their backs on the bike, this shot is low key lighting as most parts is dark and you cant see much. The shows of the high buildings create the effect of the video and makes it effective.
  18. 19. Close up of lady gaga faces shows her lips and her teeth. This shows the sexuality and that she is a lady ; you can tell this by the red lipstick on her lips. She's wearing red to show the rock genre and to contracts with the red that she is wearing. On the right hand side you can see another persons face. Long shot of the person back, the back of the person’s jacket shows the symbol of the skull which shows that it may be a rock/punk video.
  19. 20. The scene cuts to another scene where it is all dark and the low key lighting shows and builds the atmosphere of the rock genre, there is constant cuts thought-out the whole video, the camera zooms into the corner of the room showing the bike and guitar, this is to show that there might be some dancing and the song will fully start. Then there the entrance of the main artist in bright clothes this is so she stands out from everyone in the room. The whole video is a performed based, this is to entertain the audience as well as listening to the song, the dancers in the background are wearing the same colour as the colours of the wall, this is so you don’t really notice them much and your main eye is on the main artist. As the dancing starts the camera moves side to side at the same time as the are dancing this is for extra effect.
  20. 21. From the dancing the camera cuts again to the bike scene and cuts again to the main artist dancing. Part of mise-en-scene lady gaga changes her black clothes, that establishes the whole rock/pop genre. Whilst she is dancing it zooms into her face, the eye make up is thick black eye which looks like a cats eye, as sometimes they say that black cats are sign of evil, this may show that the main artist looks evil or they try to show her that way. Once again her clothes change into something much different to the one before, and again zooms into her face whilst she is singing, this time her hair is differently placed and her eye make up too.
  21. 22. The camera cuts to a sign saying ‘Electils Chapel’ this shows another location where the video is set, it looks like a club from inside, its in red with creates the genre of rock and evil. as the dancing carries on inside the club, the is a long shot of everyone in the club, looks really crowded and the chaos going on inside the club, throughout the dancing the camera focuses on the main artist in most parts of the video, on one part she has puts her hands together which looks like a hearts, this establishes that she is trying to create love in the club however on the other hand the chaos starts again and the people start fighting but this is shown in a dancing form which is very effective and makes the video really successful.
  22. 23. The camera zooms and shows a over shoulder shot of lady gaga and another dancer, at this point she is holding a gun and trying to shot him, the dancer is straight focusing into lady gaga’s eyes which causes a serious effect on this point, as there is another cut to lady gaga in the sea, there is a high long shot showing the white water coming in force. This shows the calm and cool lady gaga the camera cuts again to the main artist in black clothes and shows a mid shot with two dancers on both sides, the fire in the background represents the evil. Its also shows that she has gone down into the sea and has raised from the hole with fire which represent hell.
  23. 24. To end the video lady gaga is on the floor dead. The jump cuts used and mid shots used help towards the success of this music video as the more edits included the more successful and high quality the music video will become. Over all the video is a performed based video to keeps the audience entertained the all time as well as listening the song. This video sends a message and gives a story for the audience to understand, all the way through the video there is low key lighting, this is to show the dark, and evil effect of the video and also to present the rock genre to the audience, the camera cuts to sense to scene in the video this is to show how much is going on in the video whilst she is singing the song. The location of the video is mostly in a club where they start dancing but at the start of the video its on the street on their bike. She changes her clothes a few times whilst she is dancing this is so the audience don’t get bored and this is to keep them entertain because the video is quite long. The colours used in the video, is mostly black and red and white this is to add effect and show the evilness.
  24. 25. Baby is a song by Canadian recording artist Justin Bieber sand the rapper Ludacris. The genre is mainly pop blending in with dance and Hip Hop as Ludacris raps by the end of the music video. The target audience will be young teenagers and people who are interested in pop. The opening of the video is of the main artist and long mid shot of Justin Bieber with black clothes on, and the background is dark outside but lighting of guitars, this is one of the pop convention as It looks like his in a club bowling with friends, which young teenagers will do &the camera zooms in to Justin’s face as he starts singing. The camera cuts to him in the club with his friends.
