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Question two

  1. 1. Question TwoBy Kimberley Ware
  2. 2. Question TwoHow does your media productrepresent particular social groups?
  3. 3. In our film opening we do use stereotypes, westereotype age and genre. We also challengesocial groups in our film opening. At somepoints in our film opening we represent acharacter being stereotyped negatively, this isshown though what the character is doing andsaying. The clothes they wear and the setting ofour film opening is able to represent the socialgroups that our characters are in.
  4. 4. In our film opening we have two pairs, onebeing Lucy and Jay and the other being Bridgetand Johnathan, both pairs are different agesand both have one of each gender. Lucy andJay are the younger of the couples and Lucysparents are the older couple. Both of thesecouples immediately clash before they evenmeet due to different opinions because of theage differences.
  5. 5. The biggest gender stereotype occurs when itis the meeting of the father and the boyfriend,both women go inside and leave them to meet,Johnathan is being childish and not sayinganything so Jay takes control and steps forwardto shake his hand but as he puts his hand outJohnathan sees BJ stereotypically Johnathanis not impressed when he see this as thinks itsimmature and childish.
  6. 6. Lucy and JayLucy and Jay are a young couple, they have youngpersonalities and are modern. We scripted Jay sohe looked immature and childish just how youngpeople are stereotyped especially boys, we did thisby making Jay forget Lucys parents names on theway to their house so being a typical boy he writethe letters BJ on his hand to help him rememberthis shows he is very immature which isstereotypical a teenage boy. Whereas Lucy is veryin control and organises Jay and quiz’s him so heknows about her parents, which shows she is verymature which is stereotypical for girls her age.
  7. 7. Lucy and JayThere is also a gender difference between the pair as Lucytell Jay they have five minutes, Jay instantly thinks thatshe means sex which shows he is not serious about therelationship and is just wanting a bit of fun which is why heis so relaxed about the meeting with the parents. WhereasLucy says no as she is more mature and sensible andwants Jay to make a good impression with her parents asboth her parents and Jay are very important to her. This isstereotypical for teenage girls to want to find the one andfall in love very easy and also stereotypical for teenageboy as they just want a bit of fun.
  8. 8. Lucy and Jay
  9. 9. Bridget and JohnathanBridget and Johnathan are Lucys parents which meansthey are much older than Lucy and Jay meaning theirviews on things are much different. Gender is alsostereotyped between this couple as the first time we meetBridget she she cooking in the kitchen, this is stereotypicalfor women as they are seen as housewife’s who do all thecooking and cleaning. Johnathan is being a typical malenot helping with anything and complaining about hisdaughter getting a boyfriend. This is a stereotypical fatheras dads are usually over protective and think no man isgood enough for their daughter which is why we based thefilm opening on Lucys parents. Bridget then changes frombeing stereotypical as she orders Johnathan to come andcut the vegetables.
  10. 10. Bridget and Jonathan
  11. 11. LocationBoth couples have very different settings, Bridget andJohnathan are set in a kitchen which is average sized andvery homely with photographs everywhere as well as panssteaming and chopping boards out with vegetables. Thiscreates a lovely homely atmosphere. This shows thatJohnathan and Bridget are working-classed and have alovely family home. Lucy and Jay are located walkingdown a country street wish might imply that they are poshas they live in the country? As Lucy and Jay are outsidefor their first scene it might suggest that they are moreoutgoing which is also another stereotype for youngerpeople.
  12. 12. ConclusionIn conclusion in our film opening stereotypesare displayed through age, gender, location,clothing and what the characters say and do.All these things segregate the different socialgroups creating tension and battle against eachother. The biggest conflict is between the malecharacters as they are both very stereotypicallydifferent. All these parts are acted and scriptedin a way to make it believable for the audienceand so they can stereotype the characters.