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Quotes by deepbaazigar


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'Quotes by Deepbaazigar' E-Book is basically compilation of some of my Tweets on social media website Twitter.

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Quotes by deepbaazigar

  1. 1. Quotes byDeepbaazigarDeepak Doddamani
  2. 2. Quotes by Deepbaazigar Thoughts I tweet Deepak Doddamani
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  4. 4. Quotes by Deepbaazigar is dedicated to my friend Monika Singh who always encouraged me to write. Monika, Thanks for all your support & encouragement. I would also like to thanks all my friends, teachers, students,followers in my Facebook list who kept liked & shared my QuotesSpecial Thanks to Shri. Muthuswami Sriram Sir for appreciating my thoughts. Thank you all.
  5. 5. PrefaceDear Readers, Quotes by Deepbaazigar is basically compilation of some of my Tweets on Twitter. This is unedited version and so many tweets related to Famous personalities of India are present in this E-book. Hopefully you will understand humour and sarcasm behind it. No intention to hurt anyones sentiments. Dear Readers, you can follow me @deepbaazigar on Twitter for more such Quotes. Thank you Sincerely, Deepak Doddamani 04/09/2012 Mumbai
  6. 6. ContentsFamous Quotes by Deepbaazigar 1
  7. 7. Famous Quotes by DeepbaazigarSeptember 04, 2012QUOTES BY DEEPBAAZIGAR1) The best thing about entrepreneurs is that they dont bothermuch about money; what they care about is - living in theirdreams and converting them into reality.2) When you respect your followers and consider theirsupport as leadership of their own consciousness, then its atrue leadership3) Experts are the creatures who give you the same solutionwith more confidence;Solutions which you have alreadythought of but were confused about.4) Money rolling is what maximum financial services do; whenthey offer you double of your investments; But pleaseunderstand; there is a limit to rolling and it can leave yourolling on your bed with tears. 1
  8. 8. 5) Whenever you loose your path; just close your eyes andremember your mentors. You will be back on a track soon;because your mentors have Bird View of your path.6) Whenever any girl starts praising a boy; its an alarm thanshe will dump her work on his shoulder. As for girls"Management is an Art of getting things done from Boys". :P7) It took me more than a decade to realize that - you canmotivate without demoralizing too. Positivity without negativewords is more fruitful.8) I walk slowly and steadily on success path just like atortoise; and sit at home and kill mosquitoes like KachwaChaap whenever I dont walk.9) Of Course, Deepbaazigar is not just a Pen name; its abrand created by a Narcissist called Deepak Doddamani 2
  9. 9. 10 ) It is important to track market regularly so as to decide,Right time to Enter andRight time to Exit.11) Changing your portfolio within short span of time isequivalent to keep opening door of refrigerator on regularbasis to check whether Ice cream is friezed or not :P12) Believe it or not; the best way to learn Camera work is -Watch the same movie again in mute mode.13) The best consultant always prefers to give Apt solutionsrather than Best Advices; because thats the only key forCustomer satisfaction.14) In academics it is very easy to Rattofy even a toughestsubject just to clear the paper. But in career we have to goback & learn basic again, as its all aboutApplications.15) ....But in young age we dont share anything..we becomeRebel - to hide ourInferiority complex..and thats the onlyreason for most of the failures in premiuminstitutes across 3
  10. 10. India.16) Baar Baar Harkar bhi jitnewale ko Deepbaazigar kehete hai;)17) I know that Baba Ramdev doesnt even know the full formof FDI; but I completely agree with him that there is huge blackmoney involved in FDI.18) I humbly refused their offer and smiled Why do peopleshow Carrots to those who have diabetes?19) Reduce your losses and build-up your profits; Book lossesat right time before they starts mounting-up20) Simple people are always genuine; the reverse may not bealways true 4
  11. 11. 21) In future when children will learn Chapter on Anna Hazareand Anti-corruption movement; there will be surely someparagraphs on Baba Ramdevs Black Money Movement22) Averaging of shares in falling Market is like digging yourown grave; Averaging of Penny stock is equivalent to usingJCB Machine for digging it at faster pace.23) Myth: Life is too short to keep experimenting;Reality: Life istoo long to afford to stop experimenting24) Please tie Nirmal Baba to Agni-V missile before launching it( 18 Apr)25) Intraday trading is suitable for pessimistic people;Optimistic people must stick to delivery type of trading. 5
  12. 12. 26) The most valuable asset of middle class people is theirvalue system.27) Intellectuals always fail to gain power because they neverunderstands that true power comes by having large number ofloyal followers. They fail to establish heart to heartconnections with their supporters as they always talk withbrain and not by heart.28) Market is UP and your shares not gaining?? Gotcha; youare the same person who have girlfriend but she never allowsyou to touch her.29) Whether its a painful relationship or loss-making shares,you ought to get out of it before making any huge loss.30) You must forgive your enemies, once your revenge is over. 6