  25. 26. The camera moves fast as Justin comes into the club, there is a mid shot of him showing what he is wearing which is a blue shirt, there is a shot reverse shot of him and the girls. This emphasizes the chemistry between teenage love. The camera cuts to Justin Bieber as he carry's on singing, with the background light, there are many cuts in this music video to cause effect and emphasizes the party scene. Most parts a low key lighting this is also to show the clubbing night scene with also is one of the typical pop conventions.
  26. 27. The music video depends on what type of song he is singing and when the lyric says ‘just shout whenever and I’ll be there’ when his singing that lines he does the hand gestures to make it more interesting. And the music video carries on with many mid shots throughout the video and the camera starts spinning while Justin Bieber is singing. The constant mid shot / long shot ins of both artists allows the reader to know who they are as well as keeping them the main focus of the music video. This music video is completely performance based, the artists are always there to entertain the viewers in this video and this is what is so intriguing. The dancing carried out by the artists add further interest to the music video and gives it a more performance look as well as the singing. The mise en scene of ‘Baby’ is used to create a pop look. This is identified by the clothing worn and the locations used, for example The jeans worn by the main artist.
  27. 28. The camera moves constantly round and round as Justin Bieber is singing, this is to create an atmosphere and effect of the song. The edit are constantly every 3 seconds as he is dancing this is so the music video doesn’t be boring along side with the song. As this is a all performance based video because this is for the audience as they will be constantly will be reminded who the song is sang by. The low key lighting is shown in some parts of the video this is to create the whole “party night scene” for teenagers.
  28. 29. The camera cut to another group of boys which are also artists in the music industry showing a mid shot of them and again the camera cuts to Justin Bieber in a different scene and wearing different clothes, this is so the audience don't get bored. The camera shows a close up of Justin Bieber showing his facial expression and the camera moves back slowly and shows a long shot of him to show what he is wearing.. Again the camera zooms in and out to cause effect. The background contrasts with the colour shirt the main artist is wearing.
  29. 30. This music video is highly effective with the shit reverse shot of the main artist and the dancer as it shows the chemistry between them with low key lighting and then cuts to the another artist at the next minute and cuts again to the main artist, this is so the audience know which artist is who however they should already know that as they are really big stars already. The main artists which increases its popularity as it adds a narrative to the music video. it cuts to a outside scene with low key lighting throughout the whole video, this is to show and give an effect of it being night time. The constant mid shot / long shot ins of both artists allows the reader to know who they are as well as keeping them the main focus of the music video. This music video is completely performance based, the artists are always there to entertain the viewers in this video and this is what is so intriguing. The dancing carried out by the artists add further interest to the music video and gives it a more performance look as well as the singing.
  30. 31. Ludacris comes into this scene as he raps, many genre like Pop, RnB and Hip Hop have someone rapping and another artist singing, this is so make the singing more effective for the audience to listen and more interesting, with the song the video also includes the artist on this part of the scene its shows the other artist and the camera zooms into a close up of his face. As he starts rapping it cuts back to the dancing scene then cuts again with an edit of high key lighting on Justin Bieber face the darkens. At a point the camera goes down to Justin Bieber’s legs to shoes as a mid shot angle, this is to show him dancing and the steps his taking.. Also the mise – en scene which is the clothes his is wearing. This will influence the audience to wear the types of clothes Justin Bieber is wearing as they may be a fan.
  31. 32. By the end of the music video and the song, there is a mid shot of Ludacris and Justin Bieber as they finishes singing then the camera zooms out showing a long shot of the both artists. By the ending there is a close up of Justin Bieber's Hands as a “peace out sign” which in another words means bye, for teenagers. This also covers on of the typical Pop/Hip Hop conventions. The camera cuts to the scene with the dancers and shows Justin and the ‘lady’ walking off together, this also tells us that the song is nearly finishing and tries to tell us that the typical love fairy tales ‘they live happily ever after’. As they walk off the camera zooms in slowly and in pitch black. Over all I think that the mise en scene for this genre is similar to RnB but because the target audience is much younger and teens the clothes are normally jeans, trainers, shirt and watch/chains. The location is bowling and disco which is suitable as it was a performance based video. There were many mid shots/long shots and many cuts after every 5 second this is because they were dancing, therefore it made it more effective and highly successful.