Cpd ch 10 enlightned self interest


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Cpd ch 10 enlightned self interest

  1. 1. Group no:- 4Prepared by:-Pavan PatelNamresh PatelRushin ShahSoham PatelTejas Patel
  2. 2. Definition:-Enlightened Self interest:Enlightened self interest is a way to create goodfor self and good for all at the same time, includingteam mates, bosses, customers and organization.Contributors think in enlightened self interest.Unenlightened Self-interest:In unenlightened self-interest most or all personsact according to their own  selfishness. He/she is notconcerned about the impact (positive or negative) onthe other person, so that the group suffers loss as aresult of conflict, decreased efficiency because of lackof cooperation.
  3. 3. Hey, Is thegirl going Yes..Sure!! No need ofto come?? THANKS!! It is my DUTY. Oh! Yess!! PLEASE WAIT for few minutes… Hey!! Thank you for waiting..
  4. 4. CONTRIBUTOR:-I would like to take a real life exampleof ANNA HAZARE. He has been a greatcontributor to the society. He initiated achange for betterment & upliftment ofthe society. He initiated the LOKPAL BILLmovement for the betterment of ourcountry INDIA. The main reason behind LOKPALBILL was to eradicate corruption fromour country.He went on hunger strike to force thegovernment to accept the BILL.He had a vision of corrupt free India forthe younger generations to come.
  5. 5. NON-CONTRIBUTOR:-One example I would like to quote for aofficial is that of Mr. Suresh Kalmadi. Although he might have worked hard for thecommonwealth games but still there were a lotof negative points that were revealed at a laterstage.He with the support of few other people didmany things which were not in the welfare ofthe society. There was a huge expense whichwas done during the CWG but the same wasactually not utilized for that or rather the wayit was utilized was not proper. This created awrong image in the eyes of the foreign playersabout us as the game at an international level.The incidence shows to a great the act ofKalmadi as non contributor team member.
  6. 6. EXAMPLES ON SPORTS:-The picture shows two footballplayers named ROONEY andCHICHARITO.They both are strikers ofMANCHESTER UNITED. In thispicture CHICHARITO has alreadyscored a goal.ROONEY is happy for him andcelebrates goal with him.In second picture CHICHARITO isgoing through bad phase and notscoring goals.This picture shows ROONEYencouraging CHICHARITO.
  7. 7. Though being one of the bestfootball player RONALDO isselfish player.The picture shows thatRONALDO is fighting withother player of the oppositeteam.This should not be the spiritof the game.
  8. 8. Team spirit SACHIN on 194!! &shown by the innings are SACHIN He walked declared by captain without any complains
  9. 9. When it comes to team spirit, onecannot forget Team INDIA’s JUMBO,ANIL KUMBLE.While playing TEST against WestIndies, he broke his JAW.Yet, he came on the field next day,and bowled with same passion.He also got wicket of legendarybatsman BRIAN LARA on the verysame day.
  10. 10.  Harbhajan-SreesanthSLAP GATE.The picture showsHarbhajan and Sreesanthduring an IPL match. Harbhajan had slappedSreesanth when MumbaiIndians team lost againstKINGS 11 Punjab. It was definitely not inspirit of the game.
  11. 11. FILMYYY EXAMPLESS!!!!!!KABIR KHAN OF CHAK DEINDIA !!!Didn’t want the Indian Girlshockey team to suffer thesame loss he had sufferedwhen he captained the IndianMale’s team and so he turnedthe bunch of arrogant, selfishand quarrelsome girls into thegirls who started playing witha team spirit and foughttogether to bring laurels forthe country.
  12. 12. SCHINDLER’S LISTSchindlers List is a 1993film about Oskar Schindler,a German businessman whosaved the lives of more thana thousand mostly Polish-Jewish refugees duringthe Holocaust by employingthem in his factories whichsaves them from beingtransported to concentrationcamps, or being killed.
  13. 13. THE DARKKNIGHT RISES!!!!The Batman character savesthe Gotham city from thehands of the JOKER byrisking his own life and givesthe credit to the two facedMayor of the city to preventfrom a chaos to happen in thecity and people losing hopefrom their officials.
  14. 14. THE JOKER!!!In The Dark Knight,the Joker is depictedas a maniacal criminalmastermind whoterrorizes GothamCity and whose goal isto create "a worldwithout rules.” and acity full of chaos.
  15. 15. JANNAT YAHAAN !!In Jannat, EmraanHashmi plays acharacter of a bookiewho earns hislivelihood and fulfillsall his dreams butfails to understandthat all the moneywhich he earns goesbehind funding thePakistani terroristsgroups.
  16. 16. MATKI FOD:-The pictures shows a perfectexample of team work. The example is of MATKI FOD.To reach the MATKI which is veryhigh, coordination andconcentration of every person isrequired.
  17. 17. MOVIE MAKERS:-For the team work we can give theexample of the any movie making , ifdirector,producer,actors,muasic directorall works together , to make his/hermovie super hit and mostly like bypeople. If they will not work as a teamthen they can not achieve the success.
  19. 19. STORY :-An old farmers threesons were quarrelling-the farmer gave a stickto his youngest son tobreak it - he broke it -then he gave a bundle ofsticks to his eldest son tobreak it - he failed - thefarmer taught them thevalue of unity.
  20. 20. ENJOY THE VIDEO:-
  21. 21. Why enlightened self – interest isimportant?If human beings did not have an inherentwill to protect themselves and further theirown interests, they would not survive.Knowing what is in your interests will helpyou get what is best for you and avoid what isharmful. It will keep you moving toward yourgoals and ensure that your goals are the rightones for you.
  22. 22. But you had better simultaneously takeinto account the interests of others.Getting people to have positive feelingstoward you is a good idea.They will be more likely to treat you welland less likely to harm you. Contributingto their welfare will encourage them tocontribute to your welfare.
  23. 23. Contributing to the development andsurvival of the society in which you live willmean a better environment in which topursue your interests.If you acknowledge that self-interest isinherent in your nature, you will feel lessguilty about looking after yourself.If you acknowledge that altruistic behavioris in your interests, you will be more likely tocooperate with others. If you do both,everyone gains.
  24. 24. CONCLUSION:-People should try to follow their enlightened self-interest.One should prefer a long-term interest over a short-term one.“Helping each other to help ourselves.”In every transaction, If one operates with the winlose attitude, then one cannot collaborate withanybody.By operating out of deep enlightened self interest,contributors are able to account for all stakeholders incomplex real world situations.
  25. 25. “Swami Vivekananda dislikedsmall minded and fearfulselfishness. He wanted us to belarge, unselfish, and therefore freeand bold in all our dealing with theworld”
  26. 26. THANK YOU