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User centric eployee portal michalsen.ppt

  1. 1. User centric employeeportalThe story of the Olav Thon Group,and the road to 6000 happy users.Kjartan Michalsen // Team manager user experience, Logica NorwayKjartan Dannatt // Webmanager, Olav Thon Group +
  2. 2. Kjartan Dannatt Kjartan MichalsenOlav Thon Group Logica Norway
  3. 3. About the Olav Thon Group-  70 Hotels in Norway, Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands-  Shopping malls-  Real estate-  Gift cards-  Restaurants and bars-  Parking-  Lottery-  …and much more
  4. 4. About Logica•  Logica is a business and technology service company, employing 39,000 people across 36 countries.•  We create value by successfully integrating people, business and technology to create effective, sustainable business ecosystems.•  User Experience teams in multiple countries, like Germany and Norway•  Ranked as number 1 full service intranet provider in Germany by BVdW•  UX team in Norway concist of 12 information architects and designers.© Logica <YEAR>. All rights reserved Footer appears here No. 4
  5. 5. The Challenge +
  6. 6. How to build an intranet which will solve thetop tasks of users in a wide variety ofbusinesses?
  7. 7. Felles intranett
  8. 8. The objective•  To make employees in OTG more efficient•  To increase the reliability of internal information•  To create one common information platform for OTG•  To contribute to the diffusion of knowledge and competence across divisions and departments•  Strengthen the individual employee’s awareness of being part of the Olav Thon Group© Logica + OTG 2011 No. 10
  9. 9. PhilosophyThe intranet should be•  Task-oriented•  Relevant•  User-driven•  Based on the principle of “first things first”© Logica + OTG 2011 No. 11
  10. 10. The UX process +
  11. 11. AnalysisUnderstanding our client´s business and users
  12. 12. Putting the user firstDesign from the outside inIf we don t care it will show in the final product
  13. 13. Top tasks questionare – quantitativeresearch
  14. 14. 20
  15. 15. Top tasks•  Finding a co-worker and/or “function”, for example, "Kjartan" or "web editor"•  Read news items•  Find terms and conditions for corporate clients•  Find HSE manuals•  Sign up and find information about training and seminars•  Find special offers for employees in the OTG•  Retrieve information from Superoffice (CRM database)© Logica + OTG 2011 No. 22
  16. 16. Top tasks•  Find pictures and logos•  Book a hotel room•  Find regulations for maternity leave / sick pay•  Find concept manuals•  Find legal texts, e.g marketing regulations•  Job opportunities•  Regulations concerning payment/salary•  Find “a place”, such as a hotel or a hotel© Logica + OTG 2011 No. 23
  17. 17. Interviews – qualitative research
  18. 18. ConceptDefine direction and how to reach our goals
  19. 19. Felles intranett
  20. 20. We try out complex layoutsand prioritize information.
  21. 21. DesignDesigning and testing our prototype in as many iterations asneeded
  22. 22. Evolution of a prototype
  23. 23. The resultAre there 6000 happy users? +
  24. 24. User driven content and dialogue•  Everyone can publish news•  Everyone can comment on news•  Everyone can send messages© Logica + OTG 2011 No. 56
  25. 25. The present•  3500 medium-happy users•  The introduction of a new communication platform is not enough in itself•  A large and complex organisation - and a small web department•  The key: Content, content and content© Logica + OTG 2011 No. 63
  26. 26. The future•  User testing and continual improvement of content and UI•  Tweaking, not redesigning•  "Like" feature, more ways to provide feedback on content•  Mobile version?© Logica + OTG 2011 No. 64
  27. 27. Why UX?More than colors +
  28. 28. Why is UX important?Dissatisfied users breeds dissatisfied customers.UX designers works towards creating satisfied users. UX is good for business.
  29. 29. What is good ux design? 6 principles:1. User experiences are subjective2. Users just care about themselves3. Everybody must think about the user - not just the ux designers4. Uninvolved clients breeds uninvolved users5. Users will always try their best6. It is impossible to cheat the user
  30. 30. Thank you!Kjartan Michalsen, Logica Norway // // Dannatt, Olav Thon Gruppen // +