hematology diuretics antihypertensive drugs propanolol beta blockers alpha blockers drugs acting on cholinergic system platelets functions of wbc leucopoiesis eryhropoiesis functions of rbc formation of blood cells components of blood functions of blood formation and flow of lymph lymphatic organs and tissues spleen components of lymphatic system thymus composition of lymph functions of lymphatic system lymphatic system lymphatic system and immunity causes of thrombocytopenia diagnosis of thrombocytopenia pathophysiology of thrombocytopenia symptoms of thrombocytopenia thrombocytopenia symptoms of leukopenia causes of leukopenia diagnosis of leukopenia pathophysiology of leukopenia leukopenia monocytosis neutrophilia basophilia symptoms of leukocytosis pathophysiology of leukocytosis diagnosis of leukocytosis lymphocytosis types of leukocytosis leukocytosis pathophysiology of symptoms pathophysiology of leukemia types of leukemia leukemia diagnosis of polycythemia symptoms of polycythemia types of polycythemia polycythemia pathophysiology of polycythemia muscle fibre sarcomere actin isometric contraction isotonic contraction myosin different types of contraction. muscle tone sliding filament mechanism neuromuscular junction muscle metabolism contraction cycle smooth muscle cardiac muscle skeletal muscle muscular system rifampin clofazimine dapsone pharmacotherapy of antileprotic drugs classification antileprotic drugs drug therapy for leprosy antileprotic drugs anti tubercular drugs pharmacotherapy of antitubercular drugs strategies for addressing resistance classification of antitubercular drugs chemotherapy for tuberculosis drug therapy for tuberculosis anti retroviral drugs anti hepatitis drugs anti influenza drugs anti-herpes drug classification of antiviral drugs viral replication cycle drug therapy for viral infection antiviral drugs flucytosine vincristine carmustine alkylating agents cytotoxic drugs. pharmacotharapy of cytotoxic drugs. methotrexate classification of anticancer drugs anticancer drugs drug therapy for cancer amphotericin pharmacotherapy of all antifungal drugs ketoconazole griseofulvin classification of antifungal drugs drug therapy for fungal diseases antifungal drugs chloroquine pharmacotherapy of all antimalarial drugs artimisin classification of antimalarial drugs different types of malaria malaria cycle antimalarial drugs drug therapy for malaria symptoms of graves disease graves disease pathophysiology of graves disease diagnosis of myasthenia gravis symptoms of myasthenia gravis myasthenia gravis pathophysiology of myasthenia gravis humoral immunity cell mediated immunity adaptive immunity rh system blood groups blood groups and blood type innate immunity blood clotting hemostasis acquired immunodeficiency syndrome human immunodeficency virus hiv/aids symptoms of aids hiv virus replication mode of transmission of aids aids pathophysiology of hiv aids diagnosis of rheumatic fever symptoms of rheumatic fever complications of rheumatic fever epidemology of rheumatic fever treatment of rheumatic fever rheumatic fever pathophysiology of rheumatic fever diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis rheumatoid arthritis arthritis pathophysiology of rheumatoid arthritis pathogenesis of uti types of uti uti urinary tract infection pathophysiology of urinary tract infection trichomoniasis genital warts syphilis chlamydia sexually transmitted diseases herpes genitalis pathophysiology of sexually transmitted diseases chronic renal failure acute renal failure types of renal failure pathophysiology of renal failure factors causing peptic ulcer complications of peptic ulcer. peptic ulcer pathophysiology of peptic ulcer cystine stones struvite stones kidney stones uric acid stones calcium stones symptoms of kidney stones factors responsible for formation of stones types of kidney stones pathophysiology of kidney stones ulcerative collitis pathophysiology of ulcerative collitis pathophysiology of crohns disease crohns disease ibd inflammatory bowel disease pathophysiology of inflammatory bowel disease female infertlilty male infertility infertility risk factors and causes of female infertility risk factors and causes of male infertility pathophysiology of male infertility pathophysiology of infertility symptoms of glomerulonephritis glomerulonephritis pathophysiology of glomerulonephritis mixed cholesterol stones pigment stones cholesterol stones gall stones pathophysiology of cholelithiasis pathophysiology of cholecystitis symptoms of dymennorrhoea type of dysmenorrhea mentrual cramp dymennorrhoea pathophysiology of dymennorrhoea ganga river pollution pollution in river ganga ganga action plan: as a case study in environmenta ganga action plan: taj trapezium zone varadharajan committee case study in environmental legislation taj mahal category b project category a project environmental clearance factors that determine the quality of indoor air. quality of indoor air. indoor air pollution role of technology on environment green building rayon glasswool flax hemp jute cotton wool study of mineral fibres asbestos silk study of plant fibres study of animal fibres wool fat shark liver oil wheat germ oil rice bran oil castor oil linseed oil lard kokum butter hydnocarpus oil bees wax shea butter cocoa butte cod liver oil arachis oil pharmacognosy of drugs containing lipids pectin chitin sterculia tragacanth isapgol starch honey guar gum acacia agar pharmacognosy of carbohydrates containing drugs amla tulsi neem brahmi guggul punarnava guduchi tinospora shatavari kalmeg karela chirata pharmacognosy of traditional drugs in india kieselguhr chalk chalk and kieselguhr bentonite this ppt covers pharmacognosy of drugs of mineral pharmacognosy of drugs of mineral origin storage of crude drugs collection of crude drugs hybridization polyploidy growth regulators pest and pest control management different methods of propagation processing and storage of crude drugs collection cultivation female reproductive cycle mentrual cycle hormonal regulation of ovaries fallopian tube ovary uterus oogenesis anatomy of female reproductive organs anatomy and physiology of female reproductive syst female reproductive system hormonal regulation of testis spermatogenesis testis anatomy of male reproductive organs anatomy and physiology of male reproductive system male reproductive system lung capacities lung volume regulation of respiration transport of oxygen in blood internal respiration mechanism of respiration anatomy of respiratory organs high ceiling thiazides spironolactone chlorthalidone pharmacotherapy of diuretics fibrates hmg coa reductase inhibitors statins hdl ldl drug therapy for hyperlipidemia drug therapy for hyperlipoproteinemia digoxin pharmacotherapy of digoxin drugs used in heart failure drug therapy for congestive heart failure nicorandil calcium channel blockers organic nitrates different types of angina antianginal drugs pharmacotherapy of antianginal drugs drug therapy for angina clonidine captopril ace inhibitors pharmacotherapy of all antihypertensive drugs drug therapy for hypertension antagonism synergism nuclear receptors ligand gated receptors enzyme linked receptors g-protein coupled receptors gpcr receptors antagonist agonist pharmacodynamics succinylcholine d-tubocurarine depolarizing blockers non depolarizing neuromuscular blocking agents skeletal muscle relaxants prazosin sympatholytics anti adrenergic drugs epinephrine noradrenaline adrenaline sympathomimetics adrenergic drugs drugs acting on adrenergic system atropine parasympatholytics anti-cholinergic drugs acetylcholine cholinergic drugs parasympathomimetics cholinomimetics
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