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Art of the Networked Nonprofit: URJ Social Media Boot Camp


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Lisa Colton's presentation on Networked Nonprofits for the URJ Social Media Boot Camp.

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Art of the Networked Nonprofit: URJ Social Media Boot Camp

  1. 1. The Art of BeingA NetworkedNonprofitPresented byLisa ColtonDarim Online
  3. 3. • Revisiting the origins of the ‘organization’• The people-power to achieve shared goals• Moving from fortress to sponge• Who’s on deck? Millennials.• Changing work patterns TODAY’S AGENDA
  4. 4. • Shared practice • Shared needs and goals • Co-investment and support • Minimal ‘staffing’ • What else?History of a Jewish Communal Organization
  5. 5. What We’re Used To
  6. 6. What We’re Moving To
  7. 7. A Personal Story
  8. 8. NETWORKS ARE VALUABLE WE TEND TO GROSSLY UNDERUTILIZE THEM. Or attempt to use them in the wrong ways. Build your network now, before you need it.The Lesson
  9. 9. SAR Academy Causes Match Campaign
  10. 10. Fortress: Insiders in, Outsiders out
  11. 11. Sponge: Constant flow in and out
  12. 12. • What is PUBLIC or TRANSPARENT information?• Who is ’inside’ or ‘outside’ of our community?• What is ‘membership’?• Where do we need to hire expertise?• How are we evaluating progress towards our mission and goals? Questioning Assumptions
  13. 13. Listen to interests and needs of the community Empower individuals to members micro-plan, experiment and evaluate. (Remember, you don’t have to do it for them)Reflect on how these Communal’intrapreneurs’ went need orabout this task interest Provide support (staff, space, experience, systems) as needed and helpful Try it out! Focus on short, strategic bursts that can be adjusted based on feedback The age of the ‘permanent beta’ Micro-Planning
  14. 14. What’s Changed? • Collaboration • Mobility • Millennials
  15. 15. Millennials: Transparency Fast paced/efficient Collaboration/teams Divvy tasks based on skill Meaning & impact
  16. 16. Job DescriptionsProgram Directors Social Media Managers Community ManagersNetwork Weavers
  18. 18. SHIFTS & RISK• Staffing Structure & Job Descriptions• Leadership Styles• Institutional Identity and Boundaries• Financial Considerations• Culture Change
  19. 19. Blog post with links:JewPoint0.orgCome discuss:
  20. 20. • Do old patterns increase complexity?• Does your synagogue have trouble letting go of programs that aren’t effective anymore?• What technology tools can simplify your processes?• How can collaborations simplify?
  21. 21. Upcoming WebinarsOpen Office Hours:April 16th, 2-3pm eastern/11-12 pacificBlogging 101:April 18th, 2-3pm eastern/11-12 pacific