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CWA #Youth2014 Social Media Session Handout


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This is the handout from SPR's Social Media Session at #Youth2014. Hilariously, those "like" thumbs were not there in the original. Rather, they were just plane old bullets. Apparently, Slideshare thought better of that.

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CWA #Youth2014 Social Media Session Handout

  1. 1. Engaging Your Tribe Using Social Media: 6 Tips ( Description KNOW YOUR PURPOSE MAKE & EMPLOY A MAP SUPPORT YOUR TRIBE/S FOLLOW GOOD NETIQUETTE EMBRACE SERENDIPITY MEASURE, ADA PT & PERSIST Resources Cited Social Media is an ever-changing collection of tools that OpenDream: can be employed in infinite ways. A first step in using social Love Not Yet (Film): media wisely is getting clear about what you seek to /watch?v=BPkLrc9c1CM achieve – your fundamental purpose. Goals, strategies, Funnel: wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Social-Mediatools, and tactics follow. Tips-Engagement-Funnel-960x720.jpg; Use tools to help you identify the communities you seek Pyramid: to reach and the relationships you would like to establish with them. Funnels, pyramids, concentric circles all work. /wp-content/uploads/2011/04/SocialMedia Models_SocialEngagementPyramid.jpg; Find the tool that works for you. Revisit often. Circles: /uploads/2011/05/CommNetCrowd.gif Identify and build on existing patterns. Go where your Seth Godin understands tribes and how to tribe is, use their tools, support them in achieving their interact with them. Just find his stuff. Start goals – trust and influence with follow. here: blog/files/TribesQA2.pdf Three simple rules: 1) be relevant; 2) be generous; and How about a recorded tutorial by HuffPo blogger & entrepreneur Spencer Critchley 3) be interesting (or funny). Start there and see what specifically for workforce pros!)?: https:// happens! aqyb2k5/?launcher=false&fcsCont Pay attention and take a risk now and then. Online ent=true&pbMode=normal social relationships can be amazingly valuable. Rockford/Etsy case: Social change is a marathon offline and online. Build Alamo Workforce Solutions (article & links): skills, test approaches, document progress, share knowledge and keep going. ing-edition/2013/07/workforce-solutions-usessocial-media.html Kristin Wolff & Maya Thornell-Sandifor, Social Policy Research Associates