physiology glands renal function tets cell hormones lung compliance elastance digestion vestibular apparatus integumentary system skin pancreas conduction system of heart git transport oxygen tissue blood volume liver regulation of respiration haemostasis lactation muscle circulation learning memory dr nilesh kate cardiac output git hormones intestine motility cell membrane hormones basics introduction system respiratory emg electromyography neurotrophins growth actors nerve cytoskeleton cell junction intercellular junctions junctions gastric function tests rna dna genetics muscle contraction thermal changes energy source physiology of heart anatomy disturbances sexual development sexual growth analysis semen physiology og pregnancy physiology of lactation pancreatic function tests intestinal glands ivf infertility evolked potential proteins golgi tendon organ properties reflexes reflex action muscle spindle pulmonary circulation kidney hormones renal hormones physiology of pregnancy pregnancy parasympathetic system sympathetic system niddm iddm chronic renal failure acute renal failure unmyelinated nerves myelinated nerves rigidity spasticity lower motor neuron lesion upper motor neuron lesion juxtamedullary nephron cortical nephron passive immunity active immunity large intestine small intestine gall bladder mnemonics aids immunity sweet taste buds taste sense of smell calcium progesterone oestrogen female reproductive hormones pacemakers inulin clearance succus entericus acromegaly gigantism growth hormones eeg sleep blood brain barrier csf meninges behaviour emotions limbic system thyroid central nervous system synapse heart rate cardiac cycle diagrams nerve muscle physiology diagram general physiology contraceptive methods carbon dioxide coronary circulation blood group system endocrine hormones spleen reticuloendothelial system esr rbc pcv jaundice motor end plate diffusion of gases exchange of gases white blood cells leucocytes platelets haemostasis ascending tracts neurophysiology of vision photochemistry of vision adrenal cortex glucocorticoids anterior pituitary gland tubular reabsorption gfr urine formation posture regulation micturition reflex urination spinal cord descending tracts coagulation of blood placenta glucagon blood glucose regulation cutaneous circulation hearing. cerebral circulation cerebral cortex. hypothalamus oedema lymphatic system basal ganglia anaemia high pressure high altitude blood pressure haemoglobin skeletal muscle contraction dr nilesh kate plasma proteins body fluids compartments haemoglobin and anaemia red blood cell production transport across cell membrane contr concentrated urine male reproductive male reproductive system i acid base balance spirometry pulmonary function tests homeostasis insulin diabetes mellitus skeletal muscle sarcotubular system cerebralcortex cerebral cortex thalamus eye optics cell organale organell rods colour vision cones higher functions of brain memory learning reticular formation cerebellum hind brain silent area pain sensation endocrine system
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