Question 2 – how does your media product


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Question 2 – how does your media product

  1. 1. Question 2 – How does your media product represent particular social groups?
  2. 2. • In our film opening we use stereotypes and challenge particular types of social groups, this includes in our short film opening, age and gender stereotypes. We represent this negatively in some points of our film, this is helped by what the characters are doing and what they are saying. Also the clothes they are wearing and the location they are in represent the type of social groups we are leading on in our Rom Com film opening.
  3. 3. • In our 2 minute film opening with represented some particular stereotypes of social groups which include…• 3• In our film opening our four characters who are two sets of couples are of different age groups and gender, Lucy and Jay who are a young, newly together couple and Lucy‟s parents Bridget and Jonathan. These represent two different age groups to begin with who start automatically with a clash in the film cause of their different views and opinions generally down to their age differences and gender.
  4. 4. • Lucy and Jay• This couple are young and have modern views and personalities on life. Jay in particular has certain stereotypes for his age as for meeting his girlfriends parents for the first time, an audience could only presume as a boy of a young age he will be immature, he shows this through his script and actions in one of the beginning scenes by not being able to remember Lucy‟s parents names and therefore writing down the letters „BJ‟ on his hand to remember this – this immature act is a stereotype for boys as maturing slower than what girls do. Lucy shows her more mature side by telling Jay what to do and being in charge whilst they are walking, this is another stereotype of girls showing maturity.
  5. 5. • As well as this, an age stereotype is made of the couple, as being younger than Bridget and Jay, the seriousness of their relationship can be questioned as they are younger and less experienced could be a stereotype to be unreliable in knowing what they want at this age. The fact Lucy is introducing Jay to her parents formerly with a meal shows her good intent for how the relationship will go, where as Jay shows more relaxation possibly suggesting his more relaxed take on this, this leads to more gender stereotype as girls being hands on and looking to settle down and men being more relaxed and not looking for anything serious. Another age stereotype example leading to the maturity levels of each character again happens in one of the first scenes when Jay presumes Lucy‟s „Five minutes…‟ means time for sex, which Lucy instantly says no to showing her mre sensible side in comparison to Jay – his gender and age stereotype is shown strongly through out the film opening.
  6. 6. J LA U CY Y
  7. 7. • Bridget and Jonathan• Bridget and Jonathan are the parents of Lucy and in comparison to Lucy and Jay there age is much different giving them different views and opinions on general things. Gender is particularly stereotyped on this couple similarly to Lucy and Jay. The first time we see Bridget and Jonathan, Bridget is cutting vegetables wearing an apron and hair tied back, this is a gender stereotype on women as they are seen as typically to do the cooking and housework which is what we see Bridget doing in her first scene. Similarly to Lucy and Jay, the female is more sensible and in charge than the male, Bridget is telling Jonathan what to do and making him help her cut vegetables. Jonathan is being immature and unhelpful by pacing up and down the room complaining that his little girl (Lucy) has got a new boyfriend that he doesn‟t want to meet. This is yet another stereotype but of fathers, they are seen as to be awkward when it comes to daughters having boyfriends and the particular extent to freedom that their daughters have – hence why the film is based on Lucy‟s parents instead of Jay‟s.
  8. 8. Bridget Jonathan
  9. 9. • Locations• The locations each couple is set in has a particular impact on the type of social groups and interpretations each character has on an audience. Bridget and Jonathan are in the kitchen in the first few scenes of the film, with candle lights and the oven on with pans steaming giving it a warm homely feeling, showing their age and their kitchen being quite modern and normal sized cooking vegetables, shows their working class and the homely feel shows they have a family and are comfortable and tucked up at home nicely. Lucy and Jay are located outside in the first few scenes showing a difference in age, possibly more outgoing and also by the fact they didn‟t drive to Lucy‟s parents shows they have a more adventurous side too.
  10. 10. • The biggest gender stereotype appears in the film opening when Jay goes to finally meet Jonathan, as they go to shake hands Jonathan sees „BJ‟ written in lipstick on Jay‟s hand. This shows the immaturity of both male characters – the female characters both stay inside to avoid drama (sensibly) where as the men both stay outside, this is the case as if men are going to physically fight, the term “you want to take this outside..” shows the awkward tension between them both. Jonathan is very sheepish and sticks his head down without saying anything, this is without taking adult responsibility – Jay acts the more responsible one, however when Jonathan sees the hand with „BJ‟ on it this is instantly immature and gender stereotyped for both males.
  11. 11. • In our film opening, gender and age stereotypes are represented through locations, male and female stereotypical actions, clothing and with what characters say. This divides certain social groups in our film creating conflict and tension, particularly for the male characters in the film considering the immature references due to stereotypical perceptions. The script and cast portray these stereotypes well so that an audience could pick up on the social groups referenced in the film.• “I Can Explain” Film Opening