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10 ways to Convert Prospects to Partners (CAMP Presentation)


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This was a talk that was done on behalf of the Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals (CAMP) at Ryerson University's Digital Media Zone an incubator for start-ups.

We discuss storytelling and how creating sustainable relationships is the only way to achieve organic growth in an era of hyper-connectivity and an enlightened marketplace.

It was the first presentation for the newly formed Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals whose main goal is to elevate marketing professionals through a variety of strategies.

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10 ways to Convert Prospects to Partners (CAMP Presentation)

  1. 1. My Brand NStaorrraytive BRAND ME
  2. 2. Brand ME BBrraanndd EEnnaabblleerrss
  3. 3. MMyy BBrraanndd EEnnaabblleerrss Reputation Network
  4. 4. In The Not So Distant Future… An Individual's worth will be based on reputation; which is the trust they have created within their social network.
  5. 5. B.E. Begin Everyday
  6. 6. B.E. Truthful, Honest with Yourself # 1 Play Off Of Your Strengths: Do they translate to value-enablers? What are your Customers’ opportunities? Work ¹ Business….do what you love!
  7. 7. Nature vs. Nurture What is responsible for our development? Is it hereditary or is it a function of our environment?
  8. 8. Nature
  9. 9. Nurture
  10. 10. u·til·i·ty yoo͞ˈtilətē/ noun noun: utility 1.1. the state of being useful, profitable, or beneficial. "he had a poor opinion of the utility of book learning" tal·ent ˈtalənt/ noun noun: talent; plural noun: talents 1.1. natural aptitude or skill. "he possesses more talent than any other player" •people possessing talent."I signed all the talent in Rome" Talent Utility = (Natural Ability)² + *(Story Factor) *Story Factor = Training + Experience
  11. 11. What Is Your Unique Ability? Creative Thinking Customer Service Process Management Quality
  12. 12. What Is Your Unique Ability? Creative Thinking Positioning: “Our Organization Has the Most Creative Thinkers in The Field.”
  13. 13. Goto Market Plan Marketplace Attracting Individuals That Are Looking For Creative Ingenuity In Solutions. • Where Do They Reside? • How Do They Make Decisions? • How Can I Assist? Partner Profile:
  14. 14. B.E. A Leader Get Involved: Get Involved in the Market i.e. Associations, Local Committees, Board of Trade Answer Customer Questions Through Blog, Quora, Discussion Board Are You a Change Agent?  Indigogo  Fundrazr  Kickstarter  Uponor innovations
  16. 16. B.E. A Leader – Get Involved The Industry has many Associations: CAMP – Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals ACA –Association of Canadian Advertisers CMA – Canadian Marketing Association • Young executives • Technical Committee • Marketing Committee # 2
  17. 17. B.E. A Leader - It’s Proven to Work Wanted Girls to feel confident about themselves. 5.5 MM Subscribers
  18. 18. B.E. A Leader - It’s Proven to Work Interesting Facts: -YouTube star who gives beauty tips to youngsters on the web. -She started her YouTube channel at the young age of 14. -Her videos have amassed over 200 million views and she enjoys telling students about the latest fashion trends and styles. -When she was younger, her mother, Tammy Mota would help her to monitor her YouTube channel. - She has been interviewed by the Huffington Post, the publication started by Arianna Huffington.- Most Anticipated Fashion Line by Aeropostale
  19. 19. B.E. A Leader – Knowledge Sharing
  20. 20. B.E. A Leader - It’s Proven to Work Interesting Facts: -Gary grew Wine Library from $4 million to upward of $50 million between 1998 and 2005. -Saw the power of social media in 2005 when millions shared a Saturday Night Live clip called “Lazy Sunday. -90,000 viewers per day at Wine Library TV. -Quote from his father: “There are much bigger things to come…I think he has a very good chance to replace Oprah.” Video Blogger Brand media consulting Agency Best selling Author Public Speaker Co-owner of wine retail store
  21. 21. B.E. A Leader - It’s Proven to Work Insert Bieber Interesting Facts: -40 million followers on twitter -Forbes names 3rd most powerful celebrity in the world -Earns $55 MM per year -Sold 15 million albums It Started with Talent, Passion and a Video to Share His Story
  22. 22. B.E. A Leader – Bring Your Ideas to Life Help Us Change Gaming Forever What Ideas do you have?
  23. 23. Death ooff TThhee TTrraaddiittiioonnaall SSaalleessmmaann
  24. 24. Why? • Access to information • Individuals and businesses have an unprecedented level of information at their fingertips • Information provides them with ability to get intimate with their opportunities and develop refined requirements • For traditional salespeople it then just becomes a pricing game…
  25. 25. B.E. Therapeutic – Understand Their Story Begin every meeting as a discovery session: 1. Identify organizations or individuals that are in their purchasing cycle and/or a state of change 2. Listen to their situation 3. Ask probing questions 4. Get a clear understanding of what your customer requires by clarifying opportunities 5. Provide insights on the opportunities that the customer is pursuing 6. Coach customer on the purchasing process, potential pitfalls and offer assistance # 3
  26. 26. B.E. Therapeutic M&M listened to their customers’ issues and provided products that are high-quality and easy to prepare. While their prices are at a premium compared to supermarket prices, they are competitive versus fast food restaurants. They also make it easier for customers to get in and out quickly by introducing their patented “one aisle.” M&M heard their customers concerns and they addressed them in their offering.
  27. 27. B.E. Therapeutic – Create Sustainable Practices Uponor is a building materials company that is the world leader in commercial and residential water distribution and temperature control systems. Uponor also is an expert in heating and cooling training, marketing and lean thinking. They have provided value to their customers by not only serving their building material needs, but extending their expertise in other areas to assist their partners grow their respective businesses. Opportunity: Lifecycle Management
  28. 28. B.E. Therapeutic – Lead Nurturing Opportunity: Conversion Pipeline Lead Generation Lead Marketing Qualification Awareness Interest Hand-off Hand-off Suspect Prospect - Training - Direct Mail - Lunch n’ Learns - Associations C - Events - Tradeshows - Associations A B E - Outbound call through Contact Centre C A B D
  29. 29. B.E. Noticeable # 4 Make It Easy To Be Found: Get Listed  Yelp Kijiji Local Advertising
  30. 30. B.E. Noticeable – Localization Is Key Localization Is Important Because: 1.Makes Content Relevant 2.Creates Stronger Connections 3.Improve Promotional Strategy Source:
  31. 31. B.E. Noticeable – Professional Solutions
  32. 32. B.E. Noticeable - Opportunities 1) Advertise but don’t ask for reviews 2) Stay in constant contact with customers 3) Schedule same day service 4) Explain everything to establish trust 5) Diagnose failures over the phone when possible 6) Clean up after yourself 7) Deliver above and beyond customer expectations
  33. 33. B.E. Noticeable – Reputation Management
  34. 34. B.E. Noticeable – Reputation Management Easy as 1-2-3: •1. Compose an email including your press release text and multimedia assets. Send it to •2. We'll compile your content, build your Tiny Pitch, and send it right back to you in a matter of seconds. •3. Open your Tiny Pitch™ and share it with your contacts and social networks. Embed it on your website or in a blog post
  35. 35. B.E. Noticeable – Reputation Management Easy as 1-2-3: •1. Compose an email including your press release text and multimedia assets. Send it to •2. We'll compile your content, build your Tiny Pitch, and send it right back to you in a matter of seconds. •3. Open your Tiny Pitch™ and share it with your contacts and social networks. Embed it on your website or in a blog post
  36. 36. B.E. Noticeable- Local Advertising 1) Community Events • Charity walks • Festivals • Holiday Events 1) Community Publications 2) Networking/Partnering • Partner with complimentary products or services • Attend community network events i.e. Boards of Trade
  37. 37. B.E. Relevant # 5 Get Social:  Like ≠ Respect Ask Why Audience Uses Social Platforms? 11113333%%%% 11113333%%%% 22221111%%%% 55552222%%%% SSoocciiaall @@ PPllaayy 4444%%%% 9999%%%% 11111111%%%% 77776666%%%% SSoocciiaall @@ WWoorrkk 2222%%%% Source: CMPX survey, 2014
  38. 38. B.E. Relevant – Engage Audience ”It's rare for even a walk-in customer to come in and not have read our blog or seen our tweets.” Emerson Salon Share and Share Alike After booking an appointment, a user can share their appointment with friends on Twitter or Facebook. Since introducing social media into the mix, traffic to their website has more than tripled. It's no wonder the salon believes so strongly in the power of connecting. Opportunity: Self Serve
  39. 39. Meet Your Search Custodians
  40. 40. B.E. Relevant – Engage Audience 7. How often do you use the following tools to conduct research? Always (6 hrs+) 66660000%%%% Often (3-5 hrs) Sometimes (1-2 hrs) Rarely (< 2hrs) Never 4% 33% 55550000%%%% 17% 33336666%%%% 44440000%%%% 33336666%%%% 3% 0% 3% 4% 20% 32% 9% 3% 12% 16% 18% 29% 14% 12% 32% 2% 5% Online Tools Magazines Newspapers Your Family Your Peers Does Our Market Behave Different Thank Our Customers? Source: CIPH/HRAI study
  41. 41. B.E. Valuable # 6 Value Your Customers As If You Could Lose Them Today: Respect The Opportunity They Provide Drive Real Value With Them Delight Them As A Matter Of Course
  42. 42. B.E. Valuable – KANO Model Customer Elated Delighter’s Treasured Moments One dimensional performance Not Functional Fully Functional Must-Be’s Basic Requirements Customer Very Dissatisfied
  43. 43. B.E. Valuable – Companies That Delight TUI offers mobile messaging that offers customers the opportunity to extend their travel. "If a guest clicks 'yes' to an extension, then we extend the hotel reservation, cancel the Friday return flight, and reserve a flight for Sunday," says the CEO, quoted in The Digital Enterprise. Opportunity: Last Minute Travel Change Source: SmartPlanet
  44. 44. B.E. Valuable – Life Cycle Management Source: SmartPlanet Liferay purposely picks distressed communities to set up new offices. CEO Brian Cheung emphasizes, however, that these efforts are not "charity." Rather, "these are dynamic economic environments where there are also business reasons for us, as well as engaged employees." In addition, the company keeps its software open source, meaning that customers can download as many copies as they want, and make any modifications they see fit. Opportunity: Customer Vitality
  46. 46. B.E. Consistent What Experience Does Your Customer Receive? Understand Moments of Truth (MOTs) - Map Touch Points How Can You Make Every Interaction Delightful # 7
  47. 47. CCuussttoommeerr AAccttiivviittyy CCyyccllee ((CCoonnssuummeerr WWaannttiinngg TToo RReennoovvaattee)) B.E. Consistent Need Buying Inspiration & Choice Selection Customer Relationship Planning Shortlist Enjoyment Certified System Building Print Web Tradeshow Brochure Social Vehicle Uniform Social
  48. 48. CCuussttoommeerr AAccttiivviittyy CCyyccllee ((IIKKEEAA HHoommee IImmpprroovveemmeenntt)) Social Radio Enjoy your home Social Thinking about renovating TV Social Looking for inspiration Catalogue Deciding on options Purchasing Product Store Designer Setting up product Self selection Childcare Restaurant
  49. 49. Focus on Your Strengths! B.E. Consistent
  50. 50. CCuussttoommeerr AAccttiivviittyy CCyyccllee ((BBuuyyiinngg AA SSttaarrbbuucckkss CCooffffeeee)) Free wifi Print Relaxing Environment Free itune Need a beverage Storefront Decide on options Think about next experience Enjoying Product Waiting for beverage customized Waiting for beverage Radio TV Print Variety Of compliments
  51. 51. B.E. Consistent Ask Yourself… What Is Driving My Customer To Their Next Positive Experience?
  52. 52. Starbucks Business Plan Today $1.35 Tomorrow $4.75 Achievable
  53. 53. B.E. Transparent Ensure that you “Walk the Talk”: Live your positioning When mistakes happen, be honest When unable to meet customers opportunities with current solutions set, be open Create a collaborative partnership # 8
  54. 54. B.E. Transparent Launched in June, the Our Food, Your Questions program invites any Canadian to ask any question whatsoever about McDonald’s food on a special website. To ask a question, visitors must connect with Twitter or Facebook. This ensures higher social visibility and an increased opportunity for answers to go viral. Results: •Over 16,000 questions have been asked •Close to 10,000 questions have been answered •McDonald’s trust scores have increased by almost 20%
  55. 55. B.E. Transparent – Online Reviews 80% 555% 80% of people that review products online give a 4 out of 5 rating Percent increase of QuickBook Pro Advisors with reviews vs those with none Complaints Are Gifts source:, Bazaarvoice
  56. 56. B.E. Authentic Help Even If There Is No Sale: View a Customer as more than a sale Build a lifelong partnership in which you can grow together # 9
  57. 57. B.E. Authentic Fair Time Starved Family Friendly Discerning Taste
  58. 58. B.E. Authentic source:, Think Like A Rockstar
  59. 59. B.E. Authentic Market A Market B Market C Market D Market E Market F
  60. 60. B.E. Authentic Vital Few Market A Market B Market C Market D Market E Market F
  61. 61. B.E. Authentic Trivial Many Market A Market B Market C Market D Market E Market F
  62. 62. B.E. Integrated BB..EE.. Relevant Transparent Valuable Noticeable Consistent Leader Integrated Truthful Genuine Direct # 10
  63. 63. B.E. Integrated BB..EE.. People Price Promotion Process Product Placement
  64. 64. PP--OOffff
  65. 65. B.E. Integrated Brochures ABC Inc. Advertisement Vehicle Display Tradeshow Consistency: • Tone • Messaging • Imagery
  66. 66. B.E. Integrated – Experience Matters 9/10 US Consumers say they would pay more for superior source: Customer experience 78% of customers have bailed on an intended transaction because of a poor experience 86% In 2011, 86% of consumers quit doing business with a company due to a poor transaction or service experience (vs. 59% in 2007) 80% Of Customer Service related tweets on Twitter are negative or critical of the brand in question, a large majority of customers expect a reply in an hour.
  67. 67. B.E. Integrated - Storyscaping Consistency: • Tone • Messaging • Imagery B.E. Ass ociations Promotions Literature Product Case Studies ¹ Advertising SEM Feature Product Lunch N Learns Catalogue Customer Experience ¹ source: Storyscaping, Legorburu & McColl
  68. 68. Go back and take a hard look at your business: - Who’s your audience? - What’s unique about you and your business? - What’s your approach? - Do you know what your Customers’ opportunities are? - Take swings? - Most Importantly… TELL YOUR STORY - What’s are you trying to achieve?
  69. 69. Top 10 Ways to Convert Prospects to Partners Suresh Parmachand @mktngjnky