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Lymphatic system
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Lymphatic system


This powerpoint presentation is a perfect Tool to Report about Lymphatic system Comprehensively yet, briefly. It discusses about the importance of the Lymphatic system and its organs and how each of …

This powerpoint presentation is a perfect Tool to Report about Lymphatic system Comprehensively yet, briefly. It discusses about the importance of the Lymphatic system and its organs and how each of them works or functions. At the end of the slideshow I have added the most commonly acquired Lymphatic diseases. Besides, I have added tips on how to have a healthy Lymphatic system. All of this comes with pictures so it would not be hard to describe it. Hope you guys will find this useful

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  • 1. PREVIEW *THE LYMPHATIC SYSTEM is functionally related to cardiovascular system. *THE LYMPHATIC SYSTEM strengthen the immune system response by preventing the spread of disease- causing microorganisms Question to ponder: ***How do lymphatic system supplement the Cardiovascular system? ***Why is it important? ***How does it help my immune system?
  • 2. PARTS OF LYMPHATIC SYSTEM I- LYMPHATIC VESSELS - pick-up the excess tissue fluid called Lymph and return it to the blood stream. *Composed of: lymphatics- make the lymph flow toward only in the heart. lymph capillaries- absorbs water and dissolved proteins between tissue cells and blood capillaries Right Lymphatic duct- drains the lymph from the right part of the body. Thoracic duct- drains lymph from the left side of the body
  • 3. Lymph Capillaries
  • 4. II- LYMPH NODES *Filter and cleans lymph. *Has macrophages that engulf and destroy foreign substances, and *Has Lymphocytes( a type of white blood cell) that fights and respond to foreign substances. *its internal framework supports the multiplication of lymphocytes. *its outer part has follicles(collection of lymphocytes) which produces plasma cells that releases antibodies.
  • 5. III- OTHER LYMPHOID ORGANS *Spleen- Filters blood. It destroys worn out red- blood cells and return some of their breakdown products to the liver. *Thymus -functions at peak level only during youth. It produces thymosin that programs Lymphocyte. *Tonsils-traps and remove bacteria entering the throat. *Peyer’s patches- found on the small intestines. They capture and destroy bacteria before it penetrate the intestinal wall.
  • 6. DISEASES OF LYMPHATIC SYSTEM: LYMPHEDEMA *occurs due to an accumulation of lymphatic fluid that results to swelling.
  • 7. SPLENOMEGALY enlarged spleen that develops due to a viral infection.
  • 8. TONSILLITIS- *Infection of the tonsils. *It become swollen and inflamed, leading to a sore throat, fever, and difficulty and pain while swallowing.
  • 9. HOW TO MAINTAIN A HEALTHY LYMPHATIC SYSTEM A. Eat well * Include fruits and vegetables in your diet, these contain enzymes which are powerful lymph cleaners. B. Drink plenty of water * it prevents the build-up of toxins * helps to flush them out of the system. C. Exercise regularly *The more you move, the more active your bodily systems are.
  • 10. * Regular exercise helps to keep formation of excess cholesterol at bay . *purges the body of harmful toxins and fortifies the immune system, which in turn promotes a healthy lymphatic system. D. Avoid stress * Stress and depression hamper normal functioning of your organs * Maintain a positive attitude towards life. E. Skin Brushing * dry brushing of the skin, opens up clogged pores and improves lymph flow * It stimulates cell renewal by getting rid of the dead skin cells. .
  • 11. F. PRAY The wisest way to become healthy!. But pray also for the health of your soul for it is what truly matters! our Physical self will rot but our Soul will be eternal! .
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  • 14. CREDITS: Mayeth Wyne F. Palay ( PowerPoint Maker, Researcher, Planner) Razen Mae Dagaraga ( Concept Maker, Visual Aids Maker, Researcher)