Innovation of research in science and technology in the present era


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Paper presented at SIS 2012 Conference held at NIT Silchar organised by Dr. K C Satpathy

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Innovation of research in science and technology in the present era

  1. 1. Innovation of research inscience and technology in the present era Suhel Ahmed Department of Physics, NIT Silchar. (Assam)
  2. 2. Presentation OutlineInnovationsHow innovative thoughts comeInduced InnovationsThe Innovation ProcessRole of R&DThree conditions of innovationWhat to doWhat to avoidGlobal warmingLow carbon economyWhat to do to solve the problem
  3. 3. Innovation
  4. 4. How innovative thoughts comeDifferent or more effective productsEffective processesGood servicesNew technologies or ideas
  5. 5. Induced Innovations Labor shortages led to automatic equipment. Drought conditions led to improved irrigation. Energy crises led to higher efficient cars. Environmental regulations trigger cleaner technologies.
  6. 6. The Innovation Process Research Development (up-scaling, testing) Production Marketing Use
  7. 7. Role of R&DR&D takes place during various stages of the innovation process.Research enables discovery of basic environmental problemsIt can play the role of the original source of the innovation ideas .Research provides better monitoring and management equipmentto identify environmental problems .Public research enables sustaining development of technologies.
  8. 8. Three conditions for innovations1. Work hard, pay full concentration2. Successful innovations must build on your strong points.3. Innovation must focus on a market.
  9. 9. WHAT TO DO1. Start with analysis and study of opportunities.2. Go among people, ask questions, listen3. Focused on specific needs and on specific final products.4. Effective innovation start on a small scale.5. A successful innovation always tries to win a leading position, otherwise you create opportunities for your competitors.6. Solve the correct problem correctly – be effective and efficient7. Analyze risks.8. Use models, scenarios, computer simulation.
  10. 10. WHAT TO AVOID1. Don’t try to be too “clever”. All that is too sophisticated will almost certainly go wrong.2. Don’t try to do too many things at once. Focus on the core of the problem.3. Don’t try to make innovations for the future but for today.
  11. 11. Innovation of research in science and technology in the present eraInnovation need in present era through research in science and technology
  12. 12. Research of university science andtechnology innovation system based on low- carbon economyLow-carbon economy low energy consumption low pollution low emissionIn 2003 the British Government published the "Energy White Paper"
  13. 13. WHAT TO DO TO SOLVE THE PROBLEMInnovative ideasInnovative idea is the soul of science and technology innovationsystem and theory that guides the establishment of the innovationsystem to play an important role. It contains what is innovation andhigher innovation, how to evaluate colleges and universitiesinnovation, how to implement and innovative ways, and so on.
  14. 14. INNOVATION ORGANIZATIONThis is the actual operation of science and technology innovationsystem, including a variety of agencies, organizations, institutions,etc., which can be divided into multiple levels and categories.Facing the requirement of the low carbon economic development,universities must strengthen technical innovation system andimprove levels of innovation and service ability.
  15. 15. INNOVATION INFRASTRUCTUREThis is the essential technology innovation and hardware based onmaterial conditions. Innovation activities are increasing knowledgebased on age and depending on various forms of scientificresearch facilities.
  16. 16. Innovative personnelTalent is not only requiring a certain spontaneity andindividuality, there are but also strong regularity andsociety. Universities and colleges should strengthenits personnel training functions.
  17. 17. INNOVATIONMECHANISMThe various policies and regulations as well asmanagement systems can be able to stimulateinnovation, protect and enhance the higher effect ofexternal conditions.
  18. 18. Informations Culture flow flow University Low-carbon science and Talent flow economicStudents technology development flow innovation systemFunds flow System Technology flow
  19. 19. CONCLUSION1. S must take the initiative to meet the needs of Universities economic and social development.2. Universities should promote innovation and innovative culture in order to create an innovative environment3. universities should construct creating-innovative team and learning organization.4. innovative hardware platform as well as strengthen the software platform for building innovations
  20. 20. References[1] UK Government: Energy White Paper, Our Energy Future: Creating a Low Carbon Economy [R].2003.[2] IPCC. Emission Scenarios[M].Cambridge University Press,2000.[3] Nicolas Stern. The Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change[R].2006.[4] PBL:China is the largest CO2 emissions in 2007. [EB/OL]. (2008-6-19)[2010- 04-15]. 200806/86013.html[5] Cheng Xiaomin, Ye Zhengbo.Regional sustainable development indicator system [J].Statistics and Decision, 2003.12.