  13. 13. 31) Never underestimate power of violence, remember "lathoke bhoot baato se nahi maante."32) History tells us that whenever anartist/writer/poet/academician abandoned his brush/pen tobecome warrior he used the most deadliest weapon - his brain33) Live as a human being, even God has created to be one.34) Most of the people start their New Year with Dev/Bhagwandarshan;I started mine with Facebook darshan ;)35) Dont drink and drive else you will really come to know Jailjaana bhushan hota hai36) Jabse Dr. Manmohan Singh is desh ke Prime Minister banehai; maine Sardaro par jokes marna chod diya hai. Kya kare ?Apne desh ko hi toh Joke bana diya hai :( 7
  14. 14. 37) My heart says Editing is fun; my eyes and back dont agreewith it38) Harbhajan became Bhajji, Yuvraj became UV, Gautambecame Gauti;But Virat can not become Viru, as there is onlyone Viru - Virendra Sehwag39) Janta is fed up of Corruption; and Jantar Mantar is fed upof ANNA :p40) Theater is a path towards the search of our soul; deathof guiding lights like Pandit Satyadev Dubey ji leaves the pathin the dark...41) Too much of religion is injurious to the health of theSociety42) People say Quotes by Deepbaazigar are unique; I sayDeepbaazigar himself is unique ;) 8
  15. 15. 43) Blame it on Parliament if Anna becomes Yeda Anna44) Anna to Rajniti Prasad : Faad diya? Mera bill faad diya??Main nahi khelta lokpal-lokpal ;)45) Padmashri Laloo Prasad Yadavs right place is ComedyCircus46) Neither Ruling party nor Opposition wanted Lokpal bill as itwas their death warrant47) Thank God; stumps and Hockey sticks are not allowedinside Parliament.Poor chap speaker always has to takeaggression of some rowdy Mantris.48) Rajniti Prasad; Baap ka maal tha; jo faad diya?? Lokpal billBharchuk...49) Anna ek special Janlokpal dena; extra malaai maarke :p 9
  16. 16. 50) Mirza Ghalib would have committed suicide after hearing allthe Sher-o-shayaris in the Parliament used completely inwrong contexts.51) Earlier I used to think that best acting school in India isNSD Delhi; but now I have realized its actually the Parliamentin Delhi.52) Kapil Sibal is Donald Duck; he keeps quacking all the timewithout any reason ;)53) Entrepreneurs have humility on their faces all the timewhile employees face humiliation most of the time.54) The craziest thing about MLM/Network Marketing businessis people try to contact their friends sleeping in graves too;and reminds them of their friendship which they haveremembered suddenly :p 10
  17. 17. 55) Scarcity of resources makes my work more challenging; inturn encourage to think me more creatively.56) I like to search/spot only two places on Google earth; onemy residential place and second my office of AshwamedhKalamanch57) Fight with AIDS and not with AIDS patients just becausethey have AIDS.58) Thank God, Salman Khan did Operation of his Face;otherwise he would have become Sly Stallone of Bollywood 11
  18. 18. 59) Kapil Sibal should be send to BIG BOSS 5 to give somecompany to porn star Sunny Leone to whom media ispromoting on national television; then only he should speakabout censorship on social networking sites :P60) Some experiences turn into quotes.61) Be humble; and youll see, the world will start respectingyou for what you are.62) Affair with famous person can make you famous only tillyou are seen with them;I wonder when will girls understandsuch simple thing? :p63) Humiliation is an integral part of Selling; but I cant take itwhile sellingproduct/services which are not made/designed byme. 12
  19. 19. 64) Marry the person who loves you; instead of person towhom you love.Wait for that person if you are lucky enough;else leave it to the destiny65) Never show your wounds to the World as common salt iscommonly available everywhere66) Experience speaks in every language67) People who show you attitude on their faces, dont forgetto kick their asses68) Even if they know everything, arrogant people are goodfor nothing 13
  20. 20. 69) Life is a cocktail, straighten up neat70) Possession of Nuclear weapons may be considered as signof Nations power, in fact its a sign of weakness and insecurity71) Blame it on Mirza Ghalib if Deepbaazigar gets convertedinto Islam72) Genuine people can not become good Politicians, as lots ofmanipulations are required in this dirty game.73) Real man never do gossips, real woman never dobitching :p 14
  21. 21. 74) Who cares if Anna is Gandhivadi or not? We areAnnavadi and that is enough for us to get inspired (for thebattle against corruption).75) If people misunderstands you,try to understand theirmisunderstandings,if you really care for them76) Someone please send Rahul Gandhi to Bermuda Triangle,as I have started getting Nightmares that he is the future PrimeMinister of India77) Revolutions starts with en-lighted souls but becomesuccessful due to agitated minds.78) Action starts when we start empathizing forvictims.Sympathy can move your hearts,but not your souls 15
  22. 22. 79) You can compromise in love, but never compromise forlove,As true love never asks for compromises.80) Bootstrapping for entrepreneurs is same like the lastarrow in archers quiver.Thats the full-n-final chance to winthe battle !!81) Rest of my life, I will work only for those organizationswhose owner will be Mr. Deepak Doddamani, that is 4 sure !!!82) Visit temples in India with faith in heart and eye 4 anart.Truly incredible ! Life is carved on every piece of stone83) My opinions are my opinions, and I am happy that myopinions are my own opinions84) Remember, Investment is not a gambling,its an art ofwealth management. 16
  23. 23. 85) Sometime it doesnt matter whether your decision isRIGHT or WRONG,what matters is how FIRM is yourdecision.86) Social Entrepreneurship is just the Extended form ofDuniyadaari87) Never try to change the person whom you love, else theperson will change (replace) you.88) Mathematics is never right when it comes to love. Becausewhen A loves B, and B loves C..A and C hate each other89) Power does not means influencing people.If you can evencontrol the people whom you cant influence.Then its Power90) Remember, everything is fair in love and war andentrepreneurs are warriors who love their dreams 17
  24. 24. 91) Dont tell us to change our passwords regularly, tell themnot to hack92) Inferioriority Complex is a self-created meaninglessphase of mind which can be overcomed by diverting your mindand thinking positively.93) The bad thing about Artists is they dont know how tomarket their art, the worse thing that they dont generallyaccept this fact and the worst thing that they are toopossessive to trust other marketers who offer them helpinghands94) Voracious readers can never become good Writers as theycan not develop their own thinking power (methodology) andend up being Compilers and not true writers.95) People stare at me when I madly and passionately speakabout my dreams. They just laugh and pass. And I forgetcompletely that no one is listening to me and I keep constantlytalking like an idiot to world and to myself. Perhaps dreams 18
  25. 25. have become reason of my survival.96) All visionaries are dreamers; but not all dreamers arevisionaries.All showmen know how to sell dreams,but very fewdream-sellers become showmen. But all visionaries can selltheir dreams irrespective of what logical deduction says97) When Ego accelerates with much faster rate thandevelopment of brain; Success starts running away with fullspeed - Deepak Doddamani98) Dictatorship can be effectively used to stop the politics inthe organizations. But it sows the seeds of unrest & is alsoharmful to the health of organization in long term.99) A leader should always care for those team members whoare willing to give 100% to his team rather than wasting time toconvince egoistic individual who doesnt value teamwork100) When People Trust me Blindly, I never breach their faith;but once they start taking me for granted I take them on 19
  26. 26. ride.Because I hate people who take me for granted101) A Miser always tries to earn money from whateverknowledge he gains or whatever skills he possesses. He neverrealizes the wealth of self-improvement through education102) Be Useful to others..No harm in That..But dont get usedby others103) When Twitter loads slowly, it reminds me of Dial-up era104) Make whatever mistakes you want to do in net practiseitself, because in big games you cant afford to do any.105) In entertainment field customers always wants somethingdifferent and entertainers should always be ready to give thatsomething different. 20
  27. 27. 106) Yes,you got it right. I fall in a category of Opinion leadersor Influencers on Social Networking sites. I promote brandswhich are worth promoting & I am happy that deepbaazigar isamongst that brands.107) If you lose all your money in share market, dont losehope. Just pack your bags and go to Himalayas. (Applicable forpeople who trade intra day without stop loss)108) Let them think about double integration/ tripleintergration, I always think about backward intergration/ forwardintegration109) I followed you because you followed me. Now youunfollowed me and I am still following you. WTF? Whyeveryone on Twitter behaves like Girlfriend ?110) Its easy to become Self-employed but tough to becomean entrepreneur 21
  28. 28. 111) It will affect your Marks, choice is yours - Use this linewhen student dont put efforts in studies. Because in Indiamajority of students study for Marks; & not for gainingknowledge.112) Before sleeping everyday, I pray to God. - Whenever I willOpen my eyes I must see Sunrise only from my motherland, mycountry and I should find myself with my family, my people.113) EEE - Education, Entertainment & E-Commerce - future ofEntrepreneurship in India.114) Be USEFUL to others, no harm in that, But dont get USED by others.115) A miser always tries to earn money from whatever skillshe possesses or whatever knowledge he has. He never realizesthe wealth of self-improvement through Knowledge. 22
  29. 29. 116) When people Trust me blindly, I never breach their faith.But when they start taking me for granted, I take them for aride. Dont you dare to take me for granted.117) A leader should always care for his Team Members whoare ready to give their 100%, Rather than wasting his Time & Efforts on convincing anegoistic individual who doesnt value team work.118) I find myself wise when I come up with stupid quotes onwisdom119) Some people realize that they have brains in their heads;only after putting thinking caps on120) There are only two sides of our reality; one that we see &two that we dont want to see.121) A leader gets charged by the support of his followers butwhen he is left all alone; his back-up power is his 23
  30. 30. self-motivation.122) Roti, Kapda, Makaan and a laptop with Internetconnection;I dont need anything more than that to pursue myGoals.123) Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak was known as The fatherof Indian Unrest during Britishraj for the same work whichArvind Kejriwal is doing in todays Congressraj.124) Ajmal Kasab will be hanged twice, first by Govt. of Indiaand then by Allah. No religion teaches you to Kill people.125) Only knowing that Death is the final destination will nothelp you. Its realization helps change your entire perspectivetowards life and you strive to make it more meaningful. 24