Q 2


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Q 2

  1. 1. By:Jodie Foster-PiliaMonae MinorsAmy ClearyPamela Younes
  2. 2. Socialgroupsof:JodieMonaeMonicaClick on eachcharacter totake you to theslide
  3. 3. Jodie’s characterSocial group Transgender- Jodie appliesbeard which showsshe wants to bemanly- Jodie Dances andacts like a boy- Jodies costumesuggests she wantsto be a boy (baggyjeans)Overall Jodie is part of a transgender social group, her clothes andmannerisms such as the way she sits with her legs apart , highlights thefact that fact that she is more masculine than feminineBackClick back to goback to thedifferent socialgroups
  4. 4. Monae’s characterSocial group Girly girl- Hair done- Makeup done- Really dressycostume and heels- Shows off whatshe’s wearingThe tilt on her shows every detail of what she has on.There’s also a full length long shot of Monae which showspresence.BackClick back to goback to thedifferent socialgroups
  5. 5. Monica’s characterSocial group Single mother- Shes very social asshe was talking toher friends- She wears casualclothing- She looks afterJodie- Doesn’t accept herbeing a transgenderMonica is part of a single mother group as she is looking after Jodie by herself, and she is the one advising her on her own through Jodie’s toughsituation. She also has a social life as she goes out with her friends.BackClick back to goback to thedifferent socialgroups
  6. 6. Costume/propFacialexpressionBodylanguageDialogue /ToneClick on theword to takeyou to eachslide
  7. 7. Costume & props• Jodie’s costumes are baggy jeans andpolo and shirts• Empathises the dress code of teenagemales• This hides a feminine costume• Prop – cling film to flatten her chest• Stereo prop• This shows Jodie blocking out the world• Highlights that she can be herself withher musicJodie’s characterNextClick Next tosee the rest ofthe Costumeand props
  8. 8. Costume & props• Feminine, dressy costume thathighlights the binary opposite toJodie• Monae gets a second opinionfrom Jodie applying she so muchlike a boy• Prop – computer were she hidesher secretesMonae characterKnee lengthneat dressHigh heelsNextClick Next tosee the rest ofthe Costumeand props
  9. 9. Costume & prop• Casual and comfortablecostume in her house• Telephone highlights thatshe likes to socialiseJodie’s mum characterBackClick back togo back to therest of the mis-en-scene
  10. 10. Facial expressionPam• Jodie looks shocked when sheremembers that she was looking attransgender website• She was also scared as she might noteven be accepted by her friend.• Jodie is upset as she is over whelmed byher thoughtsJodie’s Facial ExpressionNextClick Next tosee the rest ofthe Costumeand props
  11. 11. Facial expressionPam• Jodie’s eyes close as if she’s blockingout reality, and trying to forget hermemories i.e. her mum saying shewants a girl and her friend beingshockedJodie’s Facial ExpressionNextClick Next tosee the rest ofthe Costumeand props
  12. 12. Facial expressionPam• Monae’s face looks disgusted, when shefound out that she wants to have a sexchange, as she didn’t expect itMonae’s Facial ExpressionJodie’s mum Facial Expression• Jodie’s mum looks irritated as Jodiealways has the music on loud, whereJodie, escapes reality by listening tomusic.BackClick back togo back to therest of the mis-en-scene
  13. 13. Body language (Jodie main character)Fidgeting (playing with herhands) demonstrates thatJodie is nervousSliding down the door (emphasises thefact that Jodie is fed up with reality)Jodies has her back facing hermum, showing that she isembarrassed and humiliatedFidgeting (legs shaking) impliesthat Jodie is irritable and stressedNextClick Next tosee the rest ofthe Costumeand props
  14. 14. Body Language (Jodie’s mum) jodieJodies mum has her hands on herhips, showing that she is frustratedwith JodieJodies mum banging on thedoor, indicates she is eager to get inthe roomNextClick Next tosee the rest ofthe Costumeand props
  15. 15. Jodies friend walks in seductivehighlighting the fact that she iselegant and feminineThe way Jodies friend turns herhead shows that she isdisappointed and alarmed at jodieBody language (Jodie’s friend)BackClick back togo back to therest of the mis-en-scene
  16. 16. Dialogue / Tone“What’s taking you so long” showsshe’s impatient and getting irritated.Could represent typical man, bored ofwaiting around.“It’s more serious then I thought”Monae’s quite serious and a bitannoyed in a way.“I can’t hear myself think” Monica isfrustrated that Jodie is blaring outmusic.NextClick Next tosee the rest ofthe Costumeand props
  17. 17. Dialogue/ToneMonica bangs on the doorshouting “JODIE” as she is angry.When Monica says “dressedlike a boy again” she soundsdisappointed as Jodie hasdressed as a boy before.“I though I had a girl” Monica isfrustrated because Jodie isntliving up to her mumsexpectations.BackClick back togo back to therest of the mis-en-scene