2. BUILD DIVERSE                                                              NETWORKS                                    ...
“What resources did you find or develop            !   !    !    !    that might help me or my organization?”OUR FAVORITE ...
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One-page handout on Weadership. Links are live.

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Resources page mom3_final

  1. 1. 2. BUILD DIVERSE NETWORKS Leaders collaborate with partners creatively, using informal networks alongside traditional boards or policy councils. 3. EMBRACE OPENNESS 1. ADOPT A WIDE-ANGLE POINT OF VIEW Leaders share the role of leadership with staff, partners, and the public. They use social tech- Leaders look for new ways to apply their re- nologies to listen, inform, and collaborate. sources and expertise. They focus on commu- nity problems, not just workforce problems. THE FUTURE OF WORKFORCE LEADERSHIP: WEADERSHIP 6. CULTIVATE NEXT GENERATION LEADERS 4. ENCOURAGELeaders build skills and share knowledge in EXPERIMENTATIONin their communities. Leaders know workforce development needs new ideas, and new ideas need testing. 5. ADD UNIQUE VALUE can make a real difference in their communities. Only those who add value remain relevant.
  2. 2. “What resources did you find or develop ! ! ! ! that might help me or my organization?”OUR FAVORITE PROJECT RESOURCES1. The Enhancing Workforce Leadership project 3. Our capstone produce is:team created a collection of resources aroundthe “12 Highlights” resulting from a series of The Future of Workforce Leadership:group conversations with workforce leadersfrom across the country. WEADERSHIP This is a guide that includes a narrative around theA collection of posts Weadership Framework, an introduction to social innovation, an introduction to social media, and isA set of cards loaded with tools, examples, and resources to help workforce leaders build their own leadership skills andA narrative brief cultivate leaders in their organizations and communities. It is available as a PDF (at no cost) andA slidedeck in the form of a Blurb book.The whole collection is here:http://bit.ly/moVwGr http://bit.ly/oJXZdz2. We also curated a collection of “favorites”across multiple media platforms.The first video in our Five Great Leadership Videoscollection is Derek Sivers’How to Start a Movement in Under Three MinutesThe entire five-video collection is here: Additional information, links, products, andhttp://bit.ly/m65qZl resources are available through: EnhancingWorkforceLeadership.workforce3one.org and the project’s archive: EnhancingWorkforceLeadership.org Follow us on Twitter:Open Leadership, by Charlene Li (2010) is one of 11 @WFLeadershipbooks we assembled on our favorites list.The complete favorites list is here:http://bit.ly/lnh1u9 4. Weadership Video Trailer: http://bit.ly/nP5T1n EnhancingWorkforceLeadership.org August 2011