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3 reasons for changes on storyboard


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3 reasons for changes on storyboard

  1. 1. Reasons for changes on storyboardSome changes were due to our audience feedback
  2. 2. We decided to keep this After showing our audience,scene, however, change it a the feedback that we receivedlittle bit. made it clear the audienceInstead of the pictures would like this scene to befalling, we decided to show taken elsewhere within thea point of view shot of the house and so we decided toartist taking the pictures off show this scene in the living.. Showing that when it room with the singer pickingcame to ‘the boyfriend’ she up the frame. In order to cutwould touch the picture, from the previous scene wewhich would reinforce her decided to use an effect whichemotion. is like a peel which fits in when she takes the picture off. We stuck with the stop motion, as our audience thought this was very effective and a good effect.
  3. 3. Again the audiencefeedback receivedpointed out thebedroom scenewasnt effective andtherefore, wechanged it to a pointof view shot of herdoing some writtenwork. We still decided to go into a picture, however, this time while she was working, as the school scene was proving to be difficult.
  4. 4. As the school scene wasproving to be difficult forthe stop motion becauseof the lighting issues, wedecided to carry on withstop motion, however,change it to a park scenebut have the sameconcept of the mainfemale seeing herboyfriend cheating onher with another girl.As we was no longerusing the school scene,the door idea had to beput aside and therefore,we decided to dip intoblack before it changes tothe next scene. Thiswould allow the audienceto know there’s a changeof scene.
  5. 5. From our audiencefeedback, majoritysaid instead ofshowing a text, showthat he is calling andthen show a spiltscreen showing themtalking on the phoneas this will have amore effectiveoutcome.
  6. 6. We decided to cut these two scenes out as our targetWe decided to cut audience suggested it wouldthe scene of the be more effective to cut toartist singing and the male walking away fromsimply just show her the house once the stuffthrowing the stuff from the box had beenout the window. thrown down. This would allow the audience to see more emotion and will show the break up has come to an end as the male is seen to be walking off.