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How to launch a product with your community
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How to launch a product with your community



A short presentation I gave about how to launch your product entirely in the open listening to your community

A short presentation I gave about how to launch your product entirely in the open listening to your community



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How to launch a product with your community Presentation Transcript

  • 1. How To Build A Product With Your Community Loic Le Meur – Seesmic @loic (Twitter, Seesmic) loiclemeur.com loic@seesmic.com
  • 2. Market research sucks
  • 3. Advertising sucks
  • 4. PR sucks
  • 5. What your friends say matters.
  • 6. “1000 real friends could tell 1000 other friends that your product rocks here you go you got 1 million people talking about it” Seth Godin “1,000 True Fans”
  • 7. Seesmic got 1.2 million users download our products
  • 8. It starts by sharing and listening to your community • Don’t ask anything to anyone if you did not share first • Never been as easy as today with microblogging and blogging • Your community (or your brand’s) is what should matter the most, not marketing or PR • It’s the same in any industry, word of mouth always wins, it’s just faster in the Internet industry
  • 9. Identify an exciting space, not too crowded and make it really really narrow Seesmic: help people share, interact and know their community in a new way, human and deep. Started with video, now broader with the Twhirl success
  • 10. Ship as soon as you can, even if it is far from being perfect
  • 11. Gather feedback it’s never been that easy
  • 12. Twitter search one mention of Seesmic and Twhirl every 2 minutes or so
  • 13. Get Satisfaction
  • 14. Uservoice feedback.twhirl.org
  • 15. If nobody talks about your brand it means it is dead
  • 16. Answer especially if it’s negative
  • 17. “Seesmic is a pile of ass” - Niall Harbison
  • 18. I replied…
  • 19. “This is exactly what every company should do, you really to talk to your customers” - @NiallHarbison
  • 20. What the new Internet customers look like • They want it all for free • They want no intrusive advertising • If you suck they will tell everyone • They will switch immediately to your competitor the minute he beats you on anything • They will tell everyone they switched
  • 21. The good news • It’s the same for all your competitors • You have a chance to turn people who feel like enemies into real friends, just talk to them • You will always have some real and loyalfriends, it’s all about finding them and get closer to them
  • 22. Get closer to your real friends • Launched Team Seesmic as an experiment to get help from our real friends • We give them the previews of our products first • We reply to every single email • Expected 500 members, we have 6,500 and growing
  • 23. What I learnt • Your community is your most important asset after your family • Get your product out as soon as possible • Get your “public roadmap” out as soon as possible • Execute as fast as you can
  • 24. Listen to your users
  • 25. Don’t worry often they love you too and they tell all their friends
  • 26. “A Porsche would be a Volvo if they let their buyers decide on features” – Robert Scoble
  • 27. “When you listen to your users, you get Vanilla. Feature creep. Boring. It takes a dictator to create the iPhone and change the course of an entire industry. Imagine if Steve Jobs let other people add features to that device.” “Making users happy is a suckers game” – Michael Arrington
  • 28. The truth is in between build your product in the open, listen to the users and keep some innovations secret to surprise them
  • 29. Thank you. Loic Le Meur @loic Loiclemeur.com loic@seesmic.com