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OMMA Metrics - Raj Aggarwal
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OMMA Metrics - Raj Aggarwal


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Published in: Technology
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  • How it worksThis is why you don’t have Nielsen and comScore data, because app developers aren’t just adding tags, they’re embedding this data deep into their appsHTML5 works more like an app and will have many of the same issues/challenges
  • iOS had a bump with the iPhone 4S and moving to additional carriersiOS smaller overall but app usage is much higher
  • It’s not just the iPhone…iPod Touch & iPad are hugeiPod Touch especially big among childreniPad makes up nearly 20% of all iOS devices and continues to grow fast
  • Android tablets however are only 6% of total Android devices. This has been driven recently the Kindle FireThe good news is that there is some consolidation for publishers on Android devices – the vast majority are 7” devicesI tried out a 5” Phablet which I personally found the worst of all worlds, and the numbers show I wasn’t the only one unimpressed
  • On the other hand, fragmentation on Android handsets is talked about a lot and while there are different configurations, we actually found much of the fuss around Android fragmentation is overstatedIf you account for the most popular two screen sizes you hit nearly 2/3 of all users.The same goes for OSs, the vast majority of users are on 2.3 so you can develop accordingly, even if you leave a small percentage behind
  • Fragmentation on HTML5 is real though. The problem is that the HTML5 spec is being implemented differently by various browsers and device manufacturersAs a result, something different breaks on every different type of device. Not as big a deal on iOS since there are only a few devices, but it’s unsustainable on AndroidYou also have to think about how these apps will be distributed as people still tend to go to app stores to download apps.Of course it enables an app like experiences; will require app oriented tools
  • - People are willing to discover and try out apps
  • Apps drive more engagement, but its also because your most loyal (and valuable) customers use the app26% bouncing sounds bad, but
  • Phones are very personal  intimate engagement
  • Cohort data persists and is more reliable than web
  • What time of day
  • Users who buy in their first session buy less over the course of their lifetime than users who make their first purchase later.Highlights ability to get rich engagement dataSimilar feel to the in-app purchases study we didBecause you have access to the app and its storage, you can store metadata about the user, for example, did this person purchase and what is their lifetime spend to-dateCan do it with Google Analytics by jerry-rigging it, but with apps its an inherent part of how you will track analytics
  • Issues are attribution, lack of targeting.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Mobile App AnalyticsOMMA Metrics & Research February 21, 2012
    • 2. Agenda 1. Introduction 2. Mobile app trends 3. Mobile app measurement
    • 3. App analytics for top publishers & brands• Cambridge, MA based• Founded 2008• 200+ million unique devices• Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows Phone, BlackBerry & HTML5
    • 4. Instrumenting apps for analytics 1. SDK: Requires 3. Dashboard + embedded code App session data export 2. Batched/compressed uploads
    • 5. Agenda 1. Introduction 2. Mobile app trends 3. Mobile app measurement
    • 6. iOS & Android maintain dominance Global Smartphone Units Shipped by OS 9% Other 9% Windows 12%21% RIM 24% Symbian50% 51% iOS 6% Android Source: Gartner, Jan 2012
    • 7. All iOS devices growing fast iOS Device Breakdown 62% 19% 18% iPhone iPod Touch iPad Source: Localytics, Feb 2012
    • 8. Android tablet specs converging Android Tablet Sizes• 5% of all Android devices are tablets 74%• 70% are Kindle Fire or Samsung Galaxy Tab 22% 4% 7" 10.1" Other Source: Localytics, Jan 2012
    • 9. Android fragmentation over-stated Android Handset Sizes Top Android Spec 41% 22% 11% 9% 4.3" 4.0" 3.2" 3.7" Source: Localytics, Jan 2012
    • 10. Fragmentation a big concern for HTML5 • Pure HTML5 apps still far; hybrid apps growing • Heavy fragmentation & testing requirements • Not distributed via app store • Enables app-like user experience
    • 11. Retaining app users is challenging 26% 26% Used app Used app only once 10+ times 13% 9% 7% 5% 4% 3% 3% 2% 2% 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11+ Number of Times an App Was Used Source: Localytics, Mar 2011
    • 12. Apps drive stronger engagement News Readers More Engaged on Apps than Web 70% 23% 24% 7% 2+ uses per month 10+ uses per month Websites Mobile & Tablet Apps Source: Localytics, Sept 2011 & Nielsen, May 2011
    • 13. Engagement varies by category iPad Sessions per Month 13 5 5 4 3 3 3 2 2 Source: Localytics, Aug 2011
    • 14. Apps enable accurate session tracking iPad Session Length (% of Average) 256% 228% 210% 162% 100% 84% 82% 72% 45% 17% Source: Localytics, Aug 2011
    • 15. Agenda 1. Introduction 2. Mobile app trends 3. Mobile app measurement
    • 16. Web methods don’t work for apps• Sessions & events, not pages• Device IDs not cookies• Offline usage support• Location support (GPS, mobile IPs)• Uploads need batching/compressing• Data cleansing required
    • 17. New opportunities for engaging users• Measure – Accurate user, session and engagement data – Rich contextual information – Granular location data• Interact – Push notifications – Store/use data on client – Offline capable
    • 18. Measure rich contextual dataApp: Walk & Run Tracker Source: Localytics
    • 19. Target offers using location & contextApp: CardStar (Constant Contact)
    • 20. Timely push notifications to retain usersApp: Voxy Language Learning Retained users Send push 2nd week 3rd week alert 34% 31% 52% 14% 14% 29% 22% 23% Sept 19 Sept 26 Oct 3 Oct 10 Source: Localytics
    • 21. Impulse shoppers buy less over timeApplication: Top 5 iPhone/iPad game Session of First In-App Lifetime In-App Purchase Purchases 44% 3.5 33% 2.8 22% First Session Session 2-9 Session 10+ 1st Session Purchasers All Other In-App Purchasers Source: Localytics
    • 22. Challenges of mobile app analytics• Promotional Campaign Analytics – Available via Android Market…sometimes – Limited attribution and targeting• Location for non-GPS apps unreliable• Unique IDs often unreliable and changing• Instrumentation varies by platform
    • 23. Summary• Focus on key platforms and configurations that hit majority of users• Leverage the uniqueness of apps – Accurate and complete measurement – Do more on the client• Apps enable new opportunities for engagement
    • 24. Powerful, Real-time Application Analytics Raj Aggarwal | | 24
    • 25. Presenting in-app offersApp: National News app • When to “nag” users to Subscription rate per article subscribe? • Highest conversion on articles completed and/or shared • Load offers on client for Article opened 100% of article viewed timely delivery Source: Localytics
    • 26. Mobile app usage ramp unprecedented 90Apps 50 48downloaded 30per user iOS Android BlackBerry WindowsApps available 500K+ 400K+ 60K+ 60K+Apps downloaded 24B+ 11B+ 2B+ < 1BInstalled base 250M+ 200M+ 140M+ 10MLaunch date 7/08 10/08 4/09 10/10 Source: Distimo