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IHRM practices at IVEY

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Ivey Services Pratik

  1. 1. INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT AHMEDABAD Write-up SUBMISSION ON International HRM recruitment and selection issue Submitted To: Proff—Robin Thomas Submitted By: By Pratik K S Negi (HR) SS/09-11/ISBE/HR
  2. 2. Q1. Write a Brief on the company? Ans-- ComInTec was a worldwide leading industrial company with administration, plants, and sales offices in Central Europe, Eastern and Western Europe, APAC, Central and South America, and North America. ComInTec employed 23,000 employees worldwide. Comintec, born in 1989, shows the OMC products on the world market, mother company founded in 1967 as manufacturer of components for mechanic transmission, particularly torque limiters, pneumatic clutches, couplings, adjustable pulleys, motor-slide bases and components for the assembling of automatic machines (DIN705 Stop rings, Washers, Ring nuts …). Thanks our long experience, we have developed the right know-how to obtain high quality and technological products, without neglecting the competitiveness as regards costs Products catered to the market World presence these days Q2. What are the Recruitment and Selection issues that the company faces? Ans--A new personnel selection system was expected to fill these positions with qualified employees. Issues faced by the company.
  3. 3. A> 90 per cent of the new management positions were filled by individuals who originated from the country they would be working. B> MULTI departmental recruitment  sales and marketing,  purchasing  supply chain management  finance and accounting C> different locations  Hong Kong  Kuala Lumpur  Bangkok  Jakarta  Melbourne  Sydney and Shanghai D> Doctrine for individual modules for individual selection modules E> Domicile country influence and adaptations have to be incorporated or not F> Implementation issues for every location G> Implementation was required to be uniform cross culturally and regionally. H> Economic and educational disparity in all the countries where the company is operational plus ignoring cultural differences and culture-specific circumstances. Will create problems for sure. I> Immediate implementation was required and pressure was mounting up from the top management thus no practical testing was possible. J> Dictatorial or complete autocracy from the owner koenig added problems for Koch team. K> Defining the job requirements specifically for each position, and to allow flexibility of the job requirements for other positions. L> Criteria of evaluation were made in haste and methodology of votes and even disapprovement by some employees were ruled out (dissimilarity among the members of formulation committee) M> No mutual conscious was being able to be drawn and somehow decisions were enforced on the people, two tier approach was adopted but without the clear cut demarcations were there ( for the personality testing’s, psychometric testing and other behavioral testing modes to be included in which area. Q3. How does the company respond to these problems? And what are your opinions about the same? Ans—company response to these problems was pretty awkward from the top brass or the core management team. As complete autocracy was maintained at that place 1. Sort of spying was also done on the department who was trying to find a way out for the APAC recruitment issue. 2. No complete independence and pressure piling was done
  4. 4. A compete of professionals under the flag ship of Dr Thomas Koch was formulated and he was heading to fill in all the gaps and recruitment that was to be done by the company in the specific south east Asia region. Meeting was called (final) Outcome of many meeting that were conducted before and Outcomes were formulated from the same To find out or choke out the final strategy for the Companies’ selection issues 2 tier selection formulae was made that focused on the (2 Step procedure) The first tier consists of three modules: a viewing of the candidates‟ application documents, a telephone conference with the applicants that should be conducted in an unstructured manner, and the obtaining of three references from former employers. If the candidate clears 1st Then he moves to 2nd. Four modules will follow in the second tier. Specifically, a panel interview, a biography-oriented in-depth interview, a simulated group exercise, and testing procedures. Scrutinized and detailed tier2 and tier1 procedures were formed .plus a unique technique of re- translation was designed for the language issue. Module 3 and 4 were specifically designed to make sure the cultural specific adoptions Are being dealt well.  Simulated group exercise and the adoption of standardized test procedures and simulated group discussions were included  3 dimensional role play exercise to be included. To develop leadership capabilities.  GD exercises were included and other factors were included in the same. But these modules were not given much emphasis as the time and testing constraints were there for the company, plus the work that was done by the team for the entire project was very high and there checking procedure was not done perfectly.
  5. 5. In my personal opinion the procedure that was followed a> Was not given enough time was not given to the committee b> Proper coordination and rules were not formulated in the committee. c> Test run at a centre and then adopting the same technique would have given much clarity to the organisation for placing the strategy to best of its application. d> In my opinion, different departmental 5th Tier rules have to be constructed for the best people and talent to be brought in the organisation. e> HR department was in the regulation of the core department and that added to the pressure. f> People in multi department have to adaptive to place the best practices to resolve ethnic, cross border differences in work environment and modulus of operandi. _____________________________________________________________________________________