Business of Software Conference Kevin Davis Yammer Trip Report BoS 2013

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Great way to distill the things you learn at a conference and share them with your colleagues - write and deliver a short summary of key points and take aways. Kevin Davis does a great job of …

Great way to distill the things you learn at a conference and share them with your colleagues - write and deliver a short summary of key points and take aways. Kevin Davis does a great job of identifying some of the big issues and actions that Business of Software Conference 2013 threw up for Yammer.

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  • This was a theme running through the conference – nearly every speaker touched on it.
  • Stories: milkshakes, dining room table / obituary ads for housing projects
  • Told cleverly through a story about Mr. Selfridge – Brit entrepreneur who opened the first department store


  • 1. Trip Report OCT 2013, KEVIN DAVIS
  • 2. Topics Culture, Culture, Culture Jobs to be done Hiring badasses Support as a secret weapon Developers, entrepreneurs and depression (video)
  • 3. Culture, Culture, Culture “Culture is the OS of business” Culture exists beyond the team – alumni, no-hire interview candidates Culture : Recruiting :: Product : Marketing Be intentional – culture debt incredibly hard to pay down Don’t build scar tissue by punishing many for the mistakes of a few Things we can start doing today: Measure employee happiness. Frequent, lightweight surveys (every 90d @hubspot) Write down what we care about in a durable fashion
  • 4. Jobs to be done Bob and Chris led my friend Tyler through an exercise, providing insight into his thinking when recently buying a car There is a well-worn path people take when choosing products (see the following slides borrowed from their talk) Talk to people about what they’ve done rather than asking them to speculate. Things we can start doing today: Think through what jobs people are hiring Yammer to do: which do we want to encourage? How can Yammer better speak to the struggling moments people are having? Interview our incoming / outgoing customers – why are they choosing us? why aren’t they?
  • 5. #JTBD Forces Of Progress Struggling Moment Business as Usual New Behavior Two Forces Promote a New Choice Push of the Situation Habit of the Present The tug of historical allegiances Jane Doe Problem solving – Make it better Pull of New Solution Attraction of relevant news Anxiety of the New Solution Uncertainty surrounding a new choice Two Forces Block Change via Bob Moesta, Chris Spiek of The Re-Wired Group Concept Of New Way
  • 6. #JTBD Timeline First Thought Passive Looking Event #1 Event #2 “Finished” Or Experienced Buying Active Looking Or Deciding Consuming via Bob Moesta, Chris Spiek of The Re-Wired Group Satisfaction
  • 7. Hiring badasses Things we can start doing today: Fill our recruiting funnel - great job descriptions for specific jobs, clickbait titles - increase prominence - blogs, events, open source etc. - recruiting is lead-generation, not sales Do a better job closing candidates - get verbal agreement - role play them getting a counter-offer Disclaimer: Mikey is a friend of mine. A badass friend of mine.
  • 8. Support is a secret weapon Expectations for product and customer experience are higher than ever Customers can be a multiplier of our efforts positive or negative. Their interactions with support can make the difference. Support is part of our product Things we can start doing today: Leverage our CSMs – have a formal channel for surfacing issues • They’ll be more effective, knowing they’re having a bigger impact on product • Being closest to the customer, they’re most likely to have the insight that really opens up new opportunities Dedicate resources to knocking out customer-found bugs eg. 3x in a week = fix
  • 9. Developers, entrepreneurs and depression Greg Bauges gave an incredibly powerful talk about mental illness, a very real and important issue in our industry and beyond. Please take the time to watch this. Video (30min)
  • 10. Awesome shit to check out Netflix culture code // Hubspot culture deck Lominger cards // what super powers are you hiring for? Mr. Selfridge // British period piece (surprise) on innovation in department stores.. Predictably irrational // book on consumer + product psychology Jobs to be done radio // podcast Product strategy is about saying no // incredible lightning talk by Des Traynor (7min)