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how the repatriation process works in ( company's)

how the repatriation process works in ( company's)

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  • 1. THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT, AHMEDABAD. Assignment ON Repatriation Small write-up SUBMITTED TO: - Prof. Robin Thomas Sir SUBMITTED BY: - Pratik K.S Negi PGP/SS/09-11/HR
  • 2. What is repatriation? --- When an employee who is a HCN is being called back to the host country for any reason and the company faces issues of relocating him back to the same geographical location is called as repatriation process. Topics covered under repatriation program  Repatriation, physical relocation and transition information.  Financial and tax assistance, e.g, benefit and tax changes, loss of overseas allowances, etc.  career-path assistance and position when returning to base.  Reverse cultural shock, including family issues  School systems and children’s education and circle.  Workplace changes, e.g., corporate culture, structure, etc.  Stress management and Establishing networking opportunities  Help in forming new social network. REPATRIATION PROCESS Preparation Physical Transition Readjustment relocation Preparation—developing a strategy to intake the individual back to the domain company. Physical relocation—shipments of goods, closing down accounts, formal meetings with people there and coming back to the country you belong. Transition – company giving guest house facility, temp arrangement, other admin works, family relocation and other social and official task to be carried by the company. Readjustment – Coping with changes (e.g., company changes, reverse culture shock, career demands, profile, family adjustment and personal alignment and professional alignment within the office.etc) What things to be considered by the company  Company’s motive to bring him back, and thus giving and pampering the employee in the comfort zone, hereby utilizing the employee outsourced experience to the fullest.  Making sure that the policies thus formulated for him should not effect in an iteration case  Making the transition process very linear and smooth so that he/she should not feel or have any sort of grudges with the company.  Well explained reasons and outcomes why he has been shifted keeping in consideration the moral and ethical reasons on the same.  The social and cultural disturbance and family issues of any sort should be removed. and thus yield out to be profit making move for the company. Thank you